Jennifer Canada Resume - 2008 by QOpa3LZ9


         Four and a half years game development experience
         Just promoted to Associate Game Designer based on design insight, writing
          skills, attention to detail, and reliability
         Currently working on Master’s Thesis: Women’s Gameplay Preferences
         Tools: Vicious Editor, Hammer, TESCS: Oblivion, UnrealEd, Radiant,
          Photoshop, 3ds Max, Sketchup, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Visual
          SourceSafe, OneNote
         Scripting: Menu-based scripting and text-based scripting -- Vicious Script,
          Hammer, Oblivion, Radiant

                                  Vicious Cycle Software
Associate Game Designer                                                      6/2008 – Present
Drafting game proposals for submission to the publisher; assisting Senior Designer with creation
of gameplay mechanics; documenting game mechanics; assisting Senior Designer with character
and story creation; writing game hints and bonus content text; balancing player and enemy stats;
reviewing levels for fun and gameplay consistency; creating high concept level designs;
additional previous level design duties.
Level Designer                                                               9/2005 – Present
Creating initial designs for each level; drafting level layouts; creating rough first pass level
geometry in 3ds Max; participating in reviews to refine level gameplay; creating placeholder
dynamic objects, including basic animations; scripting custom gameplay and dynamic object
behavior; implementing combat encounters; creating custom in-game cinematics; implementing
sounds; managing all relevant art tasks to keep levels on schedule; managing and tracking bug
lists and fixing bugs; status reports.
      Ben 10: Alien Force for the PS2, PSP, Wii (In Production, Shipping in Fall 08)
      Unnamed Next-Gen Action Title (In Production)
      Dead Head Fred for the PSP - Levels: Uptown, Old Hope Falls
      Flushed Away for the PS2, Game Cube - Levels: Kensington Apartment, Enter the Lair,
         Escape the Lair & Follow that Girl, The Amphibian Dawn
      Curious George for the PC, PS2, Xbox, Game Cube - Levels: Voyage to America, Flying
         High, The Path to the Shrine

                                      Gearbox Software
Level Design Tester                                                         7/2004 – 9/2004
Playtested for fun, gameplay balance, memory allocation, and overall game difficulty curve;
discovered and reported bugs within the game for PC and Xbox versions; concentrated on three
levels and sent regular status reports to the level designer to convey the state of the level with
regards to outstanding bugs, gameplay or design issues, and ways to reduce the overall memory
cost of each level.
     Brothers In Arms: The Road to Hill 30 for the PC, Xbox                                                   

                                       Guildhall at SMU
Level Designer                                                              1/2004 – 6/2005
Worked in teams to complete five game projects and one individual focus study in eighteen
months; created levels in Hammer, UT2K4, Radiant, and Scrolling Game Dev Kit (2D); sketched
out, blocked out, and detailed level geometry in both BSP and polygonal geometry; concepted,
constructed, unwrapped, textured, imported, and placed world objects; planned, scripted,
debugged, and polished level gameplay and special functionality; wrote documentation for game
concepts, level plans, asset and development plans, task lists, bug reports, and game manuals;
chosen by Guildhall faculty in the final semester to act as level design lead on Samurai Legends.
     Samurai Legend – Half-Life 2 objective-based, multiplayer mod set in feudal Japan – 16
         person team
     Assault on Strider Base: Rosa Sewers Level – Four linked, single player maps created in
         Hammer set in the universe of Half-Life 2 – 4 person team
     Rathe of the Wolfe – Single player, pirate adventure game set in 16th century Mexico
         built using a Radiant editor – 12 person team
     Focus Study: World Object Creation – 55 original world objects created in the medieval
         gothic style – Individual project
     Rubicon – UT2K4 deathmatch mod set in a future Roman Empire – 10 person team
     Lotus: Blossom of Vengeance – 2D side-scrolling platformer set in feudal Japan – 2
         person team

Guildhall at SMU, Dallas, TX                                                      Expected Dec 2008
        Master’s of Interactive Technology,
        Specialization in Level Design, Thesis on Women’s Gameplay Preferences
Guildhall at SMU, Dallas, TX                                                              June 2005
        Certificate in Digital Game Development, Specialization in Level Design
Rice University, Houston, TX                                                              May 2003
        B.A. in Political Science
        B.A. in Music, concentration in Vocal Performance
Interlochen Arts Academy, Interlochen, MI                                                 May 1999
        High School Diploma

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