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Children Advocacy Center


									Children’s Advocacy Center
                          of Laredo-Webb County

                                                                         Fall 2011

  Elizabeth Smart
 Tells Story of Hope
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                       resisting aggression defensively KIDS
            Youth Empowerment Safety Education
                Breaking the Cycle of Violence and Victimization
111 North Merida Laredo, Texas 78043 • (956) 712-1840 Fax (956) 712-1844
PAGE 2                                                                                                                   CHILDREN’S ADVOCACY CENTER

Message from the Executive Director
                                                  Sylvia Bruni - Executive Director
                                        Children’s Advocacy Center of Laredo-Webb County
                                       was deeply troubled over a phenom-      prosecution of the predator, if the       ed by a former police officer,
                                       enon that was fast approaching epi-     case warrants it.                         Stephen Daley, and endorsed by the
                                       demic proportions, a dramatic               But much remains to be done,          Elizabeth Smart Foundation, teach-
                                       increase in the number of outcries      and as much as we might wish to           es children how to be safe by
                                       of child abuse and an equally obvi-     deny it, child molestation is a harsh     empowering them with real skills
                                       ous lack of coordinated support for     reality in all our communities,           and a pro-active mind set that does
                                       these little ones. And….they were       including our own. Few of us are          far more that simply tell children to
                                       determined to address it. What fol-     aware that 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 7 boys   be safe.
                                       lowed this call to action was remark-   will be molested before age 18. A             Essentially, this year’s publica-
   n previous community messages, able, and by 1995, the Children’s            typical molester will abuse 30-60         tion is designed to educate the

I  we have spotlighted the dramatic Advocacy Center of Laredo-Webb
   benefits that came from those County was serving children who
first advocates, chief amongst them had been victimized,over 6800 chil-
                                                                               children before being arrested, 58%
                                                                               of these predators molested as chil-
                                                                               dren. Equally disturbing, almost one
                                                                                                                         community about the realities that
                                                                                                                         surround child abuse and also
                                                                                                                         about the importance of arming
former D.A.Joe Rubio & current D.A. dren in the last sixteen years.Today,      half of all sex offenders are under       our children with the real-world
Isidro Alaniz,Laredo and United ISD, children who outcry to abuse, 99%         age 18.                                   tools needed to protect them-
Child Protective Services, Laredo of them victimized by someone that               This year,our CAC,along with the      selves against unexpected aggres-
Police Department, Webb and they know, are assured an array of                 multi-disciplinary team of partner        sion, especially critical if they are
Zapata County Sheriffs, and the services, offered by a multi-discipli-         agencies who work on behalf of our        away from a protective adult and
County Attorney, who sought to nary team of caring professionals               children’s safety, has banded             access to a safe place. We are very
bring relief to the countless children whose services range from the care-     together once again to support a          proud of the work that our CAC and
that had been victimized by abuse, fully constructed investigation of          remarkable program that has               its MDT partners do on behalf of
over 80% of them subjected to sex- the allegation, supportive advocacy         gained national attention as a child      our community’s children, and we
ual assault.                           for all social/medical services mer-    safety model. radKIDS (resisting          want you to be a pro-active part of
    This group of community leaders ited, counseling and therapy, and          aggression defensively KIDS),creat-       it as well.

                                                                               Children’s Advocacy Center of Laredo-Webb County
                                                                                                Advisory Board
                                                                                Isidro Alaniz                Linda LaMantia
                                                                                Adrianna Barrera              Dalia Martinez
                                                                                Terri Deutsch             Michelle Raymond
                                                                                Tom Gates                   Cordelia Valdez
                                                                                Rita Garner                     Juan J. Cruz
                                                                                           Mary Lamar Leyendecker
Art by CAC children                                                            On the cover: Future radKID® Dominic Perez,student from Zaffirini Elementary.

