Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Old Bolsover Town Council by 49R1Q2W


									Old Bolsover Town Council
Minutes of the Meeting of Old Bolsover Town Council
Held on Tuesday 13th October 2009 at the Town Hall,
Cotton Street, Bolsover, Chesterfield

Present:                Coun. R. Bowler
                        Councillors L. Anderson, T. Bennett, M Bowler, D. Bratt,
                        J.E Dixon, R. Fulleylove, M. Reed,

The Meeting opened at 6pm

The Chair welcomed Cedric Blakey, Derbyshire County Council Emergency Planning Officer, who explained that he
was based at both Bolsover and Amber Valley District Councils.

The Chair also welcomed Sarah Sternberg, Solicitor and Monitoring Officer and Alan Turner, Deputy Monitoring
Officer who are both Officers employed by Bolsover District Council.

Cedric Blakey outlined his role concentrating on the development of emergency and business continuity plans, linked
to a “just in case” scenario.

The Officer explained that the plans concentrated on evacuation, water supply, safe places, communications, utility
facilities, flooding and vehicles, highlighting the particular impact on vulnerable persons.

In concluding he drew particular attention to situations when the traditional emergency services could not cope,
emphasising the need for a good practice regime throughout Derbyshire, supported by the development of a
‘Community Response Plan’, based on a C.D. framework of key players and plan holders.

Finally he requested the Council to consider the possibility of such a plan being produced in an electronic format to
be shared with Parishes close by.

Mr Blakey’s presentation concluded at 6.15pm and he left the meeting.

Alan Turner, Deputy Monitoring Officer introduced Members to the basis of an ethical framework governing the
declaring of interests, standards of behaviour and how members could be expected to perform in relationship to
such a framework and their elected representative duties.

The Officer explained that Standards’ Board responsibilities related to Members’ Code of Conduct matters had been
devolved to a local committee based at the District Council.

He commented that the move to a local board had resulted in an increased number of complaints, perhaps because
it was now seen as easier to complain? Overall he acknowledged that investigating complaints was a difficult process
and was a part of a learning curve for all.

The Officer clarified the need for Members to record and register their individual levels of interest in subjects to be
debated. He advised that Members must therefore record a personal or a personal and prejudicial interest when
such debate situations arose. Members were told that recording a personal and prejudicial interest required them to
not take part in the debate and to leave the Council Chamber.

Members asked a series of questions and were asked to take part in a ‘mini’ exercise the results of which were
further analysed and explained.

The Officers left the meeting at 6.45pm.

The Council meeting proper commenced at 6.45pm

In attendance:
                         8 members of the Public
                         Derbyshire Times Reporter
                         D Kee – Town Clerk
                         The Police registered their apologies.

       Open Forum

       Seven Model Village Allotment Tenants attended the meeting and asked a series of questions associated
       with the management and the Council’s future intentions for the site.

       The need for water, security fencing and the condition of certain gardens was also debated. Particular
       mention was made of the March 2009 clearance event and alleged handling by tenants of asbestos cement

Resolved         (1)     The Allotment Committee arrange a suitable future meeting date to discuss the
                 concerns expressed in more detail with the tenants.
                 (2)     The Clerk be instructed to ascertain C.P. Skips’ reaction to the allegations that tenants
                 were invited to handle asbestos based materials.
                 (3)     The matter be further discussed with the Council subject to 1 and 2 above.

40.    Apologies for absence

       Councillor K. Bowman, C.P. Cooper, T. Rodda, J. Woodhead

41.    Members’ Interests

       Members were reminded by the Chair of the need to complete and keep up to date the Register in-keeping
       with the Town Clerk's letter, verbal instructions and the need for Members to register interests related to
       the formal requirement of the Standards Board ‘Code of Conduct’ document.

       Members made a formal declaration of interest in respect of the items agended.

