Job description – Sustainable Artisanal Mining Project Main Phase

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					Job description – Sustainable Artisanal Mining Project Main Phase (SAM Main
Phase): 7F – 04344.02

          Advanced degree in economics or related field with at least 10 years work
          experience in Government services and programme management at national
          or local levels;
          Good analytical and prognostic skills;
          Experienced with planning and monitoring and evaluation methods and
          High organizational and managerial skills;
          Good writing and oral communication skills in English and Mongolian,
          High computer literacy, able to prioritize and take actions, punctual, task
          driven and honest.

Duties and responsibilities:
The Primary responsibility of the PMO is to conduct the overall project:
       Evaluation, and
to achieve stated results.
Specific tasks are:

   1. Planning:

            Preparing yearly operational plan (YPO) in line with project document, log
            frame, SCS and keeping continuity of previous year work using modern
            planning approach
            Based on the YPO above, prepare project quarterly plans
            Support component leaders, project staff, and the local office in developing
            quarterly/monthly planning of their activities
            Preparing yearly and quarterly field trip plans
            Organizing and participating in planning meetings within the project, with
            SDC, MRPAM and other stakeholders

   2. Monitoring:

            Developing monitoring tools for project activities with participation of project
             Introducing monitoring tools and approaches to the entire project staffs
             Consulting monitoring tools and approaches with National Project
             Coordinator (NPC) and component leaders
             Conducting daily, quarterly, semi-early and yearly monitoring for the entire
             project activities, and in detail for project performance
             Conducting field trips, according to plan, to monitor project activities in the

   3. Evaluation:

             Based on the monitoring results above, evaluate project activities, and in
             detail project performance by components
             Introducing evaluation findings to project staffs, SDC, MRPAM, and other

   4. Reporting:

             Reporting findings of monitoring and evaluation, as well as project
             performance/activity semi-yearly and annually to SDC and MRPAM,
             Assisting NPC in finalizing project activity reports in respective periods

Other duties:
           Assisting NPC in preparing stakeholders, OC and SC meetings, and
           participating the meetings if necessary
           Contributing to capacity building of SAM project/ASM Division staff
           Working closely with mid-term evaluation team and providing support in
           evaluation process.
           Support in establishing sound procurement procedures.
           Assisting NPC in preparing TOR and trip programs of international
           backstopping missions

Further training:
            Improve skills in areas relevant to the job
            Improve knowledge related to Artisanal mining

Assisting to Project Coordinator:
Willingness to fulfill other tasks given