Rajesh RP arwani Physics by HC120911154019


									MSc Science Communication

                                                      Project Proposal

Part I - Supervisor Details

Name: Dr Rajesh R. Parwani                                                  Department : Physics

Research Interest: Theoretical Physics                                      Email: phyrrp@nus.edu.sg

Homepage: http://www.physics.nus.edu.sg/corporate/staff/parwani.html

Part II – Project Proposal

Project Description:

Making Physics accessible, relevant and interesting to students. The project will focus on one sub-discipline such as
electromagnetism, waves, atomic physics, thermal physics and so forth and see how the teaching of that subject at
school level in Singapore may be stimulated by using easily available multi-media, and suitable questions in homework,
assessments and projects.

   Science Dean’s Office, S16 Level 9, 6 Science Dr 2, (S) 117546                                         Page 1 of 1
   Website: http://www.science.nus.edu.sg/graduates/coursewkprog/scicomprog.html                         PP/01/11/ak

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