Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture - DOC by pZlI4A64


									                         Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture

EBTJV Steering Committee:

State Agency Members

Fred Harris/Bob Curry – North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
Steve Perry – New Hampshire Fish and Game Department
Doug Stang – New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Jeff Durniak – Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Bill Hyatt – Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection
Bob Lundsford – Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Eric Palmer – Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife
Lisa Barno – New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife
Mike Shingleton – West Virginia Department of Natural Resources
John Boland – Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

Federal Agency Members

Hannibal Bolton – US Fish and Wildlife Service
Steve Moore – National Park Service
Doug Beard – US Geological Service
Michael Kellet – US Forest Service

NGO Members

Robert Carline – American Fisheries Society
Steve Moyer – Trout Unlimited
Tom Sadler – Trust for Public Lands
Steve Kline – Isaac Walton League
Gordon Robertson/Patrick O’Rourke – American Sportfishing Association
Jeff Waldon – Conservation Management Institute

EBTJV Workgroup Chairs:

Doug Besler – North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
Gary Berti – Trout Unlimited
Shelaine Curd-Hetrick – Information International Associates, Inc.

EBTJV Grant Administrator:

Lila Borge Wills – Conservation Management Institute

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