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                                JOB DESCRIPTION for
              Country Office Security Focal Point Associate (SFP Associate)

I. Post information

Post Title:                                  Security Focal Point Associate (SFP
                                             ASSOC), UNDP, Syria
Classified grade:
Supervisor:                                  G-6
                                             Primary: Country Office Security Focal
                                             Point (CO SFP)
                                             Secondary: Sub-regional Security Advisor

II. Organizational Context

 Under the immediate supervision of the CO SFP, the CO SFP Associate (SFP ASSOC)
 will provide assistance in the implementation of the security plan and all matters
 relating to safety and security operations and management. The SFP Associate will
 report to the SRSA, MEAS for functional security matters. It is important to note that
 the SFP Associate is a local associate who must always conduct his/her functions in
 close cooperation with UNDSS and under the direct supervision of and be accountable
 to the UNDP CO SFP. This is a generic job description; depending on the specific
 circumstances some functions might need to be emphasised and/or expanded or even be
 left out altogether if needed.

III. Functions / Key Results Expected

1. Provides assistance to the CO SFP in the implementation of the UNDP security plan,
   which will be based on the country security plan. This would include the updating of
   staff lists and the administration of the CO warden plan.

2. Assists CO SFP in the maintenance and monitoring of the Minimum Operational
   Security Standards (MOSS) and Minimum Operational Residential Security
   Standards (MORSS) compliance of UNDP staff, offices, projects, equipment and
   other areas. Identify the Emergency Communication Equipment needs and maintains
   proper distribution of those equipment to ensure MOSS, MORSS and BCP

3. Assists in the preparation of UNDP security reports, such as monthly security update
   for ST/RBAS, updated staff list, incident reports, weekly reports and any other report
   required by ST/RBAS.

4. Provides general administrative assistance to the CO SFP:

       Maintains routine and confidential correspondence files/documents.
       Arranges appointments, receives visitors, places and screens telephone calls and
       answers queries with discretion, and takes minutes and/or notes at meetings on
       security issues of the CO.

5. Information gathering and sharing:
       • Provides substantive support to the CO SFP in collecting and updating
          information with regards to security issues and communicating them to the
          SRSA or CO SFP.
       • Assists CO SFP in disseminating information affecting staff safety and
          security to all concerned in the CO and UNDP Projects.

6. Provides assistance in the conduct and follow up of investigations and incidents
   affecting UNDP staff and offices.

7. Conducts, in close cooperation with UNDSS, UNDP Security Risk Assessments
   (SRA), evaluations and surveys and advise the CO SFP on security measures for
   UNDP offices, project staff, as well as the latest trends and threats to staff safety and

8. If so requested and in close cooperation with UNDSS, maintains close contact and
   liaise with host government agencies and other UN agencies to obtain latest
   information regarding the security situation in the country and update CO SFP and

9. In close cooperation with UNDSS, provides support in organizing and conducting
   trainings, briefings and courses on security issues/awareness and preparedness and
   giving orientation to newly assigned staff members.
10. Represents UNDP at security meetings, as appropriate, in the absence of CO SFP.

11. Perform UNDP SURGE duties in the sub-region under the direction of the
    RSA/SRSA as required.

12. Performs other security-related tasks assigned by the CO SFP.

13. Provides substantive input in the preparation, review and implementation of Business
Continuity Plan (BCP) of the CO.
14. Maintains movements of UNDP vehicles, staff, consultants, missions and visitors in
the country, in cooperation with UN Radio Room/SIOC.
15. Attends and conducts periodic check of HF/VHF radio, satellite phones and other
communication equipment issued to UNDP staff, wardens and other key personnel.
16. Supervises all CO safety and reception staff employed for the security of CO,
including their daily briefing, monitoring and feedback of daily tasks. Establishes a
system of monitoring access control and office security at all times.
17. Carries out periodic drill on office/building evacuation in close coordination with
UNDSS and other neighboring agencies.
18. Establishes and maintains good working relation, in close cooperation with UNDSS,
with local law enforcing agencies.
19. Provides required inputs to CO SFP for mainstreaming security in all programming
aspect and submits draft budget for MOSS /TAR or any other security works.
20. Assists CO SFP in handling all emergencies and crisis involving UNDP Syria, on a
24/7 basis, in close collaboration with UNDSS, and immediately report such incidents to

IV. Impact of Results

 The key results have an impact on the accurate and timely implementation of security
 plans and MOSS in the UNDP Country Office and all project offices/locations.

V. Competencies

Corporate Responsibility & teamwork:

   o Serve and promote the mission and values of the organization
   o Plans, prioritize and deliver task on time
   o Participate effectively in a team-based, information-sharing environment,
     collaborating and cooperating with others.
   o Execute responsibilities accordingly

People Skills:

   o Solid Analytical and problem solving skills.
   o A high level of motivation, initiative, dedication, intuition and attention to details.
   o Flexibility in the face of changing conditions and ability to manage tasks
   o Computer literacy with proficiency in modern computer software especially word

Innovation & Judgment:

   o Contribute creativity, practical ideas and approaches to deal with challenging
   o Strive for quality client-centered services (internal/external)


   o Demonstrate effective and strong inter-personal and communication skills

Job Knowledge and Expertise:

   o Execute day to day tasks systematically and efficiently
   o Has excellent knowledge of protocol and security issues.

VI. Recruitment Qualifications

Education:                   University degree in Political Science or equivalent and
                             applicable security and military training is desirable. Master
                             Degree is desirable.
Experience:                  o 6 years security experience, preferably in the military or
                               police context or related field of work. Experience in a
                               UN/international related environment is an asset.
                             o Good relations and influence with national security
                               organisations is highly desirable.
Language Requirements:       Arabic and English proficiency, both written and oral.
                             Knowledge of other UN official languages is an advantage.
VII. Signatures – Job Description Certification

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