the mummy rap

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The Mummy Rap

Hey listen up dudes gonna tell you something cool. We`ve been learnin `bout Egyptians in this school,

They had a great society a long time ago. Had more primitive technology, but even so,

They built incredible memorials to house their kings. They called them pyramids and filled them full of things

Like gold and jewels and silver and everything you`d need. To help you in the next world, yes indeed.


They did the rap, they did the mummy wrap

They did the rap. Yo, the mummy rap.

A man called Carter made a fabulous discovery, diggin` up the desert in the name of archaeology

He came to a wall and found a tomb. It was the undisturbed grave of King Tutunkamun

We know a lot about the `gyptians Cause they left these codes and pics. Graffitti`ed on their tombs they called

it hieroglyphics.

So even though they lived three thousand years in the past. Their legacy to us is a learnin` that will last.


They did the wrap, they did the mummy wrap

They did the rap .yo, the mummy rap.

Now I know if you`re like me you’ll l need some clarification. ‘Bout the process carried out called mummification.

It needed special trained people to administer techniques, upon the bodies of the rich that they wanted to keep.

They extracted all the organs and put them in jars .But they didn`t keep the brains. I mean would you need yours?

(They reckoned in the afterlife your soul, or Ka, Was the thing that helped you think and made you who you are)

Then they used this salt called natron to dry the body well, after weeks they washed and oiled it, so it didn`t


Now`s the bit we`ve all been waiting for to put them on the map. They used lots of linen bandages and did the

mummy wrap.

They did the wrap, they did the mummy wrap

They did the rap .yo, the mummy rap.

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