Aquasize Schedules Watermania Minoru Aquatic Centre by KieranRead


									Aquasize Schedules
Time           Sun     Mon             Tue             Wed              Thurs           Fri             Sat
9:15-                   Deep Water      Deep Water      Deep Water      Deep Water      Deep Water
10:15am                 Conditioning    Conditioning    Conditioning    Conditioning    Conditioning
11:30-                  Low Impact                      Low Impact                      Low Impact
12:30pm                    Aqua                            Aqua                            Aqua
7:00-8:00pm                            Power Water                      Power Water

Minoru Aquatic Centre
Time           Sun     Mon             Tue             Wed              Thurs           Fri             Sat
9:00-                  Power Water     Power Water      Power Water     Power Water     Power Water      Water Walking
10:00am                                                                                                  8:15-9:00am
1:30-2:15pm            Waterworks      55+ Aquasize     Waterworks      55+ Aquasize    Waterworks
6:00-7:00pm            Power Water      Aqua Circut     Power Water      Aqua Circuit

**Please Note: Watermania will be closed for Annual Maintenance from September 20-October 4, 2009.
There will be no aquafit classes during that time

Aquasize Descriptions:
Deep Water Conditioning – Focus on cardio conditioning and core strengthening for a high-energy class. Note: ability
      to swim is a prerequisite for all deep water workouts.

Power Water – A moderately challenging class in shallow water.

Low Impact Aqua – Limits jumping movements, with lower stress on the joints.

Water Walking – Learn proper water walking techniques in deep or shallow water. Includes strengthening and stretching

55+ Aquasize – Designed for 55+ looking for a moderate level workout.

Aqua Circuit – Stations are set up and the class works through them together. A high-energy workout that includes cardiovascular
       and muscular endurance. Note: a portion of this class is in the deep water.

Water Works – Specifically designed for people with arthritis, which can help relieve stiffness, increase flexibility and improve
       strength and endurance.


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