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					Department of Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies 2010-2011

LT203 United States Literature Since 1850

This module looks at the history of writing in the United States from before the Civil War to
the Vietnam War, the Gulf War and beyond: that is, from the beginnings of a conflict that first
threatened and then confirmed the United States as a nation state to the civil conflicts that
have erupted over the assertion by the United States of its global and imperial power as well
as over the continuing denial of civil rights to the descendants of the slaves, the original
inhabitants of North America and others. The literary issues discussed include:
 literary regionalism and literary nationalism
 the development of realism, modernism and postmodernism
 the conflict between the innovators who wanted to make it new, to respond to changing
    times with changing techniques and those who opted for a return to more traditional
    methods and values
 the emergence of more politically motivated, socially concerned forms of writing
 the impact of a growing concern with race, ethnicity and gender on the writing of the

The major writers and texts below form the core of the module. Students are advised to read
these texts in advance over the summer. They are:

   Herman Melville                      Moby-Dick
   Henry David Thoreau                  Walden
   Wallace Stevens                      Poems
   William Carlos Williams              Poems
   Robert Frost                         Poems
   Ernest Hemingway                     The Sun Also Rises
   William Faulkner                     Light in August
   John Steinbeck                       The Grapes of Wrath
   Richard Wright                       Native Son
   Toni Morrison                        Beloved

Other writers and texts of the period will also be discussed. These may include some of the

   Stephen Crane                        The Red Badge of Courage
   Edith Wharton                        The Age of Innocence
   F Scott Fitzgerald                   Tender is the Night and/or Short Stories
   John Dos Passos                      The Big Money
   Zora Neale Hurston                   Their Eyes Were Watching God
   Carson McCullers                     The Member of the Wedding
   James Baldwin                        Go Tell It On the Mountain
   J.D. Salinger                        The Catcher in the Rye
   Ken Kesey                            One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
   Truman Capote                        In Cold Blood
   John Okada                           No-No Boy
   Norman Mailer                        An American Dream
   N. Scott Momaday                     House Made of Dawn
   Alice Walker                         The Color Purple
   Leslie Marmon Silko                  Ceremony
   Louise Erdrich                       Tracks
   Sherman Alexie                       Reservation Blues
   Rudolfo A. Anaya                     Bless Me, Ultima
   Sandra Cisneros                      The House on Mango Street
   Cormac McCarthy                      The Crossing
   Bharati Mukherjee                    Jasmine
   Eugene O’Neill                       Long Day’s Journey into the Night
   Tennessee Williams                   A Streetcar Named Desire
   Arthur Miller                        Death of a Salesman
   Ezra Pound                           Poems
   Marianne Moore                       Poems
   Robinson Jeffers                     Poems
   e.e. cummings                        Poems
   Robert Lowell                        Poems
   Allen Ginsberg                       Howl
   Sylvia Plath                         Poems
   Frank O’Hara                         Poems
   Denise Levertov                      Poems
   Lorna Dee Cervantes                  Poems

Information on the assessment of this module will follow shortly.

Please feel free to contact me, as Module Director, if you would like to discuss the module.

Dr Owen Robinson
Room 5A.137, ext.2617

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