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									Unit 3
Storage and retrieval of information

1.    What are the features of an effective file management

2.    State one advantage and disadvantage of manual filing.

3.    Explaining the following database terms:

         a. Field
         b. Record
         c. Formatting a field

4.    Explain two advantages of using an electronic database.

5.    When using a spreadsheet, how could a formula be place in all
      relevant cells without re-keying the formula each time?

6.    Explain two advantages of using a spreadsheet.

7.    a. A database would be used in the Human Resources
      Department to store ……………………… Records

      b. A spreadsheet would be used in the Sales Department

8.    Give two reasons for restricting access to computer files.

9.    Give two different examples of ways in which electronic data
      can be protected.

10.   How might a virus be spread from computer to computer within
      an organisation?
11.   Describe a back-up procedure.

Credit Level Questions

12.   What is mean by the term ‘centralised filing’ system?

13.   State one advantage of centralised filing.

14.   What are the advantages of using a ‘departmental filing

15.   Define the term ‘integrated software package’.

16.   State two advantages of using an integrated software package.

17.   Describe two provisions of the Data Protection Act.

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