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									                 TED 377 MANAGEMENT IN SECONDARY EDUCATION

The first key to successful classroom management is advance planning. In many job interviews
today, teaching position candidates are asked to describe various aspects of their classroom
management system. Considering these two points, this course project is meant to be a
culmination of everything you have studied throughout this course and other secondary
education courses. The course project is designed to position you to proactively think through
your classroom management system so that you can explain it and defend it if challenged. It is
hoped that you can use the results of this project in a professional portfolio and/or refer to this
material in job interviews.

Describe and present your classroom management system in a practical form in your choice of

Select a medium which will be most usable and beneficial to you, based on how you might use
this material in the future. Choose one of the following options:
    Letter to parents.
    PowerPoint presentation.
    Brochure.
    Web page.
    Descriptive statement.

Project Submission
The course project will be due no later than Monday, May 5th. You may physically submit the
project, or you submit it through e-mail.

What Your System Should Address
Be sure to cover at least the following items as you describe your classroom management
system. Plan to present at least one paragraph (or slide) for each of the following points.
1. Introduce yourself.
2. Indicate your grade level(s) and your curriculum (name the courses).
3. Describe the arrangement of your room.
4. List your classroom rules, and how you will communicate them to the students. (If you plan
   to formulate rules with the class, describe this.)
5. Describe your attendance policy.
6. Describe your homework policy.
7. Describe your assessment and grading systems.
8. Describe how you intend to motivate and consequate appropriate behaviors.
9. Describe how you intend to promote a positive classroom climate/atmosphere.
10. Describe how you intend to prevent inappropriate behaviors (prevent violations of the rules).
11. Describe how you will react to “common” behaviors.
12. Describe how you will react to more challenging behaviors.
13. Describe how you will record behavior (good and bad).
14. Describe how you will address harassment and bullying.
15. Describe how you will address substance abuse.
16. Describe how/when you will make referrals and interact with professional colleagues.
17. Describe how you will communicate with parents (include a reference to report cards).
18. Describe how parents can communicate with you.
19. Describe how parents can address medical/dietary issues.
20. Describe your hopes for the school year.
21. Describe any other items you feel important, appropriate, and relevant to this presentation.

The course project will be assessed according to the following:

        Performance Indicators                 Rating
        Content:                                 Exceeded expectations: A
          Material demonstrates high
                                                   Met expectations: B+ to A-
            quality content.
          Material is well organized.             Met most expectations: B range
          Material is presented in an             Met minimum expectations: C range
            understandable fashion.
          Content is thorough.                    Met few expectations: D range
          Content demonstrates critical           Met no expectations/not submitted: F
            reflection and analysis.
          Content reflects material
            studied throughout the
          Professional-quality product.
          Appropriate use of language
            and grammar.

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