Create a collaborative, engaged classroom with new products available now from eInstruction and

                                    CIM Technology Solutions.

                                            Nothing stands still in the fast-moving world of educational
                                            technology, and starting this month, eInstruction will be rolling out
                                            several new software and product innovations engineered to give
                                            teachers the ability to teach and interact with students from
                                            anywhere in the room…and make it easier and more inviting for
                                            students to participate and collaborate in their own learning.

                                            "Research shows that students learn better when they are actively
                                            involved in the learning process," said eInstruction CEO and
                                            president Steve Kaye. "And that's been a main focus of our new
                                            product development efforts."

      Learn Together. Introducing
   INTERWRITE Mobi and DualBoard

                                                                  The hand-held, wireless INTERWRITE® Mobi
                                                                  works like an interactive whiteboard, but is portable
                                                                  and features an LCD screen that displays student
                                                                  assessment results in real time when used with
                                                                  eInstruction's CPS or PRS clickers. Click here for

                                                                  Where other whiteboards allow only one person
                                                                  at a time to write, manipulate and annotate over
Two of the newest products represent real advances in classroom              lesson content, the INTERWRITE® DualBoard
mobility and interactivity. The INTERWRITE Mobi, a lightweight,              allows two people or teams to work at the board
wireless, hand-held tablet that works like an interactive whiteboard,        simultaneously. Click here for more.
except teachers can carry it around with them as they move about the
class and interact with students. The second is the INTERWRITE DualBoard, a next-generation interactive whiteboard that
allows two students or learning teams to simultaneously control and have input to the board.

The INTERWRITE Mobi is similar to the company's INTERWRITE PAD, but has upgraded features and a more
comfortable, ergonomic design, and a color LCD screen (called a KWIK screen for "Know What I Know") in which teachers
can instantly view student assessment results when used in conjunction with CPS or PRS response pads. Being able to
monitor student comprehension in real time allows teachers to adjust their lessons and re-teach on the spot.

The other major upgrade is that there are two versions of the Mobi – the one with the full-color KWIK screen for teachers,
and a second version for students called the INTERWRITE Mobi Learner. The Mobi Learner has a smaller, grayscale LCD
screen that displays product status information like battery level and connection strength. Only the teacher version displays
assessment results.

Both new products are specifically designed to support collaborative learning, in which teachers and students "Learn

On the software side, eInstruction is releasing a new version of its INTERWRITE Workspace content management,
presentation and annotation software that combines ease of use with multi-user input. Two upgrades of its student
response software have also been released – CPS 5.6 for the company's Classroom Performance Systems, and
Response 5.2 for its PRS clickers.

All three releases offer a number of new capabilities, including one that allows teachers using the new INTERWRITE Mobi
to instantly view students' CPS or PRS clicker answers in the Mobi's built-in LCD screen.

eInstruction is also releasing additional question banks for its ExamView® Learning Series. The new questions are
designed for kindergarten, first and second grades-filling a gap in the series that previously included question banks for
grades three through twelve only.

                                          To request more information contact:
                                                      Martha Crook

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