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									Drama Department Lesson Plan          Unit: Ashley Potter          Lesson: 2 of 12

 Context of lesson/ what previous learning has taken place?:
 • Students have looked at Ashley Potter and used still images to explore emotions
 and looked at abstract drama. They have also explored the use of flashback and
 how to convey these effectively.
 Learning Outcomes/ what do I want students to learn?
 • different ways of linking still images/ scenes
 • The term Transition and what it means

 Objectives/ what will I teach?:
 • A variety of transitions – slow motion/ narration/ bringing still images to life.
 • Evaluation techniques.

 • Recap as a group what is known about Ashley Potter so far and what we
 covered last lesson

 • Consider both good and bad influences on Ashley’s life eg: witnessed violent
 relationship, younger brother, peer pressure. Who has influence over a persons
 life? Parents? Friends? Teachers?
 • Create at least six still images which show important moments in Ashley’s life.
 • Experiment with the following:
         - a silent presentation where your still images are linked with movement
             using slow motion.
         - Still images linked with narration
         - Still images which come to life, linked in any way you find suitable.
 • Students should perform all three options and then each group should choose
 their favourite and rehearse the transitions to performance standard.

 • Group discussion – when will you need to use effective transitions? (the
 answer should be all the time!) Which way worked best for you today and why?

 Out of Hours Learning:                       Differentiation/Learning Styles:
 • Students can research magistrates
 and what they do.

 • Useful to have resources from lesson 1 available.

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