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CHILDREN’S ADVOCACY CENTER                                                                                                                         PAGE 3

The Children’s Advocacy Center
   PROTECTING OUR CHILDREN SINCE 1995                                             PROTEJIENDO ANUESTROS NIÑOS DESDE 1995
                        Mission Statement                                                                   Misión Oficial
   “To break the cycle of child abuse through community education,train-            “Romper el círculo de abuso a través de educación
ing and prevention and to allow the child opportunities for healing through      co-munitaria, entrenamiento y prevención y permitir al niño(a) oportu-
intervention in a child sensitive environment.”                                  nidades de curación a través de la inter-vención en un ambiente sensi-
   The Children’s Advocacy Center of Laredo – Webb County is a non-              ble al menor de edad”.
profit organization that provides training, prevention, intervention and            Children’s Advocacy Center of Laredo-Webb County (Centro de
treatment services to fight and eradicate child abuse and neglect.               Apoyo de Laredo-Condado de Webb) es una organización sin fines de
                                                                                 lucro que provee entre-namiento, prevención, intervención y servicios
                     What CAC Centers do:                                        de tra-tamiento para pelear y erradicar el abuso infantil y ne-gligencia.
• Create a safe place for a child to disclose abuse.
• Co-ordinate with partner agencies so child does not repeat or relive trauma.
                                                                                                         Lo que CAC hace:
• Provide individual, family and group counseling sessions to child vic-         • Crear un lugar seguro para que un niño revele un abuso.
  tims and their non-offending family members who have suffered as a             • Coordinarse con agencias socias para que un menor no repita ó
  result of sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect and domestic violence.           reviva su trauma.
• Conduct forensic videotaped interviews only once to obtain details             • Proveer sesiones de asesoría individual, familiar y de grupo para
  of the alleged abuse.                                                            víctimas infantiles y sus familiares no involucrados quienes han
• Review cases for potential prosecution of the alleged perpetrators,              sufrido como un resultado de abuso sexual, abuso físico, negligen-
  resulting in justice meted out when merited.                                     cia y violencia doméstica.
• Facilitate the completion of client victim compensation applications and       • Realizar entrevistas forenses video grabadas solamente una vez
  referrals to other needed services.                                              para obtener detalles del supuesto abuso.
• Provide community presentations and trainings on topics focusing               • Revisar casos para acusación potencial del supuesto autor del
  on child abuse.                                                                  crimen, resultando en justicia impuesta cuando se amerite.
                                                                                 • Facilitar la conclusión de las solicitudes de compensación de la víctima-
                                                                                   cliente y referencias a otros servicios necesarios
                                                                                 • Proveer presentaciones comunitarias y entrenamientos sobre
                                                                                   temas enfocados sobre el abuso infantil.

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PAGE 4                                                                                                                              CHILDREN’S ADVOCACY CENTER

 Children’s Advocacy Center of Laredo-Webb County
      2011-2012 Board of Directors   Lorraine Laurel - President
                                     Linda Howland - President Elect
                                                                                                                          Minnie Dora Bunn Haynes - Immediate
                                                                                                                           Past President
                                                                                                                          Nancy De Anda - Vice President
                                                                                                                          Leslie Mims - Parliamentarian
                                                                                                                          Juan Castillo - Treasurer
                                                                                                                          Annabelle Hall - Secretary
                                                                                                                          Peter Arredondo - Agency Rep.
                                                                                                                          Ramon Villafranca - Agency Rep.
                                                                                                                          Gabriel E. Martinez, Jr. - Agency Rep.
                                                                                                                          Jeffrey Czar - Agency Rep.
                                                                                                                          Griselda Prado - Agency Rep.
Standing left to right: Peter Arredondo, Viviana Frank, Janice Gonzalez, Cristina Alexander, Daniela Consigliere, Adriana Maddox, Mary Freeman, Juan J. Castillo, Griselda
Prado, Ramon Villarreal, Kimberly Tijerina, Minnie Dora Bunn Haynes, Gabriel Martinez. Seated left to right: Linda Howland, Annabelle Hall, Lorraine Laurel, Leslie Mims and
Nancy De Anda.

 Message from the President of the Board
                          Lorraine Laurel 2011-2012
      he Children's Advocacy                   The Board, along with our local          Instead, the Center’s Forensic

