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									Getting A Landman Job

Becoming an Oil and Gas Landman is a great career move for many people due
to the high pay and in most cases the freedom you are allowed. Many Landman
make more than $300 per day and some make up to $500 per day plus
expenses. The industry has grown recently due to the high price of oil and
natural gas and also the many new "plays" that are being drilled. This has
created a tremendous demand for Landmen and this trend should continue with
the increased demand for oil and natural gas.

You can do all the training you like, but if you are unable to find a job then all that
training will do you know good. That is our reason for writing this report, to help
you secure employment as an Oil and Gas Landman. When companies are
looking to hire, they usually post the job on a job board such as or or hire a temporary employmee. Landman jobs usually aren't
the type of jobs that are posted on job boards. They are usually filled via word of
mouth. This means that if you want to get hired as a Landman, you need to stop
sending out resumes via the job boards and get out there and talk to other
Landmen or stop by oil and gas companies.

You probably want to know how are you going to find another Landman if you
don't know anyone. Well, you need to figure out where they will be and in most
cases that is the courthouse or abstract plant doing records searches. Many
Landmen are very friendly by nature and are easily approachable. This would be
the best route to start. It is also a good idea to try and find out where they go in
social settings and try and meet some of them there. You just need to get out
there and meet as many people as possible. This doesn't mean that you want to
neglect your resumes and cover letters, they are very important. But, before we
get started with this, we wanted to show you helpful ways to find a job.


It has often been said that trying to find a job can be a full-time job by itself. If you
are searching for a job, you most likely know this to be true. When you are
looking for a job, it is important to have every tool possible at your disposal.
Regardless of what the economy may happen to be like at the time, there is still a
good chance that you are going to face some competition. Understanding the
most effective tools to use when looking for a job can give you an edge over the
competition and reduce the amount of time you must spend looking for a job.

Today there are many different tools that you can use to look for a job. One of
the most important is the resume. The resume offers you an opportunity to let a
prospective employer learn a few things about you and why you would be ideal
for the job before actually meeting them. At one time resumes were only
prepared on paper and were usually mailed, in but today you need to make sure
you have both a paper resume as well as an electronic resume. Keeping a few
things in mind regarding resumes can help you to make the most of this valuable
job search tool.

The most important thing to keep in mind regarding your resume is that it is the
first opportunity you have to make a good first impression. Many job seekers fail
to realize this, but when a job opening is likely to elicit numerous responses, the
purpose of the resume is really to screen out applicants. Prospective employers
know they will only be able to interview a small percentage of the applicants who
send in resumes so they must be careful in selecting the best of the best to call in
for interviews. This means that your resume must make a favorable impression,
must stand out from all of the others and must be able to catch the employer's
attention within the first few seconds of scanning it. While that does sound like a
tall order, there are a few things you can do to meet these goals.

First, make sure that you include all of the relevant information on your resume.
Your resume should include the following:

   •   Name and contact information-positioned at the top of the resume and
       easily located
   •   Employment history
   •   Education and/or training

While you certainly want to catch an employer's attention with your resume, you
do not want to steer too far away from the traditional formatting. For paper
resumes, be sure to print your resume on high quality paper in either white or
ivory. Avoid bright colors. Although they might be attention getting they will
usually send the wrong impression.

Keep in mind that employers usually have very little time when reviewing
resumes. You must be able to catch their attention within the first few seconds.
Avoid long paragraphs and chunks of information that take too long to read. Keep
your information concise and to the point. Use bullet points to draw the
employer's attention to the most important information on your resume, such as
your skills. And, make sure every word on your resume is spelled correctly. You
don't know how many resumes we see with bad spelling and grammar. Read
your resume several times, but also show it to someone with good spelling and
grammar so they can check it also.

Types of Resumes
There are various types of resumes that you can use. Each type of resume offers
advantages and may be used in different circumstances. The chronological
resume is by far the most traditional resume format. This resume format is a
good choice for many situations as it highlights a strong work history. There are
times when you might choose not to use this format. For example, if there are
gaps in your work history, you might not wish to draw attention to that fact with

the chronological resume format. In that case, the functional resume format might
be a better choice. Rather than focusing on your work history, the functional
resume format instead focuses on your actual skills. The curriculum vitae resume
format is one of the least used resume formats, but would be appropriate if you
need to apply for a job within an academic setting or in some other type of
situation in which you need to list additional information such as works published.

