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					         CONGRESS 2002

Member Services
Staff Activity Report
                  MEMBER SERVICES

                                                                        Maureen Mandel
                                                                   Director, Member Services

    JOHN BECK                       MARILYN BORYSEK             NOEL NETEL                       LINDA WONG               ROBERTA GORMAN
Member Rec. & Info Serv.         Prog. Mgr. Member Interests   Coord. Info. Tech.              Coord. Member Info.       Prog. Mgr. Membership
    212-591-8463                        212-591-8237            212-591-8241                     212-591-8235                212-591-7742

                                                                                                             JOVITA FREDERICK
       KEVIN LANGLEY                                                                                              Secretary
     Administrative Assistant                                                                                   212-591-8234

        SHIRLEY FYFIELD                                                                                                                  DEIDRA HACKLEY
          Staff Assistant                                                                                                               Coord. Student Progs.
          212-591-8240                                                                                                                     212-591-7852

       LOURDES RIVERA                                                                                                                      CHERYL HASAN
     Administratiive Assistant                                                                                                        Coord. Member Recruitment
         212-591-8246                                                                                                                        212-591-8239

        Staff Assistant
Member Records
 and Information
Member Records & Admissions
    Committee Activity

 • 71 Fellow Applications Processed (7/02-11/02)
       vs. 47 applications in 6/00-11/01

 • Active Fellows: 2473

                                           Data as of 11/01/02
       Four Year Fellow Comparison

                             123     118
120      107      105
 80                                         71
      1998/1999          2000/2001     2002/2003YTD

                                             Data as of 11/01/02
           Staff Activity
         Young Engineers
 Joint issues of ME Today/Mechanical
  Advantage were mailed with ME Magazine
  in September and November
 Career/life Guide was launched
 Focus groups of young members and
  drops/non-members are planned for Dec 4
  in Boston.
 Young Engineers Task Force formed.
        Staff Activity
 The 2002-2003 Member-Get-a-Member campaign
  has recruited 128 new members with 112
  sponsors as of October 31, 2002. This is the
  same as last year's performance at this time
  (127 new members with 119 sponsors).
 The program has generated $6,578 for
  student scholarships this year and $6,502 last
             Staff Activity
             Web Based
 Call for mentors was launched in late
  August/early September, and site was
  opened up for students in September.
 We have 110 pairs that have been matched,
  and 231 mentors.
 The site has been updated to include more
  technical specialties, including
             Staff Activity
             Web Based
                 Internship site
 Working on a site where student members
  can go to find internships. We will be
  starting with the ASME leadership, asking
  for contacts at your company, and a web
  site where students can go to apply. We
  will ask volunteers at those companies to
  give us an email to answer questions from
  student members as to company culture, etc.
Member Interests
     ASME Insurance Program
 Certificates (policies) total 33,137
 Premiums for all programs total $25.5 M
 Majority of certs are Term Life Plans = 24,369
 TLP growth is relatively flat (less than - 1% change)
  and the average annual premium increased slightly from
  $674 to $698
 Supplemental plans exhibit erosion, but both Long
  Term Care (+19) and Personal Lines (+31) see increase
   ASME Insurance Program
Summary of Plans’ Review as of 10/30/02
• Comprehensive Major Medical – 21% rate
  increase effective 9/1/02
• Term Term Life – 25% premium discount to
• Long Term Disability – 15% premium credit
  (approved at 10/30/02 IC Meeting) effective
* Also reviewed: Member Assistance, AD&D,
  Catastrophe M M, and Cancer Expense
  New marketing strategies planned for 2003
Insurance Participation Statistics
  Insurance Plans:              Certs as of 8/30/02
  Auto & Homeowners ………           319
  Term Life ……………………… 24,369
  Joint Level Term ………………            36
  Disability Income …………….        2,469
  Catastrophic Disability …….        96
  Member Assistance ………….          308
  Catastrophe Major Medical….      885
Insurance Statistics (Cont.)
Insurance Plans:       Participation
Comp. Major Medical…      555
Dental……………………             93
Cancer Expense……..      1,244
Prof. Liability………….     149
Medicare Supplement.     141
Long Term Care…..….      755
Critical Illness….……       15
 TOTAL Certificates    33,137
    ASME Credit Card Program

 Tenured program with exceptional market
 1 in 4 members carry the ASME card
 5-year contract (x 2/03) will generate $2.2 M
 Currently in new contract negotiations
             ASME Member Credit Card
              Spending Trends
Average spending for the year:
- ASME members = $80 million
- ASME Student card holder = $4.7 million
 ASME cardholders spent most at Home Depot
  ($1.9 million) and Walmart ($1.5 million)

Top Merchants by Selected Industry:
 Delta Airlines w/ 15.0% of airline spending
 Hertz w/ 23.6% of auto rental spending
 Holiday Inns w/ 7.6% of hotel spending
     Affinity Programs Strategy
Portfolio Management Approach
1. Every benefit will not be appropriate for every
   member; but w/n portfolio, something for
2. Measuring success…“the whole (program) is
   bigger than the sum of its parts”
        NEW Member Benefits
Introduced Since SAM:
 MyJobCoach – presentation follows
 Eldercare – insurance-related product
 Life Line – affordable screenings service

Next in Queue:
 Standard & Poor’s – financial advice/content
 Legal Services – available through Marsh

In Due Diligence Pipeline w/ Hurdles Remaining:
 E-Travel-4-Less – travel services
 Wheaton Van Lines – relocation services
           New Benefit Launch at Congress!
Unique Member Benefit:
• Products & services delivered under ASME’s brand
  enhance member satisfaction while providing robust,
  proactive career support
• High-quality, multi-media career components enhance and build return traffic
• ASME’s Career Center becomes a one-stop resource for
  members’ lifelong career development
• Leverage sector though leaders’ expertise & retain
  highest quality, trained coaches
       MyJobCoach Features
 Coach Center provides a user-friendly location to ask
  questions and find answers
 Articles on salary, resumes, interviewing, benefits,
  stock options, legal issues, and negotiations
 AskCoach self-service help desk uses natural
  language and categories to search…
   - Stored FAQs and answers
   - Online Chat, provides real-time communication
 Integrated online monthly e-Newsletter (e-Zine
     MJC Products & Services

 Behavioral Assessment    Resume & Cover
 JobCoach Live!            Letter Builder
  Streaming Videos         Salary Analysis Tool
 One-on-One Career        Executive Agent
  Coaching                  (resume distribution
 Event-Based               service)
  Negotiations Coaching    Offer Letter/Contract

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