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					Oberlin ArtS* Intensive Semester (OASIS)
*where S = multiple art forms in collaboration
Application for the OASIS semester in fall 2012, and winter term: January 2013.

Students interested in dedicating either 10 or (preferably) 15 credits of work in fall
2012 to an intensive and collaborative semester in the arts must apply for this
program. The Winter Term 2013 component is an integral part of this program.


Written applications are due by 5:00 pm on Monday, March 12, 2012.
Please fill out this application and email it to: Nusha.Martynuk@oberlin.edu

The five OASIS faculty will review applications; students who are chosen to go on in the
application process will be invited to interview with the faculty who teach in the discipline
(or closest to the discipline) in which the student is majoring:
Dance, Theater, Performance majors interview with Carter McAdams and Nusha
Cinema Studies, Art, Visual Art majors interview with Rian Brown-Orso and Geoff
TIMARA, Composition, or any other Conservatory majors interview with Tom Lopez
and Peter Swendsen.
Creative Writing majors will be asked to interview with select faculty from OASIS; we
will make determinations after consulting with the Creative Writing faculty.

Interviews will take place Tuesday thru Friday, March 13-16. Students selected to go on
to the interview process will be contacted by the appropriate department faculty.

Following these interviews, students who are chosen to go on in the application process
will be invited to an audition with the entire faculty involved in OASIS.
This will be a group audition and will take place at a time TBA on Sat. and Sun.,
March 17 and 18. Please keep those days available.

                     OASIS - WRITTEN APPLICATION
 Please reply to all questions. Take as much space as you need to answer each question.
               However, you are encouraged to be concise in your answers.
All students – please send your application electronically to Nusha.Martynuk@oberlin.edu
                  Applications are due on Monday, March 12 at 5:00 pm.

                             Please be honest in your replies.
   We're not looking for any particular responses; we're trying to learn more about you.
Oberlin ArtS* Intensive Semester (OASIS)
*where S = multiple art forms in collaboration
Application for the OASIS semester in fall 2012, and winter term: January 2013.

There may be questions that seem to have only one right answer. We can be flexible!
But we need to know in advance of any issues, especially scheduling issues, that you


Contact information -
cell phone:

Year at Oberlin (1st thru 5th):



What art form(s) do you consider to be your primary mode of creative endeavor? (This
would be the form you're majoring in, along with any other form in which you consider
yourself to be rather capable.)

In what art form(s) have you had significant levels of engagement? (This applies to any
art in which you have taken class, had private instruction, or with which you've had some
significant experience.)

Have you had collaborative experiences in the arts? What were they?

If you have worked collaboratively in the arts, what did you learn from that experience?

Why are you interested in the OASIS program?

What excites you about the prospect of participating in the OASIS program?

Do you have concerns about dedicating a semester of work to the OASIS program?
Do you have concerns about some aspects of the OASIS program?

Have you looked at your academic schedule towards your graduation requirements?

Are you able to dedicate 10 or 15 credits to this course of study in Fall 2012?

Can you take the entire program of 15 credits?
Please consider carefully, the Winter Term component of this project, for 1 full WT credit.
This is central to the OASIS experience and serves as the capstone project for the semester.
The Winter Term project will meet for four weeks:
January 7 thru 18 in Oberlin
January 21 thru February 3 in Cleveland (OASIS will find home-stay lodging for you.)
Performances of the capstone project will be held at the Gordon Square Theater (part of the
Cleveland Public Theater complex on the west side of Cleveland).
Performances will be February 1, 2, 3 (F thru Su) at 8 pm.

Are you able to commit to this Winter Term project?

Are you planning to study away in spring 2013?

Do you know the start date of the program you intend to do?

                                Thank you for your interest.

                                  OASIS faculty (for more information, contact any of us) –
                                              Rian Brown and Geoff Pingree -- Cinema Studies
                                               Carter McAdams and Nusha Martynuk -- Dance
                                                   Tom Lopez -- TIMARA in the Conservatory

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