42.    Confirmation of Minutes

42.1   The minutes of the meeting held in the open section, pages 34 to 43, held on 8th September 2009 be
       approved as a true record subject to the in attendance register being amended to show that Councillors L.
       Anderson, R.J. Bowler, K. Bowman, D. Bratt, C.P. Cooper, J.E. Dixon, R. Fulleylove, M. Reed, T. Rodda and J.
       Woodhead were present at the meeting.

42.2   Matters Arising

       No matters arising

43.    Police Matters

       The Chair referred to the Police’s apology for not attending and the crime statistics comparison provided.

       Members acknowledged that the statistics provided put into perspective the actual crimes which had
       occurred in the town.

        A Member commented on the distress caused by the removal of flowers and pots from individual grave plots
        and asked the police be informed of the incident(s).

        The Clerk advised that no reports had been received recently about such action.

Resolved         The Clerk inform the Police of the reported removal of flower pots and displays.

The meeting determined that based on the guidance of the Chair, the Town Clerk’s Report item 5 and
Allotment Committee Report be debated in Committee.

44.     Town Clerk’s Report (Document A)

1       Bolsover Apprentice Programme

        The Clerk referred to an invitation received from Bolsover District Council to participate in the Apprentice
        Programme based on Bolsover North West Ward being part of the council’s responsibilities.

Councillors T Bennett, M. Bowler and R. Bowler registered a personal interest in this matter.

Resolved         The Council offer 18 month apprenticeships in Business Administration and Amenity         Horticulture

2.      Red Phone Box & Road Sign – Whaley Village

Councillor Dixon registered a personal and prejudicial interest and left the meeting.

2.1     Red Phone Box

        The Clerk referred to the correspondence received and the invitation to adopt the box offered by British

Resolved        The box be adopted by the Council, subject to further enquiries regarding the removal of
                telephone equipment prior to the conclusion of the consultation period, via the District Council
        Planning Conservation and Heritage Officer.

2.2     Heritage Road Sign

        The Clerk referred to the road sign and a request to adopt the sign received from members of the

Resolved         (1)     The Council seek clarification from D.C.C. Highways Authority regarding the
                 possible implications for the Council of adopting and re-erecting the sign.
                 (2)     The matter be referred back to Council when such clarification has been received.

3.      Excellence in the Community Awards 2009

        The Clerk advised that the Council’s nomination of the Friends of Bolsover Parks and the Castle Estate
        Residents Association had both been accepted for an award.

Resolved         The report be received and the Clerk thanked for his work in securing the acceptances.

4.      Food & Drink Fair 2010

       The Clerk referred to the correspondence received from Derbyshire County Council concerning the event.

Resolved       The Council note the position and debate the matter further with Bolsover District Council      and
       English Heritage as part of any future ‘Vision’ project.

5.     Garage Door Replacement Scheme – Model Village

       Item referred into Committee.

6.     Remembrance Sunday – Parade Arrangements

       The Clerk referred to the circulated papers and advised that the band had confirmed their attendance and
       the Police had acknowledged the event.

Resolved        The date and time be noted and Members attend based on their availability.

7.     Bainbridge Hall

(1)    Room Tenancies

       The Clerk referred to various approaches received from organisations to let rooms 2 and 4 on a permanent

Resolved        (1)      The rooms be let, based on the Model Tenancy Agreement, subject to the
                         acknowledgement and agreement of the Hall’s Management Committee.
                (2)      The necessary organisational and carpeting arrangements be made to facilitate the
                letting of room 2.

(2)    I.T. Suite

       The Clerk updated members on the progress of the facility and the recent disappointment based on the loss
       of Critical Skills’ support of the training arrangements.

Resolved        The Clerk continue to market the scheme by all possible means in an attempt to maximise the
                benefit of the accommodation and equipment by the community.

8.     Town Vision

       The Clerk drew Members’ attention to the Town “Vision” strategy outline document which had been
       recently shared with the District Council’s Head of Regeneration.

