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									                    SUPREME COURT COMMITTEE ON
                          Thursday and Friday, August 18-19, 2005
                              Florida Supreme Court Building

                                    M I N U T E S

Judge Robert Morris, Chair                         Mr. Carlos Martinez
Judge Scott Bernstein                              Ms. Angela Orkin
Judge John Cooper                                  Judge James E.C. Perry
Judge Robert Evans                                 Mr. Ted McFetridge
Judge Marci Goodman                                Judge Sue Robbins
Judge Hugh Hayes                                   Mr. Kent Spuhler
Ms. Jeanne Howard                                  Ms. Josie Tamayo
Magistrate Jon Johnson                             Ms. Mary Vanden Brook
Judge Judith Kreeger                               Judge Waddell Wallace
Mr. Evan Marks                                     Ms. Jean-Adel Williams
                                                   Ms. Claudia Wright

Guests included Darrell Olson from the Department of Juvenile Justice and Thomas Mato from
the Department of Revenue.

Committee members who could not attend were:

Judge Catherine Green                       Mr. Anthony Schembri
Ms. Marsha Freeman                          Judge Irene Sullivan
Judge Kathleen Kroll                        Dr. James Zingale

Judge Robert Morris, chair, convened the meeting shortly after 1:00 pm on August 18th by
welcoming the members. The committee is smaller in number now that the term was up for
several members in July. Members rotating off of the committee are: Judge Dawson, Judge
Evander, Judge McNeal, Judge Starnes, Judge Tepper and Carol Ortman.

Judge Morris stated that the subcommittees would be restructured according to projects related
to the committee charges. Previous subcommittees could finish working on their projects
today as well as begin work on the new subcommittee. Committee members will volunteer for
the workgroup of their choice, and may be on more than one workgroup due to their expertise
in several areas. The workgroups, chair, staff, and members are as follows:

Workgroup Assignments:

   1.      Develop a guidebook on necessary case management practices for all UFC case
           types. (Charge 4)
             - Chair:        Judge Scott Bernstein
             - Staff:        Sandy Neidert and Dana Dowling
             - Members: Jeanne Howard, Mary Vanden Brook

   2.      Finalize the Dependency Brochure for printing and distribution. (Charge 1)
              -   Chair:   Judge Irene Sullivan
              -   Staff:   Christopher Hill, Avron Bernstein
              -   Members: Josie Tamayo, Angela Orkin, Ron Johnson, Judge Sue Robbins

   3.      Design methods for engaging community stakeholders in UFC through
           FLAGs, and create an implementation plan. (Charge 2)
             - Chair:      Judge Sue Robbins
             - Staff:      John Couch, Aaron Gerson, Nathan Moon
             - Members: Judge Hugh Hayes

   4.      Develop a manual and training plan for judges and court staff on domestic
           violence injunctions in UFC cases in light of the statutory changes brought
           about by Family Court Efficiency Bill. (Charge 6)
             - Chair:        Judge Judy Kreeger
             - Staff:        Dana Dowling, Joanne Snair
             - Members: Judge James Perry, Judge John Cooper, Jean-Adel Williams

                              Dependency Reassessment Update

Christopher Hill and Roderick Harris gave a presentation on the Dependency Reassessment
Update. Their presentation included background on the Dependency Reassessment and the use
of the Court Improvement Program, a federally funded program that was available to all fifty
states to determine how the court handles abuse, neglect, foster care an adoption cases. They
also spoke about the recommendation of the 1997 assessment, changes to Chapter 39, judicial
education and training, and how to be involved.

                          2005 Legislative Update and 2006 Preview

Brenda Johnson made a presentation on the 2005 Legislative Update and 2006 Preview.
Carolyn Chung, staff attorney with the Senate Judiciary Committee also attended the meeting
and provided related information. John Cook presented on SB 348 relating to the unique
identifier issue. Currently the driver’s license is considered the unique identifier because it is a
uniform number. John said to e-mail him if you want to receive more information on this
issue. Brenda talked about the interim projects and stressed the importance of surveys as
having an effect on future legislation.

Judge Scott Bernstein had the committee review the draft Notice of related Cases Form and
instructions for the form. He said the form won’t capture all pending cases, but that it would
capture most of the pending cases, and this is a great starting place. After deliberating on some
of the language, committee decided to change the wording from ___________ to

                  Overview of the Office of Court Improvement Initiatives

Christopher Hill gave an overview of the Office of Court Improvement (OCI) Initiatives. Now
that Patricia Badland and Patricia Matthews have taken position elsewhere, there are eighteen
staff members in OCI. The primary initiatives include: child support, delinquency,
dependency, domestic violence, JCMIS, pro se, treatment bases drug courts and unified family
court. He closed with the OCI mission statement that captures three primary components:
research and analysis; publications; and implementation reforms.

