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									AASHTO Subcommittee on
  Where does the National Safety
    Rest Area Conference Fit?
 American Association of Highway Transportation
 Non-Profit, nonpartisan association representing
  highway transportation departments in 50
  states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.
 Represents all five transportation modes: air,
  highways, public transportation, rail and water.
 Goal is to foster the development, operation and
  maintenance of an integrated national
  transportation system.
                  AASHTO (Cont.)
 Much of AASHTO’s work is accomplished through
  committees comprised of member dot personnel.
 The Committee are:
       Standing Committee   on   Administration
       Standing Committee   on   Aviation
       Standing Committee   on   the Environment
       Standing Committee   on   Highway Traffic Safety
       Standing Committee   on   Highways
       Standing Committee   on   Planning
       Standing Committee   on   Public Transportation
       Standing Committee   on   Quality
       Standing Committee   on   Research
       Standing Committee   on   Rail Transportation
       Standing Committee   on   Water Transportation
Standing Committee on Highways
   Subcommittee on Bridges and Structures
   Subcommittee on Construction
   Subcommittee on Design
   Subcommittee on Highway Transport
   Subcommittee on Maintenance
   Subcommittee on Materials
   Subcommittee on Right of Way and Utilities
   Subcommittee on Systems Operation and Management
   Subcommittee on Traffic Engineering
   NTPEP Oversight Committee
   Value Engineering Task Force
         Subcommittee on Maintenance
   Task Forces                 Focus Groups
       Pavements                   Research
       Roadside &                  Equipment
        Environment                 Management Systems
       Traffic Services &          Workforce
        Safety                       Development
       Bridge                      Customer Satisfaction
       Snow & Ice                  Contract Maintenance
Roadsides & Environment Task Force
 Statement                of Direction
   The Roadside Task Force will champion roadside maintenance issues
    for AASHTO members. The Task Force shall:
     Provide a forum for the exchange of information among its members;
     Increase awareness of the public expectations for aesthetics, safety and
      environmental protection of the roadside including context sensitive
     Survey best practices for raising public awareness about maintenance
      constraints to meeting their expectations;
     Serve as the focal point for issues related to roadside facilities
      and services;
     Promote a dialogue of cooperation between maintenance and design
      areas in order to construct roadsides that are easier to maintain thus
      providing a higher level of service to the traveling public;
     Promote cooperate and communicate with TRB Committees, AASHTO
      Subcommittees, and other related organizations;
     Develop Research Program Statements and synthesis and submit to
      AASHTO Maintenance Subcommittee; and
     Serve as resource and subcommittee liaison on issues involving the joint
      use of highway rights-of-way (i.e., weight stations, accomodations of
      utilities, community service groups, and other agencies).
         How NSRAC Fits In
 Both AASHTO and NSRAC are concerned
  with similar issues.
 The maintenance community needs to be
  included and participate in rest area
  design and operation issues.
 Seems to fit within the AASHTO SCOM in
  the Task Force on Roadside &
 AASHTO needs to participate in the
  NSRAC and NSRAC needs to participate in
 Subcommittee on Maintenance meets
  annually - Would like a rep. from the
  NSRAC to participate
 SCOM will continue to support the NSRAC
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