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Aug. 21, 2012

Fast Facts
    More than 500 4-H members from around the state competed at State O-Rama at
Fayetteville campus
    O-Rama is the largest gathering of 4-H members in the state

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4-Her’s ‘get social’ at State O-Rama
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FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Hundreds of 4-Hers from across Arkansas spent two days competing in
dozens of categories including agribusiness public speaking, photography, performing arts and
forestry at the 2012 State 4-H O-Rama held on the campus of the University of Arkansas.

Contestants came from 45 of the state’s 75 counties: Ashley, Baxter, Bradley, Benton, Boone,
Calhoun, Clark, Clay, Columbia, Conway, Craighead, Crawford, Crittenden, Cross, Dallas,
Faulkner, Franklin, Garland, Grant, Greene, Hot Spring, Howard, Independence, Johnson,
Lawrence, Madison, Montgomery, Nevada, Perry, Phillips, Pike, Polk, Pope, Pulaski, Randolph,
Saline, Sebastian, Sevier, Sharp, Stone, Union, Van Buren, Washington, White and Yell.

In addition to the competitions, there were winners of a social media competition, with prizes
donated by the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas. The Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas are a
new sponsor for 4-H, donating $25,000 for the O-Rama Banquet of Excellence.

As part of the 4-H O-Rama social media initiative, Lauren I. of Howard Co., won a 32-inch
HDTV for sharing her favorite 4-H memory or story on the 4-H Facebook page,

Sayer S. from Benton Co. won an iPad2 as part of Tweet-O-Rama, one of three social media
contests for 4-Hers that was kicked off during state O-Rama. Anna H. of Benton County, Austin
K. of Johnson County, and Sabrina R. of Howard County each won an iPod Shuffle during the
Tweet-O-Rama contest.

“I have to congratulate all the 4-H members, volunteers and others who helped make the 2012
O-Rama one of the biggest and best events we have ever had,” said Anne Sortor, who heads
up the 4-H program in Arkansas.

“We also want to thank the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas, Arkansas Farm Bureau and Farm
Credit, whose support makes O-Rama a rewarding experience for everyone involved,” she said.
“We are so grateful to the programs that understand our mission and do so much to help us
help our young people.”

O-Rama was held July 25-26.
For more information about 4-H in Arkansas, contact your county extension office, or visit
Visit the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas Facebook at
www.facebook.com/ArkansasLivingMagazine, Arkansas Farm Bureau at www.arfb.com, and
Farm Credit at www.farmcreditnetwork.com/.

               2012 Arkansas 4-H O-Rama Winners

Place      Name                        County
1st        Danielle R.                 Crawford
2nd        Taylor M.                   Faulkner
3rd        Caroline E.                 Polk
4th        Harlee R.                   Franklin
5th        Jacob B.                    Clark

Place      Name                                  County
1st        Zane P.                               Saline
2nd        Austin P.                             Fulton
3rd        Cody R.                               Washington
4th        Kahmron H.                            Ashley
5th        Britt D.                              Garland

                        TECHNOLOGY SHOWCASE
Place      Name                       County
1st        Stephanie W.               White
2nd        Johanna G.                 Craighead
           Julie T.
3rd        Kassie W.                  Madison
           Miranda J.

Place      Name                                  County
1st        Elissa B.                             Sebastian
2nd        Brittany S.                           Benton
3rd        Carolyn C.                            Perry
4th        Max H.                                Washington
5th        Kaylee C.                             Hot Spring
Place   Name                         County
1st     Anna D.                      Baxter
2nd     Noah S.                      Benton
3rd     Joy S.                       Union
4th     Nathan H.                    Sebastian
5th     Brittiany P.                 Polk

                         PUBLIC SPEAKING
Place   Name                         County
1st     Danielle C.                  Perry
2nd     Joseph H.                    Clay
3rd     Holly H.                     Faulkner
4th     Adriana J.                   Benton
5th     Ashleigh J.                  Nevada

                         ANIMAL SCIENCE
Place   Name                         County
1st     Monica K.                    White
2nd     Tiffany W.                   Dallas
3rd     Jade B.                      Perry
4th     Casey J.                     Benton
5th     Dusty W.                     Hot Spring

Place   Name                           County
1st     Sarah S.                       Faulkner
2nd     Maggie F.                      Washington
3rd     Caitlyn K.                     Madison
4th     Maggie G.                      Polk
5th     Kaitlyn F.                     Union

                       PET CARE & TRAINING
Place   Name                         County
1st     Jessica M.                   Sevier
2nd     Zack G.                      Crittenden
3rd     Holly H.S.                   Benton
4th     Jonathon H.                     Independence
5th     McKenzie J.                     White

                         VETERINARY SCIENCE
Place   Name                          County
1st     Lauren D.                     Benton
2nd     Steven W.                     Independence
3rd     Lillian B.                    Crawford
4th     Peter G.                      Polk
5th     Stormy W.                     Randolph

                      ENTOMOLOGY – COLLECTION
Place   Name                          County
1st     Dalton B.                     Washington