                        Update on DV Case Management Guidelines

Joanne Snair gave an update on the DV Case Management Guidelines. The prototype began as
a smaller piece, but Patricia Badland saw it as a large publication similar to the benchbook for
case managers. It currently has reached 80 pages and the first draft is out for review. Please
let Joanne known if you want to be a part of the review process.

                      Update on the Juvenile Rule of Procedure 8.257

Avron Bernstein provided an update on the Juvenile Rule of Procedure 8.257. The new rule
will provide for the use of magistrates for ____________?? It is now with the Board of
Governors and will be publicized in the October issue of the Florida Bar News. ?????

                              Update on the Delinquency Video

John Couch gave an update on the Delinquency Video. A panel of judges approved the script
for kids in the delinquency system. He courtroom footage was shot last week, and the video
will be available mid-September to all courthouses and shown to all kids attending their first
court hearing.

Update on the Family Court Conference Planning and Discussion on Circuit Breakout

Nathan Moon provided the update on the Family Court Conference planning and led discussion
on Circuit Breakout Sessions. Paul Mones is the key note speaker on domestic violence and its
influence on the family. Please register now if you haven’t already done so, and choose three
workshops, the times will be provided later. Print the registration form off of the OCI website
and mail the form and registration check to OCI. The hotel reservations deadline is September
13. Circuit breakout session suggestions included: look at the annual reports (ANNE – ask
Nathan why, Kreeger suggested this); no drawings this year; determine 1-2 goals the groups
will work on for the following year and then present their work next year; include resistance
training; role playing didn’t go over last year.

                           Reports from the Workgroup Chairs:

Design methods for engaging community stakeholders in UFC through FLAGs, and
create an implementation plan. (Charge 2)
Judge Sue Robbins, chair, reported that the workgroup goals included: help FLAG groups use
FLAG to give stakeholders a reason to be involved; develop a model FLAG, identify the best
things from other FLAG groups; and help FLAGs to communicate among other groups around
the state. The workgroup wants to meet these goals by: video tape a FLAG in operation;
provide a model agenda for FLAG groups; read minutes from all FLAGs to see what they’re
doing and how they conduct their meetings; and send a letter to FLAG chairs by September 15,
2005, to ask about their procedures.
Develop a manual and training plan for judges and court staff on domestic violence
injunctions in UFC cases in light of the statutory changes brought about by Family Court
Efficiency Bill. (Charge 6)
Judge Judy Kreeger, chair, reported that this workgroup would produce a manual for training
on domestic violence injunctions for court staff and clerks. They would assemble other
trainings and have before the September meeting. Areas to consider are presentation different
learning styles, user friendly, use a graphic artist, and make the product available in mass.

Finalize the Dependency Brochure for printing and distribution. (Charge 1)
Josie Tamayo acted as chair in Judge Irene Sullivan’s absence. The workgroup will circulate a
questionnaire to ask what to have in the brochure. She listed the top ten things you’d want to
know. They will meet again at the October conference to discuss.

Develop a guidebook on necessary case management practices for all UFC case types.
(Charge 4)
Mary Vanden Brook led the discussion for the workgroup in Judge Scott Bernstein’s absence.
Some of the workgroup suggestions included: scheduling shelter hearings later in the day due
to low parent participation; draft a family tree form to help locate extended family members;
have mediation referrals with a few weeks to include extended family; provide a template
summary of case before case is heard; dependency, delinquency and dissolution of marriage
case management practices couldn’t be improved on from those listed in the Tool Kit; define
what needs to be managed and the role of the court staff; use magistrates in the case
management role; conduce a magistrates pilot in the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit so judges can be
more productive; and draft a rule change to have a family law case assigned a case
management hearing to ensure the case was looked at and put into the system.

Judge Morris said that a Child Support Committee had been appointed. The committee
members are Judge Judy Kreeger, Judge Catherine Green, Judge Marci Goodman, Judge Mark
Evans, and Josie Tamayo. (Nathan I think there were more – didn’t get everyone).

Judge Morris stated that there will be breakout rooms available at the 2005 Family Court
Conference on Thursday, October 6th from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. if any of the former subcommittees
or new workgroups want to meet. The chair should tell Nathan so OCI can plan for the needed
rooms. The next meeting of the committee is scheduled for in Tallahassee at the Supreme
Court Building. The upcoming FCC committee meetings are as follows:
     December 4, 2005 in Marco Island, beginning at 2 – 2:30 p.m., lasting a few hours
     March 2-3, 2006 in Tallahassee
     May 18-19, 2006 in Tallahassee

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