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									Physical Education
Index to Unit Plans and

Spring 2001
                             HIGHER STILL

              Index to Unit Plans and
                            All Levels

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Unit Plans: Links between Activities and Areas of Analysis of Performance

Area of Analysis: Information Sheet Index

Physical Education: Index to Unit Plans and Concepts (All)
Physical Education: Index to Unit Plans and Concepts (All)

This index pack is provided to facilitate easy referencing of information contained in
the Unit Plans and Resource Packs that have been completed and distributed to

This information provides staff with an easy access guide to the Key Concepts linked
to selected Key Features in a range of activities. In addition, all information sheets are
referenced against the activities included.

Staff may find this helpful in the planning and teaching of Analysis of Performance
content. This approach encourages cross-referencing of analysis content in a range of
performance contexts. Staff should appropriately select and combine content to
support learning and teaching.

In addition, a detailed index relating Key Concepts, Key Features, activities, links
between the different Areas of Analysis of Performance, the various types of task
sheet and particular tasks in the Unit Plans will also be published in the near future.

Physical Education: Index to Unit Plans and Concepts (All)                                1
                          GUIDE TO UNIT PLANS:

AREA OF ANALYSIS                                     ACTIVITIES   LEVEL
1. PERFORMANCE                                       Gymnastics   H & Int.2
                                                     Volleyball   H & Int.2

2. PREPARATION OF THE BODY                           Athletics    H

                                                     Football     H & Int.2

                                                     Swimming     H & Int 2

3. SKILLS AND TECHNIQUE                              Badminton    H & Int.2

                                                     Basketball   H & Int.2

                                                     Gymnastics   H

4. STRUCTURES, STRATEGIES                            Basketball   H & Int. 2
                                                     Dance        Int. 2

                                                     Hockey       H & Int.2

                                                     Netball      H

                                                     Tennis       H & Int. 2

RESOURCE PACK                                        Badminton    H & Int. 2

Physical Education: Index to Unit Plans and Concepts (All)                 2
                                       INDEX TO AREAS OF ANALYSIS INFORMATION SHEETS


1. PERFORMANCE                                           Gymnastics                                                     Volleyball
   APPRECIATION                  1.    Performance in relation to its experiential nature       1.   Special nature and challenges of quality
                                 2.    Movement factor analysis of experiences                       performance
     Gymnastics                        gymnastics                                               2.   Setting a quality focus
     Volleyball                  3.    Performance in relation to its public nature             3.   Recognising individual performance levels
                                 4.    Performance in relation to its special challenges        4.   Identifying technical, physical, personal and special
                                 5.    Performance in relation to the essential need to set a        qualities required by players.
                                       quality focus                                            5.   Use of model performers to enhance in performance
                                 6.    A Quality Process Model                                       development
                                 7.    Consideration of Quality                                 6.   Use of feedback to enhance in performance
                                 8.    The Importance of Concentration                               development
                                 9.    Motivational Behaviours                                  7.   Managing stress and reducing anxiety
                                 10.   Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation                       8.   Motivation ; confidence building and influence on
                                 11.   Managing Stress                                               performance
                                 12.   Somatic techniques for controlling stress                9.   A conditioning programme approach
                                 13.   Cognitive techniques for controlling stress
                                 14.   Mental Imagery
                                 15.   Setting your training goals

Physical Education: Index to Unit Plans and Concepts (All)                                                                                             3
2.   PREPARATION OF                          Athletics                               Football                                Swimming
     THE BODY                    1.    Principles of training      1. Performance requirements and related          1.   Target setting
                                 2.    Improving power                 fitness needs                                2.   Physical fitness considerations
     Athletics                   3.    Peaking/target              2. Specific fitness demands of different         3.   Skill related fitness
     Football                          setting/tapering.               roles                                             considerations
     Swimming                    4.    Mental aspects of fitness   3. Setting short term and long term targets      4.   Mental aspects of fitness
                                 5.    Skill related aspects of    4. Physical fitness considerations of            5.   Fitness assessment
                                       fitness                         performance                                  6.   Specificity / overload
                                 6.    Tapering, evaluating and    5. Skill related considerations of
                                       monitoring performance          performance                                  Extension material
                                                                   6. Mental considerations of performance          1. Target setting
                                                                   7. Level and nature of motivation                2. Physical fitness considerations
                                                                   8. Fitness assessment in relation to personal    3. Skill related considerations
                                                                       performance (purpose)                        4. Mental aspects of fitness
                                                                   9. Fitness assessment in relation to personal    5. Fitness assessment
                                                                       performance (principles)                     6. Specificity, overload,
                                                                   10. Fitness assessment in relation to personal      reversibility
                                                                       performance (standard tests)                 7. How to design personal
                                                                   11. Principles and methods of training              training plans
                                                                   12.a Combined fitness training and               8. How to achieve peak
                                                                   & b skill training methods                          performance
                                                                   13.a Planning and implementing                   9. How to monitor and review
                                                                   & b training in pursuit of personal goals,          your progress
                                                                        through phases of training, training
                                                                        cycles and the monitoring of progress.

