atc 18 sample cease desist ltr by J1Yab4B


									                                Sample Letter for Cease and Desist Order




SUBJECT: Cease and Desist Order for Encroachment Permit L-XX-X-XXXX OR a specific location if no
permit exists

The Idaho Department of Lands hereby orders you to cease and desist all construction activities below
the ordinary or artificial high water mark of Lake XXXXXXXXXX at Location. The following observed
activities are not authorized and are damaging the public trust resources of this lake:

The violation must be described here.

These activities are in violation of (the applicable Rules and permit terms must be cited here).
Description of why it is a violation must be written here.

To resolve these noncompliance issues, the following actions must be taken:

Description of the steps needed to resolve the violation, and deadlines for their completion.

This cease and desist notice is authorized by Subsection 080.01 of IDAPA 20.03.04, the Rules Governing
the Regulation of Beds, Waters, and Airspace Over Navigable Lakes in Idaho. Failure to comply will
result in the department pursuing other remedies including injunctive relief, assessment of civil
penalties, and permit revocation. These remedies are authorized by Subsections 080.04, 080.05, and
080.07 of IDAPA 20.03.04. In addition, the department may order mitigation or restoration under
Subsection 080.06 of IDAPA 20.03.04.

Thank you for your assistance in resolving this situation. If you have any questions, please call me at
Phone Number.



cc:     Navigable Waters Program Manager
        Deputy Attorney General

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