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                                  Position Description

Job Title            :       Pacific Early Childhood Coordinator – Wellington

Reports To           :       Regional Heart Health Manager

Prepared Date        :       August 2009

Employee             :

Signed               :     ________________        ____________________
                               Employee                Manager

Job Purpose:         Contribute to the achievement of the Heart Foundation’s mission and
                     objectives by developing, implementing and evaluating a project within
                     the early childhood sector which is responsive to the heart health of
                     Pacific children and their families in the Wellington region. This project
                     will use a comprehensive approach which reflects the organisational
                     vision and guiding principles

                     Provide assistance with local events/activities         which    support,
                     complement and profile the Heart Foundation.

Operating Unit:      The Pacific Early Childhood Coordinator (PECC) is part of the Regional
                     Operations Unit. A key objective is to promote heart health using
                     strategies which improve nutrition and increase physical activity within
                     settings providing services to Pacific preschool children.

Key Accountabilities:

1.   Identify, meet, and develop relationships with key Pacific stakeholders in the Wellington
     region responsible for and providing services to Pacific early childhood children and
     their families. This will result in:
       Achievement of agreed programme outcomes in Pacific early childhood services.
       Working in collaboration with key stakeholders which may include DHBs, School
         Support Services, Public Health Units, PHOs, Sport Wellington, Pacific Health
         Providers, Community Dieticians, Pacific Churches and other early childhood service
       Support & advice to National Programme Managers regarding appropriate and
         relevant engagement strategies with the Pacific community in the Wellington region
       Organising seminars/workshops and meetings as and when required in consultation
         with key internal and external stakeholders.
       Appropriate programme evaluation methodologies identified and put in place to
         inform programme development and implementation.
        Promotion of programme and Pacific early childhood achievements at a local level
         through use of media and other opportunities.

2.   Raise awareness within the Pacific community about heart health through effective local
     advocacy that is aligned to the Heart Foundation Vision, Mission and Objectives.

3.   Identification & review of existing models of delivery, materials, and resources which
     can/could be used or adapted for educational programmes and organisational
     development within Pacific early childhood settings. This information will be used to
     inform and advise on development of a programme for Pacific early childhood
     providers, followed by pilot-testing and programme implementation and evaluation.

4.   Work with the Wellington Pacific Heartbeat team member to actively encourage and
     support Pacific communities to participate in the Heart Foundation Early Childhood

5.   Local resources and networks effectively utilised to enable successful programme
     development and implementation.

6.   An effective and supportive relationship developed with other Wellington Heart
     Foundation staff as well as colleagues in the Central region and National Office, which
     enables effective and complementary use of limited resources, and builds upon and
     informs local and institutional knowledge and skills and other local/national staff and

7.   Development of an annual performance plan In consultation with the Regional Heart
     Health Manager, which identifies objectives and guides performance.

8.   Prepare written reports as required which describe trends, observations, challenges and
     progress of programme activities and makes recommendations as appropriate.

Limits of Authority:
    In accordance with the prevailing Delegation of Authority Policy.

    A relevant tertiary qualification (ideally with human nutrition &/or education).
    A qualification and/or practical experience in                  health    promotion   &
     community/organisational development and engagement.
    Experience working in, or with educational/community settings promoting health.
    An understanding of the educational, cultural and social environment within which the
     role must operate.
    Experience at programme promotion, group facilitation and motivating participation.
    Experience in identifying, analysing and solving problems at a day-to-day level.
    Experience in advocacy and using media to complement programme awareness and
    Computer literate, with minimum intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Office suite.
   A current driver’s licence (and vehicle you can use for work).
   Can demonstrate ability to effectively perform as part of a team, as well as self-manage
    their own work

Attitude / Behaviour Competencies:
(The behaviour patterns required to perform job tasks and functions effectively)

All Heart Foundation employees are expected to understand, champion and practice our
     Professionalism
     Making a difference
     Valuing People
     Teamwork and co-operative spirit

   Shows task focus and resolutely pursues and achieves agreed goals, targets and tasks
    with minimal day-to-day supervision.
   Plans own tasks and work priorities to achieve objectives and is efficient and productive
    with own time.
   Possesses an ability to inspire and guide individuals or groups towards goal achievement
    using appropriate interpersonal and collaborative strategies.
   Builds and maintains a network of contacts to facilitate the achievement of objectives
    and to get things done.
   Appropriately communicates (both verbally and in writing) ideas and information in a
    form well matched to, and well received by, the target audience and other key
   Logically evaluates information, identifies salient issues and draws sound conclusions.
   Effectively manages competing work demands by assessing work priorities and
    organising expectations for self and/or others.
   Demonstrates flexible thinking and openness to change and changes affecting role and
    conditions. Copes well in an environment where there is a high level of change.
   Builds rapport and develops and maintains productive working relationships with others
    internally and externally which are mutually beneficial.
   Acts with integrity, trustworthiness and equity which reflects ethical principles and
   Projects a positive and constructive, personal and professional image in their work and
    contacts, which reflects the high profile and credibility of the Heart Foundation.
   Uses evidence-based and best- practice strategies in their work.
   Maintains regular and open communication with the Regional Manager & colleagues.

This position reports to the Regional Heart Health Manager and is part of the Regional
Operations unit with linkages to the Education Setting and Pacific Heartbeat operating units.
Additionally, the Pacific Early Childhood Coordinator interacts more closely with the
      Education Setting Manager
      National Programme Manager Schools & Early Childhood
      Communications Advisor
      Pacific HeartBeat Manager
      Pacific Nutrition Training Facilitator – Wellington
      HPC Wellington

Key relationships must be maintained with appropriate individuals and organisations. The
Health Promotion Coordinator interacts closely with the following people outside the
     Early childhood teachers and staff within Pacific ECEs(e.g.) Aoga Amata and
        mainstream ECEs within Pacific communities
     Local Pacific early childhood coalitions/associations
     Teachers’ training institutes/providers
     Early childhood cooks and food service providers
     Regional Public Health – early childhood advisors
     Pacific and early childhood staff from District Health Boards, Primary Health
        Organizations, & other relevant health promotion agencies/organizations.
     Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education early childhood representatives
     Relevant community groups
     Volunteers

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