                         ENTOMOLOGY – TALK
Place   Name                          County
1st     Ashlee B.                     Washington
2nd     Tyler H.                      Benton

                           CROP & SEED I.D.
Place   Name                           County
1st     Jordan Y.                      Van Buren
2nd     Hannah B.                      Yell
3rd     Jenna M.                       Cross
4th     Jacob N.                       Washington
5th     Webster S.                     Union

Place   Name                     County
1st     Howie S.                 Benton
2nd     Hannah T.                Logan
3rd     Dalina P.                Fulton
4th     Cheyenne R.              Independence
5th     Hannah S.                Faulkner

Place   Name                          County
1st     David B.                      White
2nd     Jayme B.                     Benton
3rd     Ahkeem H.                    Columbia
4th     Jessica P.                   Saline
5th     Jeremy M.                    Lawrence

Place   Name                         County
1st     Glynn S.                     Pike
2nd     Gerrit Den H.                Washington
3rd     Hunter B.                    Faulkner
4th     Isaac G.                     White
5th     Austin H.                    Sharp

Place   Name                       County
1st     Sarah M.                   Benton
2nd     JoBeth P.                  Ashley
3rd     Paige T.                   Pope
4th     Leigh Ann B.               Independence
5th     Sapphire F.                Conway

Place   Name                       County
1st     Andrea M.                  Ashley
2nd     Jocelyn S.                 Columbia
3rd     Catherine H.               Independence
4th     Katy T.                    Washington
5th     Mallory C.                 Greene

Place   Name                      County
1st     Deanna S.                 Union
2nd     Lauren R.                 Benton

Place   Name                     County
1st     Heather J.               Pike
2nd     Rachel S.                Cross
3rd     Sammi L.                 Benton
4th     Chelsea T.                        Howard
5th     Megan D.                          Polk

                                FOOD FAIR
Place   Name                             County
1st     Lauren I.                        Howard
2nd     Chala S.                         Ashley
3rd     Sarah B.                         Independence
4th     Taylor I.                        Union
5th     Lauren Q.                        Clark

                          CONSUMER ECONOMICS
Place   Name                           County
1st     Kierra T.                      Ashley
2nd     Austin K.                      Johnson
3rd     Jamie L.                       Washington
4th     Deronique T.                   Crittenden
5th     Emily P.                       Benton

Place   Name                              County
1st     Tyra S.                           Ashley
2nd     Kendra S.                         Benton
3rd     Chandler M.                       Independence
4th     Emily B.                          Washington
5th     Abbi A.                           Hot Spring

                           HUMAN DEVELOPMENT
Place   Name                            County
1st     Sierra T.                       Ashley
2nd     Lauren C.                       Washington
3rd     Tierra W.                       Jefferson
4th     Boyce C.                        Greene
5th     Stevie E., Jr.                  Pulaski

                         PERFORMING ARTS – DANCE
Place   Name                            County
1st     Hope S.                         Cleburne
2nd     Graycen P.                      Lonoke
3rd     Laurel M.                       Benton
4th     Shelby R.                       Pike
5th     Darrenique P.                   Crittenden
        Dominique P.
        Raneisha H.
        Sharon B.
        Tatianna R.

Place   Name                        County
1st     Ethan D.                    Pulaski
2nd     Lauren L.                   Benton
3rd     John W.                     Greene
4th     Joseph B.                   Stone
5th     Ethan M.                    Lonoke

                      PERFORMING ARTS – VOCAL
Place   Name                         County
1st     Meredith W.                  White
2nd     Raychel B.                   Hot Spring
3rd     Jessica B.                   Boone
        Scott B.
4th     Alexandria H.                Clark
5th     Ira N.                       Phillips

                    BAIT CASTING & GAME & FISH I.D.
Place   Name                           County
1st     Jennifer S.                    Boone
2nd     Jacob H.                       Garland
3rd     Mason W.                       Crawford
4th     Mitchell B.                    Benton
5th     Nicole F.                      Fulton

                        REEL INTO SPORT FISHING
Place   Name                            County
1st     Charla H.                       Logan
2nd     Travis C.                       Faulkner
3rd     Tyler S.                        Benton
4th     Skyler W.                       Greene
5th     Ryan R.                      Washington

Place   Name                        County
1st     Brianne R.                  Independence
2nd     Sabrina R.                  Sevier
3rd     Greyson B.                  Conway
4th     Jessica T.                  Calhoun
5th     Lorna S.                    Ashley

                     GUN SAFETY & BB SHOOTING
Place   Name                          County
1st     Seth G.                       Cross
2nd     Dustyn P.                     Lonoke
3rd     Tate H.                       Logan
4th     Aaron M.                      Sevier
5th     Kevin G.                      Sharp

                          STATE-ONLY EVENTS

                     PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE
Place   Name                         County
1st     Anna H.                                    Greene
        Cody C.
        Daniel G.
        John W.
        Mallory C.
2nd     Grant S.                                    White
        Isaac G.
        Joe M.
        Madison P.
        Synthia S.
3rd     Jansen R.                                  Faulkner
        Andrew C.
        Brekke G.
        Christina M.
        Taylor M. K.
4th     Ian D.                                     Benton
        Jason Noah S.
        Joshua L.
        Lauren D.
        Jeffrey Sayer S.
5th     Austin D.                                   Van Buren
        Ethan B.
        Faith S.
        Kaitlyn R.
        Kayla M.

