Guidelines for Writing Industrial Training Reports - DOC by yZqISa4


									      Guidelines for Writing 6-months/ 6weeks Industrial
                       Training Reports

A trainee is expected to submit a report to the supervisor when he/she completes his/her training. This
document presents guidelines on how to write the industrial training report. It consists of three main parts:

A. Report contents, which is the main part of the report.
B. Report formatting in which the spacing, font size, margins and other specifications are
C. Industrial training grade distribution.

                              A.Training Report Contents
The training report should include the following:
    1. C o v e r p a g e :
The student should follow the standard cover page given at the end (On page 4)
    2. T a b l e o f c o n t e n t s :
The table of contents should include all sections of the report and their corresponding page numbers. All
headings and sub-heading must be included (the word processor can be used to generate an automatic table
of contents).
    3. L i s t o f f i g u r e s a n d l i s t o f t a b l e s :
All figures and tables should be listed directly after the table of contents. The list should include: Figure or
Table Number., title, and page number. An example is shown:

Figure No.    Title                                                       Page No.
1             Housing Categories Used by the Ministry of Housing         9

    4. A c k n o w l e d g e m e n t :
The student is encouraged to acknowledge the company in which he has been trained at and the assistance
given to him by all of those who supervised him/her in the training organization. In addition, it is appropriate
to recognize the follow-up and advice given to him by the academic supervisors.
    5. S u m m a r y :
The summery should provide a concise brief of the training report. The student mentions the company name,
the department(s) specifically he/she worked in, training period, and the type of work and tasks given to
him/her. The summary should be between 100 to 200words.

   6. Introduction:
   The student should itemize clearly the tasks performed during the training period. The student can provide
   and discuss the training program given to him/her here in the introduction.

   7. The Company profile or organizational chart.
8. Body of Report:
The body is the main part of the report. The student in the body should detail the work performed and
achievements during the training period. Each task or project performed can be placed in a separate
section within the body.

9. Conclusions and Recommendations:
In this last section of the report, the student should conclude his/her training and state the
recommendations regarding the training, such as: benefits, weaknesses, level and appropriateness of the
work performed, length of the training period, etc…

10. Appendices:
The student should include all supplementary documents that supported his/her report in lettered
appendices (Appendix A, B, C,…)

                                  B. Training Report Formatting
1. Length:
The length of the report should be between 60-100 pages including the cover page, summary, table of
contents, list of figures, list of tables, and acknowledgement.

2. Script and Page Format
The report should be typed using a word processor. Standard A4 (21.0 cm× 29.7 cm) paper size should be
used. A conventional font, size 12-point, and Line spacing should be 1.5 should be used.

3. Margins
Left-hand margins should have a width of not less than38mm, to facilitate binding. The right-hand, the top,
and the bottommargins should be 25mm.

4. Paper and Print Quality
Paper and print quality are important for successful legibility. The report can be printed on standard
quality paper(e.g., photocopy paper).

5. Pagination
Positioning of page numbers is optional. Pages starting from the summary until the list of tables should be
numbered using Latin numbers (I, II, III, IV …). Pages starting from the introduction until theappendices
should be numbered using Arabic numbers (1, 2, 3, 4 …).Pages with figures or tables or illustrations must
be also numbered.

6. Binding
The report should be bound in ring or spring binders.

                               K.C College of Engineering & IT
                       Department of (write name of department)

                           I n d u s t r i a l   T r a i n i n g         R e p o r t
                                        Course Code: (write course code)

           At the Department of (write name of department, if applicable)( W r i t e                       n a m e      o f
                                               c o m p a n y)

                                                 By: Student Name:Student ID#:

                                     Submitted to: Write Name of Academic Supervisor

                                                              June 2011

     Number of Copies to be submitted
     Three copies (one for guide, one for departmental library, and one for student) are to be submitted on the date of internal
     examination/external examination to the Department.

                                      C. TRAINING                       EVALUATION
     7 / 8 SEMESTER
     MARKS ALLOTMENT:                 INTERNAL                  EXTERNAL
1.   LOG BOOK                         100 marks                 100
2.   PERFORMANCE REPORT               100 marks                 100
3.   PRESENTATION MATERIAL            50 marks                  50
4.   VIVA VOCE EXAM                   50 marks                  50                     -
5.   PROJECT REPORT                   200 marks                 200                    -
     Total                            500 marks         +       500 MARKS = 1000 MARKS

     Training Report
     The training report must be submitted to the academic supervisor no later than 30th May 2011. The report
     should comply totally with the requirements stated earlier in contents and formatting. The student has to
     present his/her report before a committee of two academic staff. The presentation must be made using
     Microsoft power point for 15 minutes including discussion and questions. The presentation is mandatory for
     successful completion of the course. Attendance of all students during the presentation is mandatory.

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