T     Center of Laredo-Webb
      County proudly opened its
doors in 1995 in a small building.
                                            public school systems, are invalu-
                                            able advisors contributing their
                                            time to making our Center suc-
                                                                                        Interviewer, Licensed Professional
                                                                                        Counselor, Psychologist, Child
                                                                                        Advocate, Victims Services
Today it calls home a unique facil-         cessful.                                    Coordinator and Office Staff are
ity funded in 2007 by the Lamar                Our CAC’s mission is unique:             exceptional in meeting the sensi-
Bruni Vergara Trust. Not only is it a       to stop the cycle of child abuse            tive critical needs of our children,
beautiful structure, it is also a           and to educate the Community                in assuring interventions that pro-
place where our most fragile citi-          about this terrible abuse and neg-          vide a sense of hope and healing
zens, children victimized by                lect of our children, and our               of our young children.
abuse, are provided a tranquil and          donors and partners are our                   The Center is also extremely for-        excellence of our Center as a life-
serene environment in which they            strongest supporters of this wor-           tunate to have as our Executive            saving place for children who have
can heal and find justice.                  thy mission.                                Director, Sylvia Bruni, a dedicated        suffered from abuse and neglect
  The CAC’s work is made possible                Our Center provides a place            professional who has in her four           and as a role model for other
by many generous donors and                 where children who have suffered            years with the CAC guided it to a          Centers in our State.
partners who believe in our                 abuse and neglect can heal, phys-           new and exciting level, as a Center           And….when I say our Center, I
Mission. Board members are                  ically, emotionally, spiritually. It is     worthy of national recognition.            mean OUR CENTER, a safe and
comprised of concerned citizens,            a hopeful place where they recoup               As I follow in the steps of prior      healing place where we all collab-
as well as partner agency mem-              their childhood again. Center               Board Presidents, especially our           orate to stop child abuse in our
bers such as the District Attorney,         Staff provides a safe environment           immediate Past President, Minnie           community. Drop by and visit our
Webb County Attorney, Police and            where the child does not relive the         Dora Haynes, I hope to continue            CAC and you too will be as proud
Sheriff Departments and Child               painful trauma over and over by             strengthening, along with my fel-          as we are. Together let us Stop
Protective Services.                        having to retell the ordeal.                low Board Members and Staff, the           Child Abuse And Violence!

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CHILDREN’S ADVOCACY CENTER                                                                                                                 PAGE 5

 Children’s Advocacy Center of Laredo-Webb County History
      ince its inception in 1995, the CAC has

S     worked to provide a safe and secure
      venue for child victims of domestic vio-
lence and/or abuse. Responding to the call of
then Webb County District Attorney Joe Rubio,
a group of Laredoans involved in children’s
services was brought together to address the
growing number of child abuse cases that his
office was receiving. The goal was to create a
system that would respond to these outcries in
a manner that would lessen the trauma for
every young victim.
    Since that first call to action, The CAC has
treated over 6800 young victims of abuse, the
vast majority of these being sexual abuse vic-
tims, as well as treated their peers and non-
offending family members. Today, the Center
offers a full range of services in a state-of-the-
art facility, inaugurated in 2007 and fully fund-
ed through the generosity of the Lamar Bruni
Vergara Trust.                                       perpetrators. In 16 years, great strides have   caring manner. These comprehensive, team-
    Under the leadership of Isidro, “Chilo,”         been made to bring justice to cases involving   based services, ultimately lead to the healing
Alaniz, the District Attorney’s Office now has       child abuse. Dedicated professionals and vol-   of the child and his/her non-offending fami-
three assistant district attorneys dedicated         unteers continue to meet the needs of child     ly as well as the prosecution of the alleged
to the prosecution of alleged child abuse            victims and their families in a sensitive and   perpetrator.

                                                                  Art by CAC children

                                                                                                     Visit us on the web @ WWW.CACLAREDO.ORG
PAGE 6                                                                                                                CHILDREN’S ADVOCACY CENTER

  Advocacy Center
  of Laredo-Webb
    County Staff
Standing left to right: Amanda Aleman, Juan
Castro, Ruby Benavides, Lupita Martinez, Janeth
Guerra, Veronica Valdez. Seated left to right:
Marta Ezparza, Sylvia Bruni & Fina Medel.

Services Rendered by Children’s Advocacy Center of Laredo-Webb County
  FORENSIC INTERVIEWS                       V
                                       ENTREVISTAS FORENSICAS
   Forensic Interviews are con-            Las entrevistas forenses son real-
ducted in a child friendly interview   izadas en una sala de entrevistas de
room equipped with a hidden            ambiente amigable a los niños con
camera and microphone. The             una cámara y micró-fono escondi-
trained interviewer assists the        dos. El entrevistador entrenado
child to disclose the facts as they    ayuda al menor a revelar los hechos
relate to the alleged abuse. The       como se relaciona al supuesto abuso.
forensic interviewers receive          Los entrevistadores forenses reciben
extensive training and support in      un entrenamiento extensivo y apoyo
order to work with children who        a fin de trabajar con niños quienes
have been allegedly abused.            han sido su-puestamente abusados.

