Restructuring Draft by JYLc322q


									                                                                62400 v2

Restructuring                                                                Status: Archived
Restructuring Type: Level two
Last modified on date : 07/06/2011

1. Basic Information
Project ID & Name                       P088671: WATER MGMT IMPRVMT
Country                                 Kyrgyz Republic
Task Team Leader                        Pieter David Meerbach
Sector Manager/Director                 Dina Umali-Deininger
Country Director                        Motoo Konishi
Original Board Approval Date            03/29/2006
Original Closing Date:                  12/31/2011
Current Closing Date                    12/31/2012
Proposed Closing Date [if applicable]
EA Category                             B-Partial Assessment
Revised EA Category                     B-Partial Assessment-Partial Assessment
EA Completion Date                      07/11/2005
Revised EA Completion Date

2. Revised Financing Plan (US$m)
Source                                           Original                         Revised
BORR                                                   4.70                              4.70
IDAT                                                  19.00                             19.00
JPN                                                    4.40                              4.40
Total                                                 28.10                             28.10

3. Borrower
         Organization                   Department                        Location
Government of the Kyrgyz                                        Kyrgyz Republic

4. Implementing Agency
          Organization                  Department                       Location
State Committee for Water                                     Kyrgyz Republic
Resources and Land Improvement

5. Disbursement Estimates (US$m)
Actual amount disbursed as of 07/07/2011                                                        10.44
         Fiscal Year                             Annual                            Cumulative
2011                                                         0.50                               10.94
2012                                                         6.00                               16.94
2013                                                         2.28                               19.22
                                                         Total                                  19.22

6. Policy Exceptions and Safeguard Policies
Does the restructured project require any exceptions to Bank policies?                               N

Does the restructured projects trigger any new safeguard policies? If yes, please select             N
from the checklist below and update ISDS accordingly before submitting the package.

7a. Project Development Objectives/Outcomes
Original/Current Project Development Objectives/Outcomes
The project has a two-pronged development objective: (i) improving irrigation service delivery and water
management for the benefit of a sustainable increase in irrigated agricultural productivity; and (ii)
improving national water resource governance for the benefit of water users and the nation as a whole.

7b. Revised Project Development Objectives/Outcomes [if applicable]


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