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									                                    2010 VALUE BRAND CONCEPT
                                 DESIGN CHALLENGE SPECIFICATIONS
Stir your creative juices and artistic abilities by helping us create our newest “value brand” concepts. Your challenge
is to design the artwork missing from the provided package design templates. Below are a few details to help you get
         We are a 90-year young, family owned company with a passion for making “The Best Chips in the World,” as
         proclaimed by our customers. Since 1920, our family has perfected the art of producing potato chips of the
         highest quality and taste standards. Please review our website at www.ballreich.com to learn more about our
         current products, history, frequently asked questions, accomplishments and more.
         Each package will contain 5 oz of plain, marcelled (wavy) potato chips and will retail for $1. At this price, our
         value brand concept will be the only product amongst our competitors to satisfy our customer’s need for value
         (more chips for less money), aesthetic appeal, quality (minimal breakage and defects) and taste.
Now through February 12, 2010.
 Each participant must be enrolled in or must have taken an advanced design/art class.
 Each participant must sign a confidentiality agreement. This agreement must be received before design templates
   are provided.
 All value brand concepts must be submitted in an Adobe Illustrator file.
 Only 3 colors (not including white) may be used in the concept (including those already used in the templates).
   Slight gradients of the same color are acceptable (i.e. light tan, medium tan).
 The attached design identification form must be fully completed and submitted via email along with the
   participant’s concept(s) to haley@ballreich.com no later than February 12, 2010.
 By participating in this challenge, each participant agrees that, if their submitted concept is selected, they will
   relinquish all rights to the design, artwork, etc. once awarded the $250. BBI reserves the right to purchase all
   submitted concepts within a period of two years following the submission for a price of $250.
 Each participant guarantees that all submitted concepts are not proprietary in any manner and are created with
   their own original ideas, designs, artwork, etc.
 Each participant may submit up to four concepts in total.
The Ballreich’s Sales and Marketing team will review all value brand concepts that meet the above stated eligibility
requirements. Ballreich’s will notify the participant by February 26, 2010 if their design has been selected. If their
design is selected, the participant will receive a $250 check by March 12, 2010. The check will be mailed to the
address listed on the participant’s identification form.
Although we prefer that you submit a concept based on the provided design template, we will review all concept
submissions equally. So, if you have a great idea that doesn’t fit with our current templates, feel free to design a
unique concept. Please adhere to the following:
    1. Do not alter the dimensions of the template.
    2. Do not alter the package details (listed above).
    3. Only 3 colors (not including white) may be used in your design. Slight gradients of the same color are
       acceptable (i.e. light tan, medium tan).
    4. Include a list of all fonts utilized in the concept.
Ballreich Bros., Inc. (BBI) reserves the right to verify the authenticity of each submitted concept. BBI will act as the sole, ultimate authority in
determining all concept selections. BBI does not guarantee the selection of any submitted concept. By participating in this challenge, you agree
to allow BBI to publish your concept, if selected. Submission of false documents or proprietary information will immediately revoke your eligibility
to participate in this challenge. If a submitted concept is found to include any proprietary idea, mark, design, artwork, etc., the submitting
participant will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

                                                              Updated January 2010

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