                                                                                           THERAPY                             LA TERAPIA
                                                                                    Therapy is provided by a             La Terapia es proveída por un
                                                                                licensed professional counselor.      orientador profesional con licen-
                                                                                The therapist provides counsel-       cia. El terapeuta provee ori-
                                                                                ing to the non-offending family       entación a los familiares no-impli-
                                                                                members of the sexually abused        cados del menor abusado sexual-
                                                                                child as well as children and their   mente así como a los niños y sus
                                                                                families who are victims of other     familias quienes son víctimas de
                                                                                forms of abuse, domestic vio-         otras formas de abuso, violencia
                                                                                lence, kidnapping, drugs, and         doméstica, secues-tro, drogas, y
                                                                                other crimes that may negatively      otros crímenes que pudieran afec-
                                                                                affect the families. All services     tar negativamente a las familias.
                                                                                are provided at no cost to the        Todos los servicios se proveen sin
TAMIU Volunteer Counselor Interns Michelle Flores and Angie Carrera.            families.                             costo para las familias.

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CHILDREN’S ADVOCACY CENTER                                                                                                                    PAGE 7

                                                                              VICTIMS ASSISTANCE                 SERVICIOS DE ASISTENCIA
                                                                                   SERVICES                            A VÍCTIMAS
                                                                              Victims Assistance Services            Los Servicios de Asistencia a
                                                                          are facilitated by a Victims           Víctimas son facilitados por un
                                                                          Services Coordinator (VSC). The        Coordinador de Servicios a Víctimas
                                                                          VSC assists families by complet-       (VSC, por sus siglas en inglés). El
                                                                          ing the Victim’s Compensation          VSC ayuda a las familias a llenar la
                                                                          Application which will assist with     Solicitud de Compensación de la
                                                                          costs related to the alleged           Víctima la cual ayuda con los costos
                                                                          abuse or crime. The VSC also           relacionados al supuesto abuso ó
                                                                          provides social service related        crimen. El VSC también provee ser-
                                                                          assistance to ensure the non-          vicio social relacionado a asistencia
                                                                          offending family members and           para asegurar que los familiares no-
                                                                          the victim receive proper assis-       implicados y la víctima reciban asis-
                                                                          tance to get through the trauma        tencia apropiada para sobrellevar el
                                                                          of the abuse.                          trauma de abuso.

     CHILD ADVOCACY                       APOYO AL MENOR
    Child Advocacy is facilitated       Apoyo al Menor es facilitado
by a Child Advocate who famil-      por un Abogado Infantil quien se
iarizes the child victim with the   familiariza con la víctima menor
                                    de edad con las entrevistas
forensic interview, the investi-
                                    forenses, la investigación del
gation of the alleged abuse,        supuesto abuso, tratamiento y
treatment and services avail-       servicios disponibles para el
able to the child and the non-      menor y los familiares no-implica-
offending family, and the trial     dos, y el proceso de juicio. Por
process. For example, the Child     ejemplo, el Abogado Infantil, junto
Advocate, along with the child      con el menor y su familia no-impli-
                                    cada participa en un simulacro de
and his/her non-offending fami-
                                    juicio antes de presentarse en el
ly, participate in a mock trial     juicio real. Esto se hace para
before appearing at the real        aminorar los miedos que como
trial. This is done to alleviate    menor de edad se pudiera tener
fears a child may have prior to     antes de la fecha para presentarse
the court date.                     en la corte.

                COUNSELING & ASSESSMENTS                                                  ORIENTACIÓN & EVALUACIONES
   Counseling & Assessments         gist also develops a treatment            Orientación y Evaluaciones son     namiento para el menor en partic-
are conducted by a licensed psy-    plan for the individual child.        realizadas por un psicólogo con        ular.
chologist. The psychologist con-    Psychological services are pro-       licencia. El psicólogo realiza eval-      Los servicios psicológicos son
                                                                          uaciones para ayudar en la inves-      proveídos para familias sin costo
ducts assessments to assist in      vided to families at no cost.
                                                                          tigación del caso donde se han         alguno. El tratamiento puede tam-
the investigation of a case where   Treatment can also be on-going        revelado acusaciones de abuso          bién se puede desarrollar por
allegations of sexual abuse have    for as long as the child is in need   sexual. El psicólogo también           tanto tiempo como el menor
been disclosed. The psycholo-       of counseling.                        desarrolla un plan de entre-           necesite la orientación.