Targeted Resumes
At one time, writing a single resume was sufficient for job search purposes.
Today that is no longer the case. When looking for a job today it is much better if
you prepare a resume for each job that you apply for. Tailoring your resume for
each specific opening provides you a much better chance of being called in for
an interview than if you simply send in a blanket resume.

Electronic Resumes
Along with a paper resume, you should also have an electronic resume that you
can submit by email or through job search websites. There are a few tips to keep
in mind with electronic resumes. First, make sure you take advantage of the
ability to use keywords in your resume, especially if posting on job search
websites. Be sure you are familiar with the jargon for your industry and carefully
sprinkle those terms throughout your resume for the best results. Also, make
sure that the formatting of your resume is acceptable for electronic submissions
so that it will not become jumbled when submitted.

Resume Length
One of the most frequent questions that many people have about writing a
resume is how long it should be. In most circumstances, your resume should be
no longer than one page. If you have significant work history and/or education,
you might be able to extend it to two pages but it should never be longer than
that. Remember that the goal of the resume is simply to provide the employer

with an overview of what you can bring to their company and entice them into
calling you in for an interview to learn more about you.

Cover Letters

Is a cover letter really necessary when you are looking for a job? In a word, yes.
Anytime that you submit a resume for a job opening you want to present as
professional of an image as possible. This means submitting a cover letter. The
cover letter also serves other purposes. For example, by using a cover letter you
can draw attention to certain information contained within your resume. The
cover letter also gives you yet another opportunity to explain to the employer why
you are the perfect candidate for the job and encourage them to call you in for an

There are a few tips to keep in mind when writing a cover letter. First, always
make sure it is addressed to the correct individual. You should never submit a
blanket cover letter with a generic Dear Sir/Madam or To Whom it May Concern
greeting. Take the time to research and find out exactly who the cover letter
should be addressed to. With the availability of the Internet, that should not be
difficult. Also, make certain that you spell the individual's name correctly.

Your cover letter should include three paragraphs. During the first paragraph you
should explain why you are writing to the employer, such as to submit a resume
for a specific position. The paragraph of the cover letter should also indicate how
you learned about the job opening. If you have been referred to the job by a
particular person, this is an excellent opportunity for you to mention this and
possibly gain some favor with the employer.

If you are writing in response to a job posting, be sure to indicate where you
learned of the position. In some instances, you may choose to send a cover letter
not necessarily to apply for a specific position but instead to inquire about

possible job openings. This is known as a prospecting cover letter. In that case,
be clear about your job objective in the opening paragraph.

In the second or middle paragraph of the cover letter, you will need to express to
the employer what you have to offer them. Make an effort to clearly associate
your skills and interests with the job requirements of the position for which you
are applying. Always make sure you focus on your ability to meet the employer's
needs rather than what the employer is able to offer you. For example, you might
emphasize your problem solving skills and achievements.

In the third or final paragraph of the cover letter, you will close out the letter by
restating your interest in the position and advising the employer how they can
reach you. You might also choose to indicate that you will follow-up with the
employer by telephone to schedule an appointment. Be aware that you should
only do this if the employer has not expressly prohibited phone calls regarding
the job opening.

Remember that each cover letter you write should be unique to the job for which
you are applying. Avoid sending generic cover letters. The cover letter, when
written correctly, provides you with an excellent opportunity to win over the
employer and explain to them exactly why you are right for the job. Given the
amount of competition in many industries today, this is an opportunity that most
job seekers cannot afford to pass up.

Networking and Using Contacts

There is an old adage that indicates when job searching, what is really important
is not what you know, but who you know. To a large degree this is true. The
simple fact is that employers are sometimes more prone to hire someone who is
recommended to them by someone they know and trust. Furthermore, there are
often jobs which are available but are never openly advertised. They are instead
filled through networking. While this may not seem fair, it is reality and if you want
to gain a competitive edge while job searching you must learn to network and
make use of every contact available to you.

