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									Prachi Shrivastava
CONTACT        1460E 135S Room 412            Voice: (832) 689-5297
INFORMATION    Metallurgical Engineering      Fax: (801) 581-4937
               University of Utah             E-mail:
               Salt Lake City, UT 84112       WWW:

RESEARCH       Dimensionally Stable Anodes (DSA) coatings,
INTERESTS      Processing and characterization of semiconductors

EDUCATION      University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah USA

               M.S. Candidate, Metallurgy, Jan 2006 (expected graduation: Dec 2007)

                  Thesis: ”Stable Oxygen evolution on Dimensionally Stable anodes”
                  Advisor: Michael S. Moats
                  GPA 3.95/4.00

               Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India

                  Bachelors of Technology, Materials and Metallurgical Engineering,
                   July 2001-May, 2005

WORK           Six months internship at IMEC, Belgium, on semiconductor processing

                  B. Van Daele, G. Van Tendeloo, J. Derluyn, P. Shrivastava, A.
                   Lorenz, M. R. Leys, and M. Germain. “Mechanisms of Ohmic contact
                   formation on Si3N4 passivated AlGaN/GaN high electronmobility
                   transistors.” Appl. Phys. Lett. 89, 201908 (2006)

PROJECTS           Projects done during internship at IMEC

                  Fabrication and characterization of the GaN High electron mobility
                   transistors with field plates to allow device operation at higher drain
                   Promoter: Prof. Gustaaf Borghs Work done under the guidance of Joff
                  Optimization of annealed ohmic contacts on GaN HEMTs
                   Promoter: Prof. Gustaaf Borghs Work done under the guidance of Joff

                  Effect of thickness of SiN passivation layer on the GaN HEMT
                Promoter: Prof. Gustaaf Borghs Work done under the guidance of Joff

            B.Tech project

               Simulation of point defects in GaN as a function of material
                stoichiometry. The project aimed at improving the activation of
                Magnesium as a p-type dopant, by studying its interaction with the
                native defects present in the material.
                Guide: Dr. Deepak Gupta, Department of MME, Indian Institute of
                Technology Kanpur (Aug 2004- April 2005)

            Details of these and other projects are available on my homepage

RELEVANT     In Progress: Transmission Electron Microscopy, Surfaces and Interfaces,
COURSE      Physical Metallurgy
WORK        Graduate courses: Electrochemistry, Atomic Force Microscopy,
            Nanoscience and Technology

            The detailed list of the various professional and elective course work done
            is available on my homepage

SKILLS     Technical Skills

               Experience in working with Electron Microscopes viz.SEM, TEM,
               Experience in working with the electrochemistry tools.
               Experience working in a Clean room
               Experience in fabrication of AlGaN/GaN HEMT transistors by Optical
               Measurement techniques viz, RF, DC, TLM, Vanderpauw, Hall
                measurements etc.
               Experience in working with systems like Lathe machine, Grinding,
                Drilling, etc.
               Material Processing Techniques like Investment Casting, Forging,
                Welding, Powder Metallurgical Processing.

           Programming-Software familiarity

               Java, Fortran, Basic, Html
               Tools like AutoCAD, Microsoft Office tools (spreadsheet and
                presentation), Origin, Mathematica,
               Labview, LATEX,
               Experience in working with Linux/Unix and Windows Operating
                    Fluent in spoken/written English

               Cooper Hanson’s Graduate Research Fellowship, 2006
               International Scholar, IMEC, Belgium, June 2005-Dec 2006
               Student Coordinator(2004-05), Assistant Coordinator(2004-03) and
                Student guide and Link student(2002-03) for Counselling Service, IIT
                Kanpur- an organization taking care of the academic, emotional and
                psychological problems of the student community.
               Member of the core team of Institute’s magazine, Meander, at IIT
               Obtained an AIR of 1510 in IIT JEE, 2001.
               Certificate of Merit, Central Board of Secondary Education, 1997

References Provided on Request

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