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PAGE 8                                                                                        CHILDREN’S ADVOCACY CENTER

                                                          PLAY DAYS
                                             The Children’s Advocacy Center hosts
                                          monthly Play Days for its young clients to
                                          familiarize them with the friendly environ-
                                          ment provided by the Center’s Staff. Colorful
                                          and comforting play areas and theme-based
                                          events are monthly reminders to our children
                                          that life can still be joyful.
                                             Parents meet in a separate space, at the
                                          same time, in Parent Support Sessions that
                                          focus on topics of special interest to them.
                                             Play Days and Parent Support Sessions
                                          are held simultaneously to familiarize the
                                          child and the non-offending family with the   Volunteers from Kohl’s Department Store
                                          caring environment at the Children’s offer their time to assist with kids activities at
                                          Advocacy Center                                        the Children’s Advocacy Center.

   A vital component of the
healing process for both child
victims and the non-offending
family members is access to a
forum where they can share
their concerns and receive sup-
port from their peers.
   The       CAC’s      Licensed
Professional Counselor pro-
vides Parent Support Sessions,
where parents can share their
experiences with others who are
there to listen and to help.

                                                                                COMMUNITY EDUCATION OUTREACH
                                                                                  Inspired by a mission statement that recog-
                                                                              nizes community education as a powerful means
                                                                              for breaking the cycle of child abuse, the CAC and
                                                                              its partner agencies make frequent appearances
                                                                              throughout the community. Among their primary
                                                                              audiences are educators and other school system
                                                                              employees, those individuals to whom children in
                                                                              crisis often turn to when they realize that their
                                                                              homes are not safe places. Other special pro-
                                                                              grams are uniquely designed for school children
                                                                              and teenagers and for parents.

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CHILDREN’S ADVOCACY CENTER                                                                                                                                                  PAGE 9

It Takes A Community To Protect Our Children

Standing left to right: Alonzo Olivarez,Ana Munoz, Dr. Greg Pina, Lupita Martinez, Greg Gutierrez,Juan Castro,Jessica Villarreal,Anali Vargas, Stephanie Gaona. Seating left to right:
Silvia Morales, Veronica Valdez, Sylvia Bruni, Luis Martinez and Amanda Aleman

             The Multidisciplinary Team (MDT)                                                             Equipo de Revisión Multidisciplinaria
    The MDT is a group of diverse agencies consisting of Laredo                                    El MDT es un grupo conformado por diversas agencias, como son el
Police Department, Webb and Zapata County Sheriffs’                                            Departa-mento de Policía de Laredo, los Departamentos del Alguacil
Departments, Laredo Independent School District Police                                         del Condado de Webb y Zapata, el Departamento de Policía de Laredo
Department, United Independent School District Police                                          Independent School District, el Departamento de Policía de United
Department, District Attorney’s Office, County Attorney’s                                      Independent School District, la Oficina del Fiscal de Distrito, la Oficina
Office, Child Protective Services, Doctors Hospital SANE                                       del Abogado del Condado, los Servicios de Protección Infantil, y per-
Program, Dr. Amando Garza, and CAC staff.                                                      sonal de CAC.
    On a weekly basis, the MDT reviews cases of children who                                       Semanalmente, el MDT revisa casos de niños quienes supuesta-
have been allegedly abused. Discussions of these cases are                                     mente han sido abusados. Discusiones de estos casos son llevados a
held to determine if there is enough evidence to pursue prose-                                 cabo para determinar si hay evidencia suficiente para perseguir una
cution against the alleged perpetrator and/or to assure that all                               acusación contra el acusado como autor del crimen y/o para asegurar
relevant services are being provided to the child victim and the                               que todos los servicios relevantes están siendo proveídos a la víctima
non-offending family members. The MDT plays a vital role in                                    menor de edad y los familiares no-implicados.
bringing cases to justice and in providing the child and the fam-                                  El MDT juega un rol vital en llevar casos ante la justicia y en proveer
ily with a full array of services designed to facilitate the healing                           al menor y la familia con toda una se-rie de servicios destinados a facil-
process.                                                                                       itar el proceso de curación.