Making use of all of your contacts, including neighbors, family, friends, college
alumni and contacts from associations, can help to improve your chances of
finding a job by 60% or more. In many instances, all it takes is letting someone
you know that you are available in order to find a job. To make this method work
for you, you will need to be direct and get the word out that you are available. Be
sure to get in touch with everyone you know. You never know who they may
know that can end up being beneficial to your job search.

Networking by phone as well as email are both acceptable. If you do choose to
network by email, make sure you check over your message for grammar,
punctuation and spelling before sending it out.

Attending parties, gatherings and other events can also be helpful. Every
conversation you have need not be focused solely on your job search, but there
is certainly nothing wrong with casually mentioning that you are looking for a new

There are also formal job search networking opportunities that you can take
advantage of as well. For example, you might consider attending an association
meeting or business social event. Even the opportunity to exchange business
cards with others in the same industry can be helpful when looking for a job. If
you do belong to a professional association, make a point to visit their website for
assistance as well. If you are a college alumnus, be sure to get in contact with
the school's career services office. Many colleges and universities today offer
online career networks where you can get in touch with other alumni.

Online Networking
The Internet has dramatically changed the face of job search today. In order to
improve your chances of finding a job, it is essential that you take advantage of
every opportunity available to you and that include the various tools available
online such as social networks, job boards, forums, message boards, etc.
Without a doubt, networking is one of the most important elements of a
successful job search, so it is critical to take advantage of the many networking
opportunities available online. Some of the most popular online social networks

   •   LinkedIn
   •   Facebook
   •   Twitter
   •   Myspace
   •   Ning
   •   Doorstang

Job Board Secrets
Along with social networking opportunities online, you should also take
advantage of online job search boards. Such boards have become extremely

popular in the last few years, providing you with a fast and convenient way to
learn about a variety of job opportunities around the world.

Some of the most popular job boards include:

This site is considered to among the top job sites for both job postings and
resumes. The site offers an online job center for more than 1,000 various
partners, including some 150 newspapers.

Monster is another well known, large job board. On this site you will find a variety
of different types of positions posted, ranging from hourly jobs to professional
positions in almost every career field.

This job board contains literally thousands of classifieds and company sites. An
advanced search option allows you to search for type of company, location,
keyword, type of job, etc.

Yahoo! Hot Jobs
Users of this site can search for information regarding job postings while electing
to have search results delivered automatically by email. The site also provides
the opportunity to save job search results and create and save cover letters.

This is the official source for Federal government job listings as well as
employment information and job applications.

Tips for Using Job Boards
If you have not previously used job boards they may at first seem overwhelming
to you. There are certainly numerous job boards today that offer a multitude of
opportunities. There are a few things you can keep in mind to make your time
spent on job boards more effective and productive.

First, make sure you are using the job boards that are most relevant to your
goals. While there are some job boards and job posting sites that are rather
broad in nature, there are also some that are dedicated exclusively to certain
types of jobs, such as green jobs or executive jobs. By focusing on the job
boards that specialize in your field you will be able to greatly improve your
chances of finding a job.

Also, you need to be certain that you have an outstanding resume to post on the
board. Check the requirements for each job board that you are using and make
sure that your resume is appropriately formatted for that board. Keep in mind that
you should not simply try to cut and past your resume from Word onto the board.
If you try this, the result is likely to be terrible. Instead, try creating your resume in
a .txt file and then copy and paste it from there.

Be sure to include the appropriate keywords in your resume so that it can be
more readily found on the board as well. Make sure that you are very specific
about the type of position that you are seeking for the best results. Also, check to
see if the board offers a search agent where you can indicate the type of job that
you are looking for, in terms of title, location, etc. This will ensure that anytime a
new job that meets your criteria is posted, you will be notified. As a result, you
can be one of the first to respond to that job opening.

Updating your resume regularly can also prove to be helpful when using job
search boards. Even if you just tweak it a little and change or update one or two

things, the job board will recognize your resume as being newly posted, which
can make it more readily available to recruiters and employers.

We hope you have enjoyed this report and we wish you success in your career
as an Oil and Gas Landman. One other helpful hint is to set up a Google Alert
for the words Landman and Landman Job. All you need to do is go to and type in Google Alert and set up the alerts to your email. There
are numerous jobs and helpful hints listed on the alert that will be emailed to you
daily. Just give it a try and remember to keep all avenues open when looking for
a job as an Oil and Gas Landman.


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