Resolved       (1)     The document be noted and approved.
               (2)     The Clerk invite the District Council’s Member representative with responsibility for
               regeneration to become actively involved based on the strategy outline document and             the
       meeting held in December 2008.
(14)   Incidents

       The Clerk drew attention to the report for the September period.

Resolved        The report be noted.

45.    Bolsover Local Strategic Partnership

       No meeting, no representative report.

46.   Town Centre Management Group

      The Clerk referred to the meeting held on the 24th September 2009 and in particular the poor business
      representatives attending.

      The Vice Chair commented on the disappointing situation and the need to revisit how business interest
      might be facilitated.

Resolved      (1)     The recommendation to revisit the need for such a meeting group be approved and
              reconsidered in conjunction with the District Council, as appropriate, based on the
              progress of the ‘Town Vision’ project strategy document.
              (2)     No further Town Centre Management Group Meetings be held.

47.   DALC

2.    The Clerk drew Members’ attention to Circular 50/2009 relating to 2009/10 membership and 2010/11
      subscription arrangements.

Resolved      (1)     The membership position be noted.
              (2)     The 2010/11 subscription rate be noted and referred to in the December 2009 budget
              setting debate.

3.    The Clerk drew Members’ attention to Circular 51/2009, the 2009 employee pay settlement.

Resolved      The rates be approved and paid to all employees, backdated to April 2009.

8.4   Circular 52/2009 – The Council’s representative referred to the 22nd October liaison meeting.

Resolved      Cllrs Dixon and Bennett attend and advise the Council of any outcome findings.

48.   Correspondence Received

      The Clerk drew attention to:-

1.4   Vehicle Watch 25 plus scheme.

Resolved      The availability of the materials be noted.

3.    Request for a Section 137 donation for Derbyshire Army Cadets.

Resolved      Given the information provided no donation be made.

49.   Chair’s Correspondence

      No items of Chair’s correspondence were tabled for debate.

50.   Planning

1.      09/00456/FUL             Demolition of existing buildings and erection of replacement building and re-
                        roof the agricultural store with red clay tiles at 4 Mansfield Road, Oxcroft
                        Estate, Clowne by Mr Peter Gillgrass

Resolved        No objections

2.      09/00460/FUL          Erection of single storey extension to front and side of dwelling at 120
                       Welbeck Road, Bolsover by Mr Terry Boden
Resolved        No objections

3.      09/00461/TCON           Pruning works to maple tree to rear of 5 New Bolsover by Bolsover District
Councillor Bennett registered a personal interest in this matter.

Resolved        No objections

4.      09/00476/FUL          Erection of single storey extension to side and rear of dwelling at Windcroft,
                       Horsehead Lane, Bolsover by Mr and Mrs Wiles
Resolved        No objections

5.      09/00478/FUL           Erection of one 11kw Gaia wind turbine with dual 13m blades mounted at a
                       hub height of 18.3m above ground level on a free standing 18m high tubular
                tower on a concrete base at the Bolsover School, Mooracre Lane,
                Bolsover by The Bolsover School.

Councillor J Dixon registered a personal interest in this matter.

Resolved        No objections

6.      09/0488/FUL           Erection of detached garage to side of dwelling at 45 Merlin Avenue, Bolsover
                       by Mr David Clay
Resolved        No objections

7.      09/00498/FUL             Convert existing store room into office. Replace existing barrel flat roof with
                        new pitched slate roof with dormer window. Stubbins & Hope Funeral
                Directors, 55 High Street, Bolsover by Stubbins & Hope
Resolved        No objections

8.      09/00501/TPO            Crown reduction of ash tree at 82 Clowne Road, Stanfree by Simon Bennett

Resolved        No objections

51.     Allotment Committee

        The item be debated in Committee

52.1    Minutes of the Assembly Hall Trustees Meeting

Resolved        The minutes were presented, no matters of debate arose.

52.2    Minutes of Bainbridge Hall Management Committee

        No minutes were tabled for debate.

52.3    Henton Memorial Hall

Resolved       The minutes were presented, no matters of debate arose.




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