New Designers and Business Ethics

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					            New Designers and Business Ethics
Hey folks, today we ( would like to do something for upcoming designers.
We will be discussing how to deal will client, get new clients and bring stability in their work.

For those who are looking to earn some money by logo and graphic designing, they should
understand in spite of having good skills most of the designers don’t survive. Reasons are very
simple; sometimes people give up easily or get annoyed by clients repeated revision requests.

In order to survive the completion we ( encourage our designer to work in a
stress free environment to bring out the creativity and substance. First of all, you need to
understand what does client needs. Ask him questions, that what kind of design they want,
which colors or shapes would they prefer. Do they have any reference design etc? Once you
have understood what they want, it becomes easy for you to design and at the same time it
gives satisfaction to the clients.

But this is not an easy task, most of the time client doesn’t know what they want, all they can
say is they have such and such business, design a logo or a header of some given dimensions. In
such scenario, designers should frame polite yet to the point questions, like what do they think
about the color of the website and other questions related to their product.

Once you have the idea of what client wants, ask them for time you would need to finish the
first draft of the design.

* Tip: Always deliver of time, if you respect client’s time and opinion they
would respect yours and get back to you for more work.

 You should provide at least 3 different kinds [text and graphics, only text, graphics only] and 2
to 5 color variations so that client may get your perspective.

Chances are client would request some minor changes or they could ask you to redesign. In any
case, do not lose your calm. Do not make it personal, as a designer I know it is very frustrating
when you put up so much effort into a design and client rejects it.

Trick here is, to understand that what you are providing is not satisfying the need of your client
and in order to get good business you should satisfy your clients need.

As long as you can think like your client, you’ll be successful and appreciated.

Hope this helps you guys, feel free to send us email ( with your
questions and we will try to answer them all.