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PAGE 10                                                                         CHILDREN’S ADVOCACY CENTER

          Breaking the Cycle of Violence and Victimization
           Outcome: The Community Role Model and Leader to Peers -
          (Being all you can be) Change in community culture and climate.

          The Empowered Child - radKIDS® rule #3: “It’s not my fault.” How
              DARE you try to hurt me! Potential to “Never be a victim.”

       Physical Resistance to Violence/Self-actualization of Personal
      Skills - radKIDS® rule #2: “I don’t have the right to hurt anyone else
     unless they are hurting me.” The ability to stop assault physically with
                         intention to escape, not harm.

     Verbal and Positional Conflict Resolution - Practicing steps to carry
        out planned responses through activity-based drills on the fly.

       Personal Context - (Through the eyes of the child) Realization of              radKIDS®
      capacity to confront fear, trust instincts, problem solve and make a             Mentor
                        realistic plan to conquer them.                                Change
      Self-Value/Self-Worth - radKIDS® rule #1: “No one has the right to
      hurt me because I am special.” Develop a positive/optimistic view of
             self and confidence in child’s strengths and abilities.

     Personal Experience Enviromental Context/Education - The Child
      learns what is going on in the environment. (Learning by seeing).
      Learning is created by others: family, faith, environmental conse-
                          quences. (Street Smarts).

                                    The Child

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CHILDREN’S ADVOCACY CENTER                                                                                                                    PAGE 11

It has been said, “It’s not what happens to you in life, but how you handle it that makes us who we are.”
While this may be true, without the foundational skill set to achieve a survivor mindset (resiliency) many
     children and adults fail to recover from the violence and victimization experienced in their lives.

          e know all too well that children who                                                        options and choices, not based on a list of Do’s

W         are victims of or witnesses to vio-
          lence are at an increased risk for
delinquency, adult criminality, and violent
                                                                                                       and Don’ts. The radKIDS® instructor will then
                                                                                                       help students create their own plans
                                                                                                       (radKIDS® Plans) and strategies to deal with
behavior. It also places children at significant                                                       the challenge.
risk for substance abuse, mental illness, and                                                             The radKIDS® curriculum is multi sensory
suicide.                                                                                               and activity based. Every cognitive concept
   Intervening in the lives of children before a                                                       talked about is followed up with a radKIDS®
child is victimized or before negative patterns                                                        Drill-On-the-Fly®. Children are presented with a
of behavior, low self-esteem, or damaged char-                                                         risk scenario that they must navigate through
acter are established may be the only real                                                             and find their way back to safety. By experienc-
opportunity to create change and break the                                                             ing the situation and successfully navigating
cycle of violence in our children’s lives.                                                             the drill, the children gain confidence that not
   Children need to know that their lives and                                                          only will the strategy work, they have proven
well-being are critically important to us all. As                                                      that “It will work for me!” That is
advocates, educators and parents it is “our                                                            Empowerment.
responsibility” to let children know that their                                                           The true gift of the radKIDS® Personal
safety is “OUR priority.”                                                                              Empowerment Safety Education model for
   radKIDS® trains child advocates and educa-                                                          change is preventing a child from becoming a
tors to provide a locally based, safe, develop-                                                        “victim”. No, we cannot guarantee that some-
mental environment for the children in their                                                           one will not try to hurt them, but we can help
own community. The radKIDS® curriculum is                                                              them become “survivors” of violence and vic-
anchored in enhancing a child’s self-value and                                                         timization and in fact achievers in our world.
self-worth.Without first realizing they are valu-                                                         It is not what happens to you, but how you
able persons, children are not prepared to          introduced, it’s consistently enhanced with        handle it that makes you who you are.
embrace the opportunity to protect them-            careful mentoring and guidance by certified        radKIDS® breaks the cycle of violence and
selves. radKIDS® instructors build self value       instructors who look at risk through the eyes of   builds a better and safer world one child at a
through the context of personal safety.             the child. The mentor guides the development       time.
   Once the core foundation of self-value is        of positive decision making skills, through           Visit for more information.

