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      Virginia Interactive Expedites Energy Rebates for Virginia

Richmond, VA. – July 12, 2010 –Virginia Interactive, LLC (VI) announced today the success of
their Online Energy Rebate Solution.     As the leading provider of the Commonwealth of
Virginia’s eGovernment services, VI worked closely with the Department of Mines, Minerals
and Energy (DMME) to launch a comprehensive system to facilitate the submission and
processing of nearly 60,000 energy rebate projects.

VI was initially approached by the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy (DMME)
in the fall of 2009 to develop an online rebate program for home and business energy
efficiency improvements.    DMME recognized the benefits of automation to handle the
anticipated high volume of rebate requests and to minimize staff administration.                Two
additional energy rebates programs were announced soon after for renewable energy (solar
and wind) projects and Energy Star appliances.         VI’s flexible and scalable application
framework, initially developed within a few short months, enabled expedited deployment for the
additional rebate programs. “This system automated an otherwise unwieldy process, not just
for our original requirements, but for subsequent initiatives charged to our agency,” said Al
Christopher, Director, Energy Division, DMME.

Citizens and businesses used the online solution to apply for a wide range of rebates such as
conducting energy evaluations, installing efficiency upgrades, purchasing Energy Star
appliances and installing solar/wind energy systems.

The highly usable, wizard-like public facing interface was developed to walk users through the
complex requirements for numerous rebate options. VI’s automated solution provided the
following benefits:
      Profile account creation enabling users to enter, review and verify submissions without
       having to re-enter common data
      Validation of required information for thoroughness and accuracy
      Calculation, using complex formulas, for eligible rebate amounts based upon user
      Generation of improvement statistics related to the proposed energy project
      Reservation of funds to ensure “first come, first served”
      Anti-fraud rules to highlight suspicious submissions

Along with the public facing service, VI developed a cutting edge administrative interface
enabling DMME staff to proficiently manage the three programs including reviewing
submissions, tracking rebate processing and opening up additional rebate rounds as funds
became available.     In order to streamline the approval process, the use of barcodes on
submitted documents allowed administrators to quickly scan and approve the thousands of
rebate redemptions with 100 percent accuracy.

VI’s Online Rebate Solution has greatly facilitated DMME’s ability to provide timely rebates to
applicants as exemplified by the $36,000,000 reserved for rebate projects and the
disbursement of checks totaling almost $8,700,000 to citizens and businesses.

DMME’s Rebate Programs are located at:
EE Rebates:

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