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Graduate Assistantship PHD by VIlhVKl


									                        Graduate Assistantship in Water Resource Conservation

Assistantship Description:

The Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Aquaculture at Mississippi State University seeks a highly
qualified student for a Ph.D. graduate research assistantship in water resource conservation. The
research assistantship will allow the qualified candidate the opportunity to work on cutting edge
research on various aspects of water resource conservation such as water quality in agricultural systems,
water quantity savings budgets with increased use of surface water capture systems, creating holistic
adaptive management strategies for water management practices, and be part of a state wide
collaborative team involved in nutrient reductions.

Qualified candidates would be able to work in close collaboration with several federal agencies including
USDA-ARS, USGS, USACE and MDEQ, be introduced to important researchers in federal and state
agencies and be willing to be involved in a dynamic aquatic research program. Furthermore, there are
significant collaborative efforts within the Mississippi State University faculty that will provide excellent
opportunities for creating a marketable Ph.D. project.

M.S. in Biology, Environmental Science, Environmental Management, Soil Science or related discipline.
Demonstrated excellence in coursework, reliability in working within a laboratory environment, good
written and oral communication and importantly have the ability to work as a team member is required.
Preference will be given to candidates that show independence as well as a strong work ethic. An
enthusiastic and vibrant individual will also have high standing in qualification criteria. Applying
candidate’s pre-requisites include a cumulative GPA greater than 3.0 in undergraduate coursework, and
a GRE score over 1000.

Assistantship Stipend:
$23,000 annual stipend, plus full tuition and health insurance for 4 years. In addition there will support
for travel to regional, national and potentially international scientific meetings and other professional
development activities.

Start Date:
July 1st, 2012 or sooner.
Mississippi State University is a state land-grant university located near the city of Starkville in rural
northeastern Mississippi. Temperatures are mild, and outdoor recreational opportunities are plentiful.
Application requirements:
Prior to applying, please send all inquires or queries to Dr. Robert Kröger:
Graduate school applications are completed separately through the Mississippi State University
Graduate School website:

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