                                                                                                       Visit us on the web @ WWW.CACLAREDO.ORG
PAGE 12                                                                                                                  CHILDREN’S ADVOCACY CENTER

   Smart: Portrait of a survivor
      lizabeth Smart, who was kid-   give up on finding a missing child.   the mission we work towards                  University student became an

E     napped in 2002 and missing
      for nine months, will be in
Laredo for the 13th Annual Child
                                        “This will be a story of hope
                                     that we all need to hear.” says
                                     Sylvia Bruni, Executive Director of
                                                                           every day.”
                                                                               Smart was abducted from her
                                                                           Salt Lake City home, according to
                                                                                                                        ABC News contributor to com-
                                                                                                                        ment on missing child cases.
                                                                                                                        Smart also recently created the
Abuse Prevention Conference in       the Children’s Advocacy Center.       her accounts, with a knife held to           Elizabeth Smart Foundation to
April of 2012 to tell delegates      “In our field of work we hear one     her neck, in June of 2002 when               help protect children. Smart has
about her "sojourn into hell" and    tragic story after another.           she was 14 years old. She was res-           also teamed with the radKIDS
urge community leaders and law       Elizabeth Smart’s story is a          cued after someone spotted her               organization to bring awareness
enforcement officials to never       morale booster and strengthens        with abductors Brian David                   and education to children through
                                                                           Mitchell and his wife, Wanda                 a program focused on teaching
                                                                           Eileen Barzee, in Sandy, Utah, in            children preparedness against
                                                                           March 2003.                                  potential abductors and abusers.
                                                                               Smart testified against the                  Not all stories of abduction
                                                                           abductors: Mitchell, a street                have a happy ending, but
                                                                           preacher that Smart's family had             Elizabeth Smart’s is one that con-
                                                                           hired as a handy man to repair               tinues to give families of abducted
                                                                           their leaky roof, was sentenced to           children along with law enforce-
                                                                           life in prison in May. Barzee                ment officials who work on those
                                                                           received a 15-year sentence.                 cases the faith and strength to
                                                                               In July, the Brigham Young               search for those still missing.

                                                                                                                    Photo by Jennifer Dobner | Associated Press
                                                                           Elizabeth Smart and her father Ed Smart talk to the media in front of the Frank E. Moss
                                                                           Federal Courthouse Wednesday in Salt Lake City. Smart's kidnapper, Brian David
                                                                           Mitchell, was sentenced to life in prison.

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CHILDREN’S ADVOCACY CENTER                                                                                                 PAGE 13

  “ItTakes a WholeTeam to
       Protect a Child”
 13th Annual Child Abuse Prevention Conference
           Children’s Advocacy Center of Laredo-Webb County
                     Monday, April 16, 2012
                  United ISD-Student Activity Center
                                                SPEAKER BIOGRAPHIES
 • Elizabeth Smart, Keynote Address: “You’re Not Alone: The Journey from Abduction to Empowerment.”
 • Victor Vieth, National Child Protection Training Center: Keynote Address: “Unto the Third Generation: A bold ini-
   tiative that outlines the necessary steps that we must take to eliminate child abuse in America in three generations.”
 • Victor Vieth, National Child Protection Training Center: “Conducting a Peer Review with an Eye toward
   Corroborating Evidence.”
 • Stephen Daley, M.Ed. CEO radKIDS®: “radKIDS® - A personal empowerment safety & life skills educational program
   that is a revolutionary and effective tool in the everyday battle against violence and victimization in our children’s lives.”
 • Cory Jewell Jensen, M.S., Co-Director, Center for Behavioral Intervention in Beaverton, Oregon: “Protecting
   Your Children: Advice from Child Molesters.”
 • Julie Brand, M.S., CAPER Consulting: Child Abuse Prevention Education and Recovery. “Resiliency 101: From
   Victim to Survivor.”
 • Dr. Matthew Cox, M.D., Co-Director of the REACH Program at Children’s Medical Center Dallas: “The 5 B’s of
   Child Physical and Sexual Abuse.”

