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									From: TeachNYC
Sent: Tuesday, April 26, 2011 5:55 PM
To: Lee Pamela (09x443)
Subject: Your School's TOT Status for SY10-11

Dear Principal Lee,

Your school X443, THE FAMILY SCHOOL, was identified as a Teachers of Tomorrow school for the 2010-2011
school year.

Teachers of Tomorrow is a program funded by the New York State Education Department to help recruit new
teachers and retain existing teachers. If you are not familiar with the TOT program, detailed program information
can be found on the ITeachNYC site here. For your convenience, we have provided a brief overview of the program

There are two categories of awards that teachers at eligible schools may qualify for:

Recruitment Incentive for Newly Hired Teachers (TOT1)

This program was designed to recruit and retain teachers to serve in high-need schools in the DOE. Depending on
the availability of funds each year, eligible teachers may qualify for awards of up to $3,400 per year for up to a total
of four consecutive years. Teachers are not eligible if they have full-time teaching experience at the DOE prior to
SY10-11 or if they have participated in programs where the DOE has provided financial assistance in obtaining
certification. If you hired any teachers this school year that may be eligible, the Office of Scholarships and
Incentives will contact those teachers via email shortly, informing them about the award opportunity and application
process. In the meantime, please direct your new hires to review the full list of eligibility requirements on the
ITeachNYC site here.

Tuition Reimbursement for Incumbent Teachers (TOT2)

This program is designed to support existing teachers in meeting requirements for professional certification.
Depending on the availability of funds after TOT1 awards are paid out each year, incumbent teachers who are
currently working towards their first Master’s degree in Education and have not yet obtained permanent or
professional certification may qualify for tuition reimbursement of up to $2,100 per year. Help us spread the word
and share this information with teachers at your school! If any of your teachers might be eligible, please direct them
to review the full list of eligibility requirements on the Teacher Hiring Support Center website.

Teachers who have questions about either program should contact HR Connect at 718-935-4000. We hope that
some of your teachers may benefit from this program this year.


Office of Teacher Recruitment and Quality

NYC Department of Education



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