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									                               MIHAELA SM AR ANDA ROBB
                                         San Jose, CA 95127
                            phone: +1 408 251 2826 * cell: +1 408 207 7180

OBJECTIVE                  To p e r f o r m e x c e p t i o n a l q u a l i t y t r a n s l a t i o n w o r k
                           German, French–>English & Romanian <–> English,
                           utilizing my expertise in Computer Science, and
                           my passion for languages.


2004                       M.Sc. in Computer Science, West University of Timisoara, Romania

1999                       B.Sc. in Computer Science, West University of Timisoara, Romania


Freelancer                 http://www.proz.com/translator/1430111                       San Jose, California
Translator & Localization Engineer                                                      2011 – Present

Currently I am performing software localization services on-site at major Silicon Valley companies such
as Verint, Apple, Microsoft, as well as technical translations (IT&C, Business and Finances) for various
clients across United States, Europe, and Great Britain.

AutoScout24                      http://www.autoscout24.com                             Munich, Germany
Software Developer                                                                      Feb 2008 – Jun 2010

       Created new extensions that took AutoScout24 to the market leadership position in Italy,
        advanced the firm to Top 3 positions in other individual countries, expanded to new Russian
        markets, and added new language versions to address the customers speaking Romanian,
        Polish, Czech, Croatian, Turkish etc.

       Designed, developed, tested, debugged and documented various web based functionalities

       Researched and implemented a new pilot project “free text search à la Google” in Austria

       Integrated International Affiliate Tags – the TradeDoubler digital marketing solutions

       Participated in the migration of the old AutoScout24 hybrid system (ASP and .NET 1.1) to pure
        .NET 3.5

       Analyzed and designed a refactored solution for encrypted communication with the Evodat web
       Implemented the web user interface and the data synchronization with the call center and
        telecom provider for the Call Management project

C#, ASP / ASP.NET, Oracle PL/SQL, HTML, JavaScript, SVN, FireBug, soapUI, Bugzilla
Dataport                                                             Hamburg, Germany
Software Developer ASP.NET/.NET                                      Jan 2007 – Jan 2008

      Designed, developed, tested, debugged, documented and extended the online services for the
       Administration within the E-Government Competence Center department

      Implemented the pioneer project “KFZ-Ummeldung in der Metropolregion Hamburg” (Vehicle
       Registration in the Hamburg Metropolitan Area), which allows people moving within the three
       German Federal States to register their cars in any state (not necessarily where their new
       address is), as a result of changes in the legislation

      Designed and developed the “KBA-Adapter” as an internal consultant, a Windows Service
       Request Engine for the use of the Department of Motor Vehicles in Hamburg, to enable and
       facilitate the XML-communication between their legacy system and the Kraftfahrbundesamt (the
       Central Office for Motor Vehicles) in Flensburg

C#, asp.net, SQL Server, HTML, SharePoint

MyNetClub                                                            Arad, Romania
Software Developer                                                   2004 – 2006
          Created and led my business which became the people’s favorite Internet-Café in Arad

          Organized e-sports competitions as part of the affiliation with the Romanian Professional
           Gamer League, attracting teenage participants from 4 counties
          Managed a staff of 5 employees, including software developers

INTERGRAPH Public Safety                                             Ismaning near Munich, Germany
Software Engineer                                                    2002 – 2003

          Designed and implemented new services that expended the business into the Alarm Center,
           Fire Brigade Headquarters in Vorarlberg and Linz (Austria), the Public Transport Company
           BVG Berlin and ADAC.

          Implemented, tested, debugged and documented Web- and Internet applications and
           assisted with the systems integrations (including extensions and customizations) of the
           Intergraph Computer Aided Dispatch systems with other processes

          Implemented various interfaces using Visual Basic (including OLE Automation with VBA),
           XML, Oracle SQL, MS Access

          Installed and tested the respective modules at the customer site

          Contributed to successful completion of projects:

       - Web-AG (pager alarming through the Web, Interactive Voice Response and Telephone
       systems for the Regional Command and Control Center for Ambulances and Fire-Fighters in
       Vorarlberg Austria)

       - DAISY (testing the dispatch system for ADAC, the Automobile Club of Germany)
       - BVG Berlin (interface between the dispatching system and service planning and reports for the
       public transportation security)

       - LAWZ Linz (interface with the Eurofunk Kappacher telephone system)
living systems                                                         Donaueschingen, Germany
Software Engineer                                                      2000 – 2001

      Developed E-business (B2B, B2C, e-commerce) platforms based on Java server applications
       (Java agents) in the context of the LARS (Living Agents Runtime System) environment

      Implemented the HTML templates for representing dynamic content in browsers and e-mails


      Software Engineer with over 5 years front-end and back-end hands-on experience in building
       enterprise quality web-based applications and services, including systems integrations,
       extensions and interfaces.

      Strong knowledge of web programming, backed by personal passion for developing highly
       scalable applications for heavy traffic, using sound design pattern principles and the newest web
       development technologies.

      Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Strong problem solving and analytical

      Able to work successfully in a team or as individual contributor.

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