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									                                                         Draft - Offer Letters
                                                        Hire – unranked, non-regular

[Faculty Name]
[Address Line 1]
[Address Line 2]

Dear [Faculty Name]:

On behalf of [Department] and the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural
Resources (CAFNR), I am pleased to offer you the position of [Full University Title].
Details of the offer are outlined briefly below:

                   Annual Base Salary:
                   Initial Term of Appointment: [9 or 12] months
                   Initial Appointment Period:
                   Tenure Status: Not Eligible for Tenure
                   Type: Unranked, Non-Regular Faculty

This appointment is renewable at the discretion of the University. Circumstances
affecting continued employment include, but are not limited to, work performance,
fund availability, and educational priorities.

OPTIONAL: Summer Session funding if available.

OPTIONAL: The University will reimburse you for, or pay directly, the actual cost of
moving expenses associated with your move to Columbia up to an amount equal to
ten percent (10%) of your annual base salary. The moving expenses policy, HR
103, can be found online at

OPTIONAL: In addition, a relocation incentive of [$$$$$] will be paid to you soon
after you become a University employee, contingent upon your return of a signed
relocation agreement. This agreement requires a specified level of repayment if
you depart the University within two years. The policy on relocation incentives, HR
104, can be found online at

During your benefit eligible employment at the University of Missouri – Columbia,
you will be eligible to participate in a broad array of benefit programs that the
University makes available. Benefits become effective on the first day of
employment as long as you enroll within the first 30 calendar days of
benefit eligible employment. Please contact Faculty and Staff Benefits at (573)
882-2146 or visit their website at for specific information
regarding University benefits. You may also stop by the Faculty and Staff Benefits
office, Woodrail Centre, 1000 W. Nifong, Building 7, Suite 210 to obtain

                                                              Last Updated: 9/11/12
                                                         Draft - Offer Letters
                                                         Hire – unranked, non-regular
information. Most programs will require a contribution on your part to participate.
It is important to note that the participation in the UM Retirement, Disability, and
Death Benefit Plan is mandatory and that this program will require contributions on
your part.

**Specific Details about the Appointment. Include Description of Job Duties.**

This appointment is subject to all the rules, orders, and regulations of the Board of
Curators. The faculty handbook can be found online at The Faculty Bylaws and
Academic Tenure Regulations are also online at

On your first day of employment, please bring appropriate documentation for
completing your new hire forms, including:
    Proof of identity and eligibility to work in the United States for I-9 purposes,
      which may include a valid driver’s license or ID card, social security card or
      United States passport. See for a
      complete list of eligible documents.
    Social Security Card. The University needs to use the name and number as it
      is printed on the card when completing employment documents and must
      visually review your card.
    Bank account information, such as a canceled check or deposit slip. The
      University requires employees to direct deposit payroll funds to a bank or
      other financial institution specified by you.
These documents must be provided within three days of your begin date. Failure to
do so may result in a delay in your pay.

In addition to the above information, the University also requires that we obtain a
copy of your higher education transcripts. If you have not already done so, please
submit an official copy of your transcript. Your appointment is contingent upon
verification of your degree(s).

Per University policy HR 504 any offer of employment is contingent upon the
successful completion of a Criminal Background Check (CBC). Based on the results
of the CBC, an offer may be rescinded. You may not begin employment with the
University of Missouri until Human Resource Services receives an acceptable CBC.

In order to begin the background screening, you must complete the online CBC
Disclosure form by visiting
by (date). In addition to providing personal information (e.g., name, SSN,
birthdate, driver’s license number), you must enter the following information in the
secure website in order to complete the on-line form. You authorize the CBC with
an electronic signature using your computer’s mouse.

                                                               Last Updated: 9/11/12
                                                          Draft - Offer Letters
                                                          Hire – unranked, non-regular

         Note: The following information provided by the hiring
        department is for use when completing the online form.

    Job Opening ID/Vacancy #: _______________________________

    Hiring Manager: ________________________________________

    Department: ___________________________________________

    Job Title: ______________________________________________

For additional information related to the background check, please see policy HR
504, which is located in the Human Resources Policy Manual available at

This letter constitutes the full terms of our employment offer and supersedes all
other representations, either written or oral, which may have been made to you.

MU’s College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources strongly endorses the
principles embodied in MU’s values statement – respect, responsibility, discovery,
excellence In that context we seek to
recruit and retain outstanding scholars who are:

·      Committed to blending service with scholarship

·      Leaders

·      Good colleagues who will collaborate with others from diverse disciplines and

·      Flexible and adaptable in an era of rapid change

The faculty and I are very enthusiastic about having you as a colleague in our
group. I believe you will be a great addition to the department and I look forward to
working with you. We are confident that you will be able to achieve your
professional and personal goals here at MU.




                                                                Last Updated: 9/11/12
                                                       Draft - Offer Letters
                                                        Hire – unranked, non-regular
I accept the offer on the specified terms. I understand that my employment is
subject to the rules, orders and regulations of the Board of Curators of the
University of Missouri.

                                                             Last Updated: 9/11/12

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