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									                          Alpha Xi Delta Convention 2009 Registration
                   Registration deadline (without additional fees) is May 1, 2009.
                           No refunds for registration after June 1, 2009.
                           One person per registration may be submitted.
                     Non-member guests must submit a separate registration.
You may complete this registration form in two ways:

Complete the form electronically and send via email by hitting "Submit by Email" button at the end of the form. Only
use this function if you are paying by credit card. (Print a copy for your records.) OR

Complete the form (either by electronically filling out and printing or by printing and handwriting in information). Send
completed form, along with your credit card information or check to Fraternity Headquarters.

Name (First, Maiden, Last):

Preferred Name:                               Initiating Chapter/School:


City:                                         State:             Zip Code:

Preferred Phone Number:                                                      This is my:     Cell       Home

Email Address:                                                                               Work       Other


Name of chapter or association you are representing:

Current chapter or association office held:
I am an alumnae association:        Delegate                                     Alternate Delegate
                                    (only one per association)                   (only one per association)
I am a college chapter:             Delegate                                     Alternate Delegate
                                    (only one per chapter)                       (only one per chapter)
All other Convention
attendees, please select one:       I am an Alpha Xi Delta Collegian.            I am an Alpha Xi Delta Alumna.

                                    I am non-member guest.

                                    I am a guest of:

                                    Her initiating chapter is:
I am a:

    Current Fraternity Officer/Volunteer                  Past Fraternity Officer/Volunteer
    Foundation Trustee                                    National Housing Corporation Board Member
    Chapter Advisor                                       Local Building Corporation Board Member

Current volunteer position held:

 If you are a Chapter Advisor or Local Building Corporation Board Member, please indicate for the chapter:

    *You may register for a full Convention package (includes all sessions and meals Wednesday through Saturday) or you may register
    for daily packages or events throughout Convention. All delegates, alternate delegates and voting members must register
    for the Full Convention Package.
    *If would like for a guest to attend a meal event, he/she must register on a separate form.
    *The "Early Bear" discount for full Convention registration ends on April 24. Starting April 25, the Full Convention Package will be
Please select a full, daily or additional Convention package(s):
                                                                                                $500 Early Bear
    WEDNESDAY - SATURDAY Full Convention Package (required of                                                         $
                                                                                                Discount (until
   delegates and alternate delegates and all voting members; includes all                       4/24) $525
   meals and Convention programs)                                                               (starting 4/25)

    WEDNESDAY Start the Celebration Package: includes Welcome                                           $65
    Banquet & Sisterhood Event on Wednesday

   THURSDAY Explore Alpha Xi Delta Package: includes Thursday's                                        $125
   Educational Sessions, keynote speaker and programming materials

    THURSDAY Girls Night Package: the Thursday Evening Sisterhood Event                                 $75

    FRIDAY Listening Together Package: includes the Autism Speaks and                                   $50
    Alpha Xi Delta Philanthropic Launch breakfast and educational sessions                                            $

   FRIDAY& SATURDAY Weekend Get-away Package: Includes Friday                                          $200
   evening Awards Ceremony and Saturday events including the Cocktail
   Reception and Rose Banquet

   SATURDAY A Celebration of Sisterhood Package: Rose Banquet and                                      $100
   Cocktail Reception                                                                                                 $

   SATURDAY Non-member Guest at Rose Banquet                                                           $75

ADDITIONAL FEES: Get Up & Go and The Workout: On the Road require a separate registration and fee.

    FRIDAY Get Up & Go with the Alpha Xi Delta Foundation: support the                                   $25
    Alpha Xi Delta Foundation with an early morning exercise session led by                                           $
    an Alpha Xi Delta
   FRIDAY The Workout: On the Road: includes Alpha Xi Delta's premier                                   $20
   recruitment training sessions                                                                                      $

   LATE FEE (if postmarked or emailed after May 1)                                                      $25

                            TOTAL $
Hotel Reservations

Submitting your Convention registration to Fraternity Headquarters does not guarantee you a
hotel room. Hotel reservations must be made directly with the Denver Marriott City Center. You may make
your reservation online or by phone. For more information on making your hotel reservations, go to or call 303.297.1300 (mention you are attending Alpha Xi Delta's

The rate is $129 per night, plus tax. This rate is good two days prior to and two post Convention dates.
Reservations must be made by June 1.

InCircle and Facebook groups will soon form to help Sisters find roommates.
Check 2009 for more information.

I have special dietary needs:            Vegetarian           Other

Please indicate other dietary needs:

    I am paying by check (please make checks payable to Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity).
    I am paying by credit card.

        Visa                MasterCard        Discover          American Express

      Name on card:

      Card Number:

      Expiration Date:

      Signature of Cardholder:

                              Please send completed forms to:
                                   Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity
                                     8702 Founders Road
                                    Indianapolis, IN 46268

                                         Submit by Email

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