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									Project Summary

"Strengthening Households Ability to Respond to Development Opportunities II” (SHOUHARDO II)
Program, funded by USAID and the GoB. The Program will operate in 11 districts of the north char, mid
char, haor and coastal areas of Bangladesh for a period of 5 years starting from June 2010. The overall
goal of SHOUHARDO II is "to transform the lives of women and men in 370,000 households in 11 of the
poorest and most marginalized districts by reducing their vulnerability to food insecurity". The Program
will target the poor and extreme poor populations and address availability, access and utilization issues of
food insecurity as well as the underlying causes, which include social injustice and discrimination and
heightened vulnerability to natural disasters and climate change. Over the next five years, the Program
will expand its approaches to address sustainable food security, with support from government service
providers and greater private sector engagement with the poor population of Bangladesh. The program
will be implemented in 10% area by CARE directly and rest 90% area through partnership with qualified
national NGOs.

Position Title, Location & Contract Duration

Regional Program Manager (01 position, Mymensingh)
The duration of the proposed contract is up to May 2015.

 I. Job Summary:
 In a brief paragraph, state the position's overall purpose or objective, highlighting the general functions
 for which the position is responsible. Why does the position exist and what must it accomplish

 The Regional Program Manager being a key position in the region is responsible for designing,
 planning and implementing of SHOUHARDO II Program activities effectively and efficiently in the
 region to ensure sustainable reduction of chronic and transitory food insecurity and constraints related
 to food availability, access and utilization, and ensure better utilization of resources of the targeted
 region and households.

 This position is responsible to engage CARE/Partner NGO (PNGO) staff for ensuring community
 participation, and participatory planning by engaging VDCs, local government organizations, different
 service providers including LGED, NGOs, and others. The incumbent will work as focal point for
 partnership programming and implementation in Direct Delivery (DD) and Infrastructure activities. The
 RPM will ensure efficient program planning and will assist in identifying interventions those can
 contribute to objectives and sustainability of the Program. The position will ensure that the communities
 become problem solvers and the different service providers are accountable to and work proactively
 with communities. One of the key challenges for the position is to implement all planned activities
 including Infrastructure in a timely and cost efficient manner. S/he will uphold CARE Bangladesh’s
 values, and ensure programming and organizational principles.

 II. Responsibilities and Tasks:
 Describe the major responsibilities, principal tasks, competencies and end results for which the position
 is accountable (try to limit responsibilities to five). List the responsibilities in the order of importance
 and state the percentage of time the employee spends on each responsibility during a typical year.
 Employees who supervise other regular employees on a continuous basis should have Staff
 Management as the number one Job Responsibility. The general rule of thumb for percentage of time
 for management of others is 5% per direct report. Example: If a supervisor has six direct reports then
 at least 30% of his/her job should be allocated to supervising those employees.
 Responsibility # 1: Staff Management                                                            % of Time
 Supervise the staff directly reportable to the incumbent and perform the following:
       Staff Recruitment (as and when required)
       Performance Management                                                                      15%
       Coaching
       Staff Development

 Responsibility # 2: Program Planning, Implementation and Management
Formulate and implement Regional/Hub Office plans and targets:
    Work with the concerned staff and, projects/departments to formulate plans and
     ensure effective implementation of the plan.
Review Annual Project Proposals of PNGOs:
   Review the PPs of PNGOs annually to ensure that these are realistic, both in
    terms of budget and implementation plan.
   Track progress and make necessary adjustments periodically:                           30%
   Track progress of DD and PNGO implementation on a regular basis and make
    adjustments as required.
Partnership management and lead the DD team.
   Promote and maintain effective partnership with PNGOs.
   Guide and lead the DD team in order to achieve specific goal and objectives.
   Mobilize Regional Support Structure (NBDs, LEBs, local NGOs and Private
    Sector) to be more responsive to the needs of the community in line with the
    Program Core Message.
Responsibility # 3: Program Monitoring and Reporting

Regular field visit:
    Pay regular field visit to DD and PNGO areas to observe progress, with a focus
     on ensuring ‘quality’.
Review and prepare reports:
    Review program progress reports including financial report of NGO and DD
     areas and provide necessary feedback.
    Contribute in the preparation of the quarterly, semi annual and yearly reports.      30%
    Ensure quality monitoring data collection from the field.
    Ensure monitoring and reporting of infrastructure activities.
Responsibility # 4: Networking with Government and non Government
Facilitate organization of PACC meetings at different levels:
    Build strong relationship with the PACC Chairpersons and arrange field visit and
     regular meeting by them
    Have regular interactions with the PACC members and update them about the            20%
    Learn good practices from other organizations and reflect in the program.
Responsibility # 5: Other Ad-hoc Tasks
Attend personal capacity building events:
    This can be in the form of training, cross-visits, etc.
Ad-hoc information request:                                                                5%
    This will be limited as much as possible, but may require attention from time to

III.   Reporting:
Regional Coordinator, SHOUHARDO II Program

IV.     Working Condition:
Based in CARE-Regional/Hub Offices. Will spend approximately 60% time in the field.

V.      Qualification:

   8 years experience in managerial position of large scale development program preferably food and
    livelihood security program.
 Masters in Social Science or other relevant disciplines.
 Computer skills
VI.      Core Competencies:
 Skills and experience on participatory planning and NGO Partnership programming.
 Skills in project design & planning.
 Excellent verbal and written communication both in Bangla and English.
  Staff supervision skills
  Networking and linkage building
  Core Values
 Qualifications and Competencies for the position advertised will be relaxed for exceptional

 VII.     Authority:
 Reporting to SHOUHARDO II Regional Coordinator. Will directly coordinate all planning and
 implementation in NGO/DD areas and coordinate with GoB and LEBs. Supervise direct reports. Has
 authority to operate within the approved budget. Can propose revision of budget.

 VIII.   Contact Key Relationship:
 At the Regional Office: RTM, other Managers of SHOUHARDO II in the region, OM/MSS,
 FOMT/ROMT, Partner NGOs, GOB Officials.
 At CBHQ: RMC, DCoP, HAC, NTC and others.

Candidates need to be highly motivated and committed to CARE Bangladesh’s vision, mission,
and long term development work to significantly improve the lives of the most vulnerable and
marginalized. Candidates must be capable of displaying great learning agility, support and
encouragement of knowledge sharing across projects, to the ultimate benefit of all of CARE’s mission
wide initiatives.

This is an interesting time in the development of CARE as an organization which is shifting towards a
program approach where it has developed longer-term impact visions to have MORE sustainable
changes in the lives of the extreme poor and marginalized. CARE is looking for a Regional Program
Manager who will play a key role in the leadership of the SHOUHARDO Program whilst at the same time
building a learning culture that promotes knowledge sharing across CARE and excellence.


Monthly gross salary is Taka 76,000 plus other admissible benefits as are per policy. Salary is
negotiable for highly deserving candidates.

CARE Bangladesh invites applications from qualified individuals. Summary job descriptions and the
application format can be found on the website at: Please note that only
applications filled in as per CARE format will be considered. Please email the application to on or before July 02, 2011. For those wanting to send hard copies of the CARE
application format please send to: HR Manager - HRD&M, CARE Bangladesh, 20-21, Kawran Bazar,
Dhaka 1215. Interested persons may also collect the application form from our Receptions desk (9

Note: Note:  Women are particularly encouraged to apply,  Any persuasion will disqualify the
candidates.  Internal and external applicants shall be treated equally in the entire selection process, 
Applicants who have relatives in CARE must mention it in the application form  Please write the
position name on top of the envelope.

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