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									                         VALLEY WEST NEWS                                                          Valley West Elementary
                                                                                                   10707 S. Gessner
                                                                                                   Houston, TX 77071
Volume 3, Issue 6                http://es.houstonisd.org/ValleyWestES/                                February 2009

News from the Principal…..Sandra J. Little
Important February Dates:
February 2nd -6th –Parent/Teacher Conference Week
                Parents please contact your child’s teacher for your date and time.

February 3rd ... Awards Ceremony
                The awards ceremony will at 8:30a.m. for KN-2nd grade and at 1:30p.m. for
                3rd-5th grades.
              ...Parent/Teacher Conference Night 3:00-7:00pm
                Parents please contact your child’s teacher for your date and time if you need
                to schedule an afterschool conference time.

February 6th ... Pizza Party with the Principal
                The pizza party will be for students that received all three awards
                (Honor Roll, Excellent Conduct and Perfect Attendance).

February 7th ...Saturday Tutorials
               3rd and 5th graders Reading TAKS, 4th graders Writing TAKS
               Breakfast 7:30-8:00am**Instruction from 8:00-11:30am** Lunch 11:30am-12:00pm.
             ...Running Manatees Basketball Game
                at Westbury High School 2:00 p.m. vs. Kate Bell

February 9th ...Picture Day
               Students must wear uniform for their class picture.

February 13th ... Texas Starbase program
                5th Grade Magnet Students will go to Ellington Field 9:00 - 3:00PM

February 14th ...Running Manatees Basketball Game
                at Westbury High School 9:00 a.m. vs. Codwell

February 16th ...2nd Grade Magnet Student Field Trip
                 Smart Academy 2nd graders will go to the Audubon Society at 9:00 am

February 17th ...3rd Grade Magnet Student Field Trip
                 Smart Academy 3rd graders will go to the Audubon Society at 9:00 am
               ...Walmart Employees Visit
                  Walmart Employees will visit today to read to the Pre-K and Kindergarten students.

February 19th ... Black History Month Program
                 Selected pk-5th grade students will present the Black History Month Program on Thursday,
                 Feb. 19th for all pk-2nd grade students (at 8:30am) and for all 3rd-5th (at 1:45pm).
               ...PTA Meeting at 6:30pm
                 PTA Meeting will be held in the Cafeteria tonight at 6:30pm. The Black History
                 Month program will be performed.

                                                     Newsletter 1
February 20th ... Texas Starbase program
                    5th Grade Magnet Students will go to Ellington Field 9:00 - 3:00PM
                  ...Student Council Clean-Up Day

February 21st ...Running Manatees Basketball Game
           at Westbury High School 10:00 a.m. vs. Cornelius

February 24th ... SMaRT Academy Magnet Parent Meeting
                    Parents will meet in the cafeteria at 6:30pm about plans for next year.

February 27th ...Kindergarten Field Trip
                    Kindergarten Classes will go to the Museum of Natural Science today from 8:30am-2:30pm.
                    The cost of the trip is $15.00 due by Feb. 15th. Students need a sack lunch (No glass containers)
                  ... Texas Starbase program
                    5th Grade Magnet Students will go to Ellington Field 9:00 - 3:00PM
February 28 ...Running Manatees Basketball Game
                    The league finals will be on Feb.28 from 9:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m.
                  ...Odyssey of the Mind Competition at Paul Revere.

   UPCOMING EVENTS IN                                            MARCH
   March 3rd ...TAKS/TAKSM Reading 3rd & 5th Grade, 4th Grade Writing
   March 16-20th ...Spring Break

 **Parents to find out the registered sex offenders in our neighborhood please visit: http://www.familywatchdog.us/ for
 more information.
   MC-PHERSON, CRAIG ANTHONY                                10767 BRAES BEND DR      HOUSTON, TX 77071
     Charge: INDECENCY W/CHILD SEXUAL CONTACT               Sex of Victim:           Age of Victim: 14

   Healthy teeth add to a great smile.
   February is Dental Health month.
   Teeth are very important – for eating, speaking, and overall appearance and good health.
   First graders receive educational classes on dental hygiene and a tooth brush.
   Sealants are encouraged for children in the 2nd grade.
   Visits to the dentist are advised at least once a year.
    Brushing with a “soft” toothbrush twice a day using a pea size amount of fluoride toothpaste for 3 minutes
   is advised. Using a 3 minute egg timer hour glass type makes the brushing time go faster and fun. Gentle
   flossing is also advised.
   A balanced diet is also very important with foods high in calcium in diary products and in green vegetables.
   There are many Dental resources for Medicaid, Chip and self pay here in Houston.
   Lists are available at the information center next to the cafeteria doors here at the school.

