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									                             Newport-Mesa Unified School District
                            Department of English Learner Programs

District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC)
       Report to the Board of Education 2006-2007

                    Submitted to the Board of Education
                            September 11, 2007

                                         Prepared By:

                                       DELAC Parents

                         DELAC District Representatives
                                           Amparo Ames
                                           Karen Kendall

       Note: This document was translated into Spanish by Amparo Ames and is available upon request.

                              Newport-Mesa Unified School District
                             Department of English Learner Programs

          District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC)
                 Report to the Board of Education 2006-2007


English Learner Advisory Committee (ELACs)

District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC)

DELAC Meetings, Training Topics, Guest Speakers, and Special Events

Partial list of why our DELAC meetings have been so successful:
    Schools are informed of DELAC meeting dates and honor them by not scheduling other
        events on DELAC meeting evenings.
    Meetings held in same location and at same time.
    Large number of both parents and district personnel in attendance.
    Parents feel encouraged and comfortable.
    DELAC is a friendly environment where all are welcome!
    Open discussions provide resources and information
    Child care is provided
    Refreshments are available for both adults and children
    Oral simultaneous translation into Spanish is provided.
    There are printed materials in English and Spanish
    There is acknowledgement of district appreciation of parent involvement (e.g. calendars,
        note pads, certificates, raffle prizes)
    Meeting Evaluations are provided in English and Spanish.
    Parents access organized, focused Agendas and Minutes in English and Spanish
    Collaboration exists between district and parents in planning meeting Agendas
    Each meeting’s Agenda is based on topics parents requested.
    There is a consistent location of meetings and child care.
    Timely communications/flyers are provided to announce upcoming meetings, in both
        English and Spanish.
    Parent are given training in writing clear reports and minutes and conducting orderly,
        focused, educational meetings.
    Parents see successful communication and more trust.
    Opportunities in learning “how to do things” (volunteer, get information, make
        suggestions) at the school site and at the district level are provided.
    Additional topics presented at DELAC meetings are based on the parents’ needs
        assessment done at the beginning of the school year.
    Parents feel comfortable giving their input.

DELAC Meeting Dates:

Training Topics: At each meeting, we trained on one or more of the eight required training topics.
Handouts were distributed in English and Spanish, and parents had the opportunity to comment,
provide input, and ask questions.

Guest speakers: At most meetings, one or more speakers provided information of interest. On
some occasions, the speaker spoke to the designated training topics. At other meetings, the guest
speaker addressed topics requested by the parents on the annual DELAC Needs Assessment.

DELAC Meeting           Speaker                                  Topic
November 16, 2006       ELAC Officers’ Training                  Effective Leadership

Parent participation and collaboration includes:
    Pre-planning of Agenda
    Meeting preparations
    Conducting the meetings and using parliamentarian procedures
    Assisting with preparation of the Minutes
    Providing input and advice throughout each meeting
    Taking DELAC information back to the ELAC and vice versa
    Identifying areas about which to request more information (e.g. budget, School Site
       Council, programs, textbooks) at the school site
    Attendance at conferences (e.g. Latino Youth Conference, CABE Conference)
    Attendance at Board of Education Meetings and reporting back to DELAC
    Preparation of the Annual Report to the Board of Education

In summary, parents report that meetings are engaging and motivating, and by attending
meetings, parents become more confident and knowledgeable about district procedures/programs.

Summary of Parent Input, Comment, and Advice:
Our Minutes reflect parent comments offered during open and informative conversations at the
DELAC meetings. Parents consistently reported that they understood the processes, policies,
forms, etc. after they had received explanations at DELAC.

Summary of Needs Assessment: Parent-suggested topics ’06-‘07): In January 07, a group of
DELAC parent representatives and officers met with Karen Kendall to determine which topics to
present at which DELAC meetings. (Twelve topics were suggested and listed here.)

Parent input regarding the benefits of DELAC: (18 comments were listed here)
    Establishment of an even more positive tone between parents and teacher
    Enhanced communication; a more trusting partnership; a sense of belonging
    Increased knowledge regarding student programs and progress;
    Increased participation of parents in the educational process;
    Widening knowledge of district processes and programs;
    Heightened confidence in participating in site-based committees;

Recommendations from DELAC: (4 recommendations were made here)

We look forward to another productive year with DELAC in 2007-2008.



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