               Pre-Registration starts January 2012
                         Registration Fee: $75
                          Early Bird Special: Register three and one is FREE
                FREE CEU’s for early registrants. (Late registrants will pay $10 for CEU’s)
                     Call: (956) 712-1840 or email:
                                                                                        Visit us on the web @ WWW.CACLAREDO.ORG
PAGE 14                                                                                  CHILDREN’S ADVOCACY CENTER

 2010-2011 CAC Client Statistics
                                                              New Clients                  481           89.74%
                                                              Repeats                      55            10.26%

                                                              Male                         194           36.19%
 36.19%                                                       Female                       342           63.81%

                      45.52%                                           Age Groups
                                                              Ages 2-5                     116           21.64%
                                           32.84%             Ages 6-12                    244           45.52%
                                                              Ages 13-17                   176           32.84%
 21.64%                                                       18 & over w/disabilities     0             0.00%

                                 32.04%                       Services Rendered
                                                              Forensic Interview           537           34.76%
                 22.91%                                       Victims Crimes Appl.         354           22.91%
                                                              Gift Room                    495           32.04%
                                                              Referral/Social/Fam. Svcs    159           10.29%
                                                  10.29%                                   1545

                                                              Sexual Abuse                 392           73.13%
                                                              Physical Abuse               94            17.54%
                                                              Child Witness                20            3.73%
                                                              Other                        18            3.36%
                                                              Sexual & Physical            11            2.05%
                                                              Child At Risk                1             0.19%
           17.54%    3.73%      3.36%     2.05%       0.19%                                536
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CHILDREN’S ADVOCACY CENTER                                             PAGE 15

       Alleged Perpetrator
   Relationship to Child Victim
     BIOLOGICAL MOTHER           18                    5.73%
     BIOLOGICAL FATHER           54                    17.20%
     STEP-MOTHER                 1                     0.32%
     STEP-FATHER                 39                    12.42%
     ADOPTIVE OR FOSTER MOTHER   0                     0.00%
     ADOPTIVE OR FOSTER FATHER   3                     0.96%
     PARAMOUR OF MOTHER          21                    6.69%
     PARAMOUR OF FATHER          1                     0.32%
     FEMALE SIBLING              0                     0.00%
     MALE SIBLING                16                    5.10%
     FEMALE STEP SIBLING         1                     0.32%
     MALE STEP SIBLING           5                     1.59%
     OTHER RELATIVE              61                    19.43%
     KNOWN NON-RELATIVE          93                    29.62%
     STRANGER                    1                     0.32%
     UNKNOWN                     0                     0.00%
     TOTAL                       314                   100.00%
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PAGE 16                                                                                       CHILDREN’S ADVOCACY CENTER

  Children’s Advocacy Center of Laredo-Webb County Donors
          Amerigroup Texas, Inc.                Fernando D Laurel III Memorial Fund                 Mina Hachar
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        Arturo Benavides Family               Guadalupe & Lilia Martinez Foundation                  Rosie Hearn
                AT&T Texas                        Henri D. Kahn Insurance Service               Sam's Club #8156
      B.P. Newman Investment Co.                         Hoffen Foundation              Schneider National Foundation, Inc.
           BBVA Compass Bank                                 IBC-Laredo
                                                                                         South Texas Outreach Foundation
             CAC of Texas, Inc.                                                            The Lamar Bruni Vergara Trust
                                                     Janice & Arnulfo Gonzalez
        Carranco & Lawson, CPA                                                        The Laredo Area Community Foundation
                                                           Joe Brand Inc.
               City of Laredo                                                                   Tom & Diane Gates
                                                  Kohl's Department Store# 1059
              County of Webb                                                                 The Meadows Foundation
                                                    Laredo Gateway Rotary Club
         D.D. Hachar Foundation                Laredo Webb County Bar Association             The Prairie Foundation
            Deutsch & Deutsch                      Leyendecker Construction Co.              The United Way of Laredo
      Escamilla, Poneck & Cruz Inc.            Matias De Llano Charitable Trust Fund    Webb County Sheriff Martin Cuellar
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 Fernando A. Salinas Charitable Trust         Alphapoint Investment Mgmt.-JackAvigael        Zaffirini Communications

                         If you would like to become a part of the community effort to protect
                               our children, please send your tax deductible donation to
      The Children’s Advocacy Center of Laredo – Webb County
                            111 North Merida
                          Laredo, Texas 78043
                                  To discuss donor opportunities, please contact
                                     Sylvia Bruni at 956-712-1840
                            or on-line at

                           Child Protective Services - 1 (800) 252-5400
                           Laredo Police Department - (956) 795-2800
                        Webb County Sheriff’s Department - (956) 523-4500
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