   Good Health,
   R.D. Morriss,
   School nurse

                                                            Newsletter 2
                        Title 1
                                                                           READING FIRST
                                                            Valley West is one of 80 schools in HISD to be part
Valley West Elementary is a Title 1 School. This            of Reading First. Reading First is part of the Federal
means Title 1 will provide extra assistance to help         No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) and includes first
your child reach his goal and in doing so we must           through third grades. The major goal of NCLB is to
include the parents. The goal is a school-home based        insure that all students are reading on grade level by
partnership that will help all students here at Valley      the end of third grade. To achieve this goal Reading
West succeed.                                               First requires additional time for intervention to be
                                                            provided for struggling readers. Classroom teachers
We are offering after-school tutorials from 3:00 p.m.       in grades 1-3 receive additional materials and
to 4:00 p.m. or 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. for students         training designed to help their students.
needing academic assistance. Please check with your
child’s teacher to determine what day your child is
scheduled to attend tutorials. It is the parent’s
responsibility to make arrangements to have your
child picked up at 4:00 p.m. or 5:00pm. If your child
is late being picked up, he/she will be dropped
immediately from the program.
                                                            Last Month’s Answers:
We are excited about the after-school Tutorial              Primary: June and Jared collected 38 aluminum cans
Program at Valley West Elementary.                          over the weekend for the recycling center. Now they
                                                            have 174 aluminum cans. How many cans did they
Mrs. S. Gillum                                              have before the weekend? Answer: 174 - 38 + 136
Title 1 Coordinator
                                                            Intermediate: Flora, Kay Tammy and Antonio each
                                                            entered a different animal in the county fair. The
                                                            animals were a horse, a cow, a chicken, and a pig.
                                                            Kay entered her horse. Tammy did not enter a cow.
                                                            Antonio entered the only animal that does not have
                                                            four legs. Who entered the cow? Answer: Flora
                                                            entered the cow
Valley West's Runnin' Manatees are Domeneck
Andrews, Chianti Dean, Johnny Demease, Malik
Dickens, Myles Jones, Adeyemi Kolawole, Julius
Merchant,Jose Sosa, Chris Williamson and Daren
                                                            February Math Problems
Wright. On Saturday Jan. 24 Valley West’s basketball
team beat Hartfield 33-8 to begin the season with a         Primary
solid victory. Contributors were Johnny Demease             Susan and her mother baked cookies. They baked 5
with 10 pts., Chianti Dean with 9 pts. Malik Dickens        pans of cookies with 6 cookies on each pan. Once the
had 6 pts., Daren Wright had 4 pts Myles Jones 2pts         cookies were done Susan and two of her friends ate 12
and Jose Sosa had 2 pts. The Valley West family and         cookies altogether. How many cookies were left?
friends are encouraged to come to Westbury High             Intermediate
School to watch the free games. The Runnin'                 At a community center there are a total of 24 tables in
Manatees are scheduled to play on Jan. 31 at 10:00          the dining room. 12 of the tables seat 4 people each.
a.m. vs. Gross, Feb. 7 at 2:00 p.m. vs. Kate Bell, Feb.
                                                            Six of the tables seat 8 people each. 8 of the table seat
14 at 9:00 a.m. vs. Codwell and Feb.21 at 10:00 a.m.
vs.Cornelius. The league finals will be on Feb.28           10 people each. What is the maximum number of
from 9:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m., with the 3rd place game          people who can sit at the tables in the dining room?
taking place at 1:00 p.m. and the championship game
starting at 2:00 p.m.                                       Ms. Moore

                                                  Newsletter 3
Congratulations to our Bilingual Spelling Bee Winner Luis Lopez from Mr.
Contreras’s 5th grade class and runner up Lisbeth Lopez from Ms. Moline’s
class. Luis will represent Valley West at the District Competition. Way to Go!

    Congratulations to the Valley West Spelling Bee Winner & Runner Up

              Runner-up is
               th                                       Winner
              5 Grade
              Ms. Kenley                            Brenae Waight
                                                      5 Grade-

 They will represent Valley West at the West Region Spelling
   Bee on February 10, 2009 at Johnston Middle School.

                                   The book club will be open to all 3rd -5th
                             grade students. The month of February we
                             will read the book Feathers by Jacqueline
                             Woodson. This realistic fiction novel embarks
                             on the idea of what does it mean to be
                             different? Please Contact Ms. Rudolph for
                             more information.

                                     Newsletter 4
Kimberly Gonzales from Ms. Moline’s Class

                                            Newsletter 5

The third, fourth and fifth grade teams will host a mock TAKS test for
ALL 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students. The practice tests will be given as

       Reading and Writing Camp
  February 7, 2009 (3rd and 5th graders Reading TAKS, 4th graders
                          Writing TAKS)

                       Reading and Math Camp
      March 7, 2009 ( 4th Reading and 5th graders Math TAKS)
                       Science and Math Camp

 April 4, 2009 (3rd and 4th graders Math TAKS, 5th graders Science

 The purpose of these tests is to prepare our students for what to expect
on the actual TAKS tests that will be administrated in the coming

This is a golden opportunity for our students! It WILL help to
prepare them for what to expect and give them the TAKS experience.
We expect to see all of the students here ready to conquer all of their
fears about TAKS! Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher if
you have any questions or concerns.

                                 Newsletter 6
                                 February 2009
    Sunday    Monday           Tuesday    Wednesday       Thursday          Friday          Saturday
1            2           3*** Awards 4                5              6  Pizza Party       7** Tutorials
                         Ceremonies                                  with Principal       3rd & 5th
                         ***Conference                                                    Reading
                         Night 3:00-                                                      4th Writing
                         7:00pm                                                           **Basketball
                         Feb. 2nd-6th Parent/Teacher Conference Week

8            9       10                   11          12             13   5th grade       14
                                                                     Magnet Trip
             Picture                                                 Texas Starbase
             Day                                                     Program              **Basketball
15           16          17 Magnet 18                 19 Black       20     5th- Magnet 21
                    nd    rd
             Magnet 2 3 Grade F.T.                    History Program Texas Starbase **Basketball
             Grade F.T. Walmart                       PTA Meeting     Program           game
                                                      6:30pm         Student Council
                         Visitors                                    clean-up Day
22           23          24 SMaRT         25          26             27 K-field Trip to   28
                         Academy Parent                              Science Museum       **Basketball
                         Meeting 6:30pm                              5th grade Magnet Finals
                                                                     Trip Texas
                                                                     Starbase Program
                                                                                      Odyssey of the

             UPCOMING EVENTS IN                MARCH

             March 3rd ...TAKS/TAKSM Reading 3rd & 5th Grade, 4th
             Grade Writing
             March 16-20th ...Spring Break

                                    Newsletter 7

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