Class Schedule August 2009

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					                                     Class Schedule
                                       August 2009
                                                                       Open 24 Hours
                                                                       Office & Pro Shop open Mon - Fri 10:00 - 5:30

            Special Announcements
Iyengar Yoga
The August Yoga session is full. Information on the                             Fitness Classes
September session is available in the office.                    Classes in Bold are new or recently changed
Shoe Service                                                      Classes in Italics require advanced registration
                                                              All other classes are included FREE with membership
The Fitness & Wellness Center is pleased to announce that         Descriptions are available on the reverse side
we have a new vendor for shoe repair (and more). Tony’s
Shoe Repair in Fairport will be here once a week to pick                              Monday
up or deliver shoe repair items. See office for details.     11:30 - 12:15   Sculpt Interval      Beth         Gym
Fall Leagues                                                 12:15 - 1:00    Blast Step*          Heather    Studio
Sign up now for Volleyball & Soccer leagues. Deadlines for   5:15 - 6:15     Power Sculpt         Scott        Gym
both are September 15th. The 10 week season begins the       5:30 - 6:30     Iyengar Yoga         Colleen    Studio
last week of September. Registration forms are availble on   6:30 - 8:00     JKA Karate           Wolfgang   Studio
the website.                                                                          Tuesday
Summer camp
                                                             10:35 - 11:25   Fit For Life         Darlene    Studio
Fun Fitness Camp will begin June 29 and run through          11:45 - 12:35   Sculpt It            Darlene      Gym
September 1. There are still openings throughout the         12:15 - 1:00    Zumba*               Shelley    Studio
summer.                                                      5:15 - 6:15     Jazzercise™          Laura        Gym
Annual cleaning                                              6:30 - 8:00     JKA Karate           Wolfgang   Studio
The Fitness & Wellness Center will be closed from                                  Wednesday
Wednesday September 2nd, through Sunday Setember
6th. Signs will be posted with exact times.                  11:30 - 12:15 Kickboxing             Sam          Gym
                                                             12:00 - 12:50 Essential Sculpting*   Anna       Studio
Labor day                                                    5:15 - 6:15 Power Sculpt             Scott        Gym
Even though Monday September 7th is a university
holiday, the Fitness & Wellness Center will remain open
to current members. However there will be no classes or      12:00 - 12:45 Blast Step*            Steve      Studio
services available. The Pro shop will also be closed.        5:15 - 6:15 Jazzercise™              Laura        Gym
All services and classes wil resume on Tuesday September     6:30 - 8:00 JKA Karate               Wolfgang   Studio
8th.                                                                                   Friday
                                                             11:30 - 12:15 Step To It!          Rachel     Studio
             Important Information                           12:30 - 1:20 Yoga Fit              Joan       Studio
Pro Shop Phone Number                                          * To attend classes marked with an asterisk, you
(585) 275-2437                                                 must sign in. Registration is free and begins 15
                                                                        minutes before the start of class.
Club Web Site
Blast Step            High Intensity
                      Advanced                      Advanced step choreography with an intense cardio challenge.
                      High Impact Cardio
Core Challenge                                      This workout targets all the muscles of the torso include the abs, upper and
                      Low Intensity
                                                    lower back, glutes and pelvis. All these muscles work together to stabilize
                      Beginner to Intermediate
                                                    and support the spine. The exercises may use an exercise ball and/or
                      Strength Training/No Cardio
                                                    resistance tubing.
Essential Sculpting   Low Intensity                 Sculpt and tone your entire body while increasing muscle endurance. This
                      Beginner to Intermediate      class uses Stott Pilates techniques to speed up your metabolic rate while
                      Non-Impact Cardio             targeting specific muscle groups.
Fit for Life          Low to Moderate Intensity     A workout designed for individuals of all fitness levels. This class features
                      Beginner to Intermediate      cardio plus strength, posture, flexibility and balance exercises. A relaxed
                      Low Impact Cardio             environment with a variety of challenging activities.
Iyengar Yoga          Low to Moderate Intensity     Experience the rejuvenating power that results from this class with
                      Intermediate                  traditional yoga poses and a meditation portion. Longer poses are
                      Non-Impact Cardio             emphasized.
Kickboxing            Moderate Intensity
                                                    An aerobics class that combines elements of boxing and martial arts to
                                                    provide overall toning.
                      Moderate Impact Cardio
Jazzercise            Moderate Intensity
                      Beginner to Intermediate      This sixty minute class offers a blend of jazz dance and exercise science
                      Low to Moderate Impact        choreographed to today’s hottest music. Saturday is a premium class.
JKA Karate            Low to High Intensity
                      Beginner to Advanced          A premium class where students can advance from sampling martial arts all
                      Low to Moderate Impact        the way to an advanced black belt.
Power Sculpt          Low to High Intensity
                                                    This class is designed to work your whole body using weights, resistance
                      Beginner to Advanced
                                                    bands and resist-a-balls for a full body workout through a variety of exercises.
                      Strength Training/No Cardio
Salsa                 Moderate Intensity
                      Intermediate                  A premium dance class with a Latin flair.
                      Low Impact Cardio
Sculpt Interval       Moderate Intensity
                                                    A fusion of strength training and cardio in an interval format. Emphasis is on
                                                    strength training with short bursts of cardio.
                      Strength Training/No Cardio
Sculpt It             Moderate Intensity
                                                    Vary your workout! You may use resistance balls, hand weights, barbells and
                                                    tubing to sculpt and tone your body.
                      Strength Training/No Cardio
Step To It!           Moderate Intensity
                                                    A step class with moderate intensity and choreography. A stability ball or
                                                    weights may be used at the end of class.
                      Moderate Impact Cardio
Yoga Fit              Low to Moderate Intensity
                                                    A style of yoga that combines traditional yoga postures in a flowing fitness
                      Beginner to Advanced
                      Non-Impact Cardio
Zumba                 Moderate Intensity
                                                    A fusion of Latin and other dance themes that feature aerobic interval
                                                    training to sculpt the body while having fun.
                      Low Impact Cardio