Physical Education: Index to Unit Plans and Concepts (All)                                                                                           4
3.   SKILLS AND                               Badminton                                 Basketball                           Gymnastics
     TECHNIQUE                   1.    Using models of performance        1. Why gather information about         1. Relevant Methods of Data
                                 2.    Movement analysis P/A/R                your performance?                       Collection
     Badminton                         Overhead Clear                     2. Defining skill and its link to       2. Skills Classification
     Basketball                  3.    Movement analysis using                learning.                           3. Stages of Learning
     Gymnastics                        movement factors                   3. Information processing model.        4. Principles of effective practice.
                                 4.    Stages of skill learning           4. Decision making.                     5. Types of Practice
                                 5.    Principles of effective practice   5. Referring to classification          6. Qualities of Movement
                                 6.    Feedback in performance                models.                             7. Feedback
                                                                          6. Transfer of learning.                8. Motivation
                                                                          7. Learning and performance.            9. Concentration
                                                                          8. Stages of Learning                   10. Reviewing and evaluating
                                                                          9. Methods of practice.                     performance
                                                                          10. Principles of effective practice.
                                                                          11. Motivation.
                                                                          12. Feedback

Physical Education: Index to Unit Plans and Concepts (All)                                                                                         5
4.                               Basketball                       Dance                       Hockey                      Netball                     Tennis
STRUCTURES,              1    Structure / Strategies   1     Performance            1    The importance of       1   Using space in          1   The importance of
                              in Basketball                  requirements in             using space                 attacking and               ‘tempo’ play
STRATEGIES               2    The introduction of            relation to dance.     2    Exemplar Structures         defending the centre    2   Adapting strategy to
AND                           different fast breaks    2     Motif development      3    Exemplar formations         pass                        meet performance
COMPOSITION              3 - The development of        3     Compositional forms    4    Adapting and            2   Adapting and                demands
                         12 different fast breaks      4     The importance of           Varying Strategy To         Varying Strategy To     3   Varying a strategy to
Basketball               13 Team Offence -                   using space                 Suit Some                   Suit Some                   suit performance
                              Cutting                        effectively in              Performance                 Performance                 demands.
Dance                    14 Team Offence                                                 Demands                     Demands
                                                             performance.                                                                    4   How physical
Hockey                        Screening                                             5    The importance of       3   The Importance of           abilities can affect
                                                       5     Variation and
Netball                  15 Team Offence ‘The                                            teamwork                    Group Teamwork              selected structures,
Tennis                        screen and roll’                                      6    Specific                4   Recognising                 strategies and
                                                       6     Recognising
                         16 Developing the                                               requirements of             individual strengths        composition
                                                             individual strengths
                              screen                                                     different roles             and weaknesses          5   Pre planning
                                                             and weaknesses
                         17 Getting free using V                                    7    Principles of play in   5   Pre planning                strategies to meet
                              cuts                     7     How physical                relation to width,          strategies                  performance
                         18 - Half court                     abilities can affect        depth and mobility      6   Relevant rules and          demands
                         21 man to man defence               selected structures,                                    codes of behaviour
                                                                                    8    Set play strategies                                 6   Principles of width,
                         22 - Full court                     strategies and                                      7   Individual decision
                                                                                    9    The importance of                                       depth and mobility.
                         23 man to man defence               composition                                             making in response
                                                                                         evaluating strategies                               7   The importance
                         24 Zone defence               8     A suggested                                             to performance
                                                                                         to influence game                                       during performance
                         25 Adapting strategy                movement                                                demands.
                                                                                         plans                                                   of being continually
                         26 Motivational                     vocabulary                                          8   Adapting and
                                                                                    10   Decision-Making in                                      creative.
                              behaviours               9     Preparing for                                           Refining The
                                                                                         relation to strategy                                8   Decision-Making
                                                             Performance                                             Backline Strategy in
                                                                                                                     response to
                                                                                                                 9   Evaluation of current
                                                                                                                     strategy during

Physical Education: Index to Unit Plans and Concepts (All)                                                                                                         6

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