Place   Name                             County
1st     Clay G.                          Dallas
2nd     Webster S.                       Union
3rd     Britt D.                         Garland
4th     Hunter W.                        White
5th     Braden M.                        Independence

Place   Name                          County
1st     Katie K.                      Lonoke
2nd     T’Keya C.                     Columbia
3rd     Cassidy H.                    Yell
4th     Reagan G.                     Pike
5th     Maggie G.                     Polk

Place   Name                           County
1st     Chelsea T.                     Howard
2nd     Jordan F.                      White
3rd     Natalie G.                     Pope
4th     Carly K.                       Boone
5th     Carley A.                      Johnson

                           LIVESTOCK JUDGING
Place   Name                            County
1st     Ashton O.                                       Bradley
        Brooke C.
        Matthew S.
        Steven F.
2nd     Ashton Y.                                       Benton
        Brittany S.
        Faith B.
        Howie S.
3rd     Hunter B.                               Faulkner
        Kinsey W.
        Morgan S.
        Taylor M.
4th     Jackson M.                            Independence
        Kolton M.
        Leigh Ann B.
        Wyatt J.
5th     Austin J.                                Boone
        Haley H.
        Hannah D.
        Zack K.

                        LIVESTOCK SKILLS
Place   Name                        County
1st     Austin H.                              Washington
        Caleigh M.
        Morgan M.
        Will P.
2nd     Austin P.                                Fulton
        Dalina P.
        Joseph R.
        Savannah B.
3rd     Canyon D.                              Sebastian
        Kyle R.
        Matthew B.
        Williams H.
4th     Jennifer T.                              Boone
        Taylor H.
        Trent T.
5th     Jessica H.                              Howard
        Katie M.
        Matthew Caleb S.

                        POULTRY JUDGING
Place    Name                       County
1st      Mark M.                                Garland
         Seth D.
         Jacob H.
         Kristen H.
2nd      Sarah B.                               Faulkner
         Jessica E.
         Laci R.
         Caroline A.
3rd     Joy S.                                   Union
        Brooke R.
        Deanna S.
4th     Elissa B.                               Sebastian
        Matthew B.
        Emily H.
        Nathan H.

                       GRASSLAND PLANT ID
Place   Name                        County
1st     Perri H.                    Fulton
2nd     Chance S.                   Cleburne
3rd     Leah W.                     Fulton
4th     Justine Y.                  Van Buren
5th     Maegan K.                   Cleburne

                           FOOD BOWL
Place   Name                       County
1st     Jane S.                                  Benton
        Erin M.
        Kendra S.
        Ellen M.
2nd     Gabrielle P.                             Ashley
        JoBeth P.
        Sierra T.
        Kierra T.
3rd     Jennifer S.                              Boone
        Anna E.
        Alisa E.
4th     Tori C.                                  Greene
        Skyler W.
        Holly H.
5th     Noah W., Jr.                            Garland
        Madison L.
        Carter W.

                       CONSUMER JUDGING
Place   Name                       County
1st     Abigail P.                              Conway
        Daniel P.
        Sapphire F.
2nd     Megan D.                                    Polk
        Sydney G.
        Caroline E.
        Flora S.
3rd     Lane W.                                    Benton
        Kirby R.
        Kaylin C.
        Jacob S.
4th     Brooke L.                                   Grant
        Hannah H.
        Lindsay M.
        Kaylee H.
5th     Helen S.                                  Johnson
        Abigail S.
        Samantha S.
HIGH POINT INDIVIDUAL: Haven P. - Mississippi

                           INTERIOR DESIGN
Place    Name                          County
1st      Samantha B.                               Benton
         Sarah M.
         Sami L.
2nd      Alexandria H.                              Clark
         Seth H.
         Kurtlyn G.
         Sierra A.
3rd      Rachel E.                                 Carroll
         Ashleigh M.
         Misty R.
4th      Emma G.                                  Crittenden
         Kattie H.
         Sarah P.
         Emma V.
5th      Ebony W.                                 Randolph
         Jocelyn K.
         Shambrielle W.

                          TURKEY TALK & BBQ
Place    Name                          County
1st      Meredith W.                   White
2nd      Harlee R.                     Franklin
3rd      Abigail S.                    Johnson
                                       ATV SAFETY
Place        Name                               County
1st          Zane P.                            Saline
2nd          Emily G.                           Sebastian
3rd          Austin K.                          Johnson
4th          Logan I.                           Lawrence
5th          Colton L.                          Montgomery

                              State Dairy Judging Team
Place        Name                               County
1st          Jansen R.                          Faulkner
             Emily C.
             Travis C.
             Christina M.

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