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									                    Am. HST 9 Andrew Jackson’s Presidency

In class we will look at some of the major issues of Andrew Jackson’s campaign.

Andrew Jackson Indian Removal
Indian Removal Act of 1830-
Greed for land and wealth pushed Native Americans from their homes on forced migration west.
Watch the video and answer the questions from the worksheet.

   -   What was Jackson’s plan for Native peoples living east of the Mississippi?
   -   What Indian tribe was illegally forced west in the infamous Trail of Tears journey?

Andrew Jackson Attacks the Bank of the United States
Kill the bank! Read p 232-233 in text. (If you do not have access to the textbook, research the
questions online)
    - What was Jackson’s plan for the bank?
    - How did his plan fit into his popularity as the common man’s president?

“King Andrew”
Many of Jackson’s critics called him, “King Andrew,” accusing the leader of tyranny. Study the
political cartoon below and answer the questions that follow in complete sentences.

                                                         -   What does this cartoon suggest about
                                                             Jackson’s attitude towards the

                                                         -   How does this cartoon specifically
                                                             comment on Jackson’s use of
                                                             presidential power?
Am. HST 9 Andrew Jackson’s Presidency

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