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									                                                         (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security,
                                                         Vol. 10, No. 8, August 2012

Elimination of Weak Elliptic Curve Using Order of
                                               Nishant Sinha#1, Aakash Bansal*2
                                                                  School of IT
                                                           CDAC Noida, India
                                                                  School of IT
                                                           CDAC Noida, India

 Abstract-The elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) is a public                 Only the particular user knows the private key where as
key cryptography. The mathematical operations of ECC is                     the public key is distributed to all users taking part in the
defined   over    the   elliptic   curve   y2=x3+ax+b,       where          communication. Public key cryptography, unlike private
4a3+27b2ǂ0. Each value of the ‘a’ and ‘b’ gives a different
                                                                            key cryptography does not require any shared secret
elliptic curve. All points (x,y) which satisfies the above
                                                                            between communicating parties but it is much slower than
equation plus a point at infinity lies on the elliptic curve.
                                                                            private key cryptography which is main drawbacks of
There are certain property of elliptic curve which makes the
cryptography weak. In this paper, we have proposed
                                                                            public key cryptography.

technique which would eliminate such weak property and                      Elliptic curve cryptography is a variant of public key
will make elliptic curve cryptography more secure.                          cryptography which eliminates the drawback of public
                                                                            cryptography. Elliptic curve y2=x3+ax+b, where 4a3+27b2
Keywords: cryptography, security, anomalous curve, discrete                 ǂ0 for which each value of ‘a’ and ‘b’ gives a different
logarithm problem                                                           elliptic curve. In ECC, public key is the point on the curve

                    I INTRODUCTION                                          and private key is a random number. The public key is
                                                                            obtained by multiplying the private key with the generator
Cryptography is the study of “mathematical” systems for                     point G in the curve.
solving two kinds of security problems: privacy and                         One main advantage of ECC is its small size. A 160 bit
authentication [1].Two types of cryptography are present                    key in ECC is considered to be as secured as 1024 bit key
– private key cryptography and public key cryptography.                     in RSA.
In public key cryptography, each user or the device taking
                                                                                         II BACKGROUND KNOWLEDGE
part in the communication generally have a pairs of keys,
a public key and a private key, and a set of operations                     Elliptic Curves
associated with the key to do the cryptographic                             Elliptic curves are not ellipses, instead, they are cubic
operations.                                                                 curves of the form y2 = x3 + ax + b. Elliptic curves over

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                                                             Vol. 10, No. 8, August 2012

    R2 (R2 is the set R x R, where R = set of real numbers) is                  point O, which is the point at infinity and which is the
    defined by the set of points (x, y) which satisfy the                       identity element under addition.
              2    3
    equation y = x + ax + b, along with a point O, which is                     Similar to E(Fp), addition is defined over E(F2m) and we
    the point at infinity and which is the additive identity                    can similarly verify that even E(F2m) forms an abelian
    element. The curve is represented as E(R).                                  group under addition.

    The following figure is an elliptic curve satisfying the
    equation y2 = x3 – 3x + 3 :-
                                                                           B. Advantage of Elliptic Curve Cryptography Over

                                                                                The advantage of elliptic curve over the other public key
                                                                                systems such as RSA, DSA etc is the key strength[2]. The
                                                                                following table     summarizes the key strength of ECC
                                                                                based systems in comparison to other public key schemes.

                                                                                RSA/DSA         Key     ECC Key Length for Equivalent

                                                                                length                  Security

                                                                                1024                    160

                                                                                2048                    224
                  Elliptic curve over R2: y2 = x3 – 3x + 3
                                                                                3072                    256

A. Elliptic Curves over Finite Fields                                           7680                    384

1) Elliptic Curves over Fp: An elliptic curve E(Fp) over a
    finite field Fp is defined by the parameters a, b ∈ Fp (a, b                15360                   512

    satisfy the relation 4a3 + 27b2 ≠ 0), consists of the set of
    points (x, y) ∈ Fp, satisfying the equation y2 = x3 + ax + b.                  Table 1:-Comparison of the key strengths of RSA/DSA and ECC

    The set of points on E(Fp) also include point O, which is
                                                                                From the table it is very clear that elliptic curves offer a
    the point at infinity and which is the identity element
                                                                                comparable amount of security offered by the other
    under addition.
                                                                                popular public key for a much smaller key strength. This

2) Elliptic curves over F2m:An elliptic curve E(F2m) over a                     property of ECC has made the scheme quite popular of

    finite field F2m, is defined by the parameters a, b ∈ F2m,                  late.

    (a, b satisfy the relation 4a3 + 27b2 ≠ 0, b ≠ 0), consists of
    the set of points (x, y) ∈ F2m, satisfying the equation y2 +
    xy = x3 + ax + b. The set of points on E(F2m) also include

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                                                       Vol. 10, No. 8, August 2012

       III   ELLIPTIC CURVE DISCRETE LOGARITHM                             over the finite field Fq with q = pⁿ , n ∈ Z+ and p a
   The strength of the Elliptic Curve Cryptography lies in                 prime. Then there exists a unique             t ∈     Z such that
   the Elliptic Curve Discrete Log Problem (ECDLP). The                    #E(Fq) = q + 1 - t where |t| < 2√q.[4]
   statement of ECDLP is as follows.
                                                                       B. Reducing the problem of computing the order of curve
   Let E be an elliptic curve and P ∈ E be a point of order n.             #E(Fpn) to #E(Fp)
   Given a point Q ∈ E with Q = mP, for a certain m ∈ {2,
                                                                           It tells that if we can compute #E(Fp), then we can
   3, ……, m – 2}.
                                                                           compute #E(F pⁿ) in a direct manner.Let #E(Fp) = p + 1

   Find the m for which the above equation holds.                          - t.

   When E and P are properly chosen, the ECDLP is thought                  Write X2 - t X + p = (X – α) (X – β).

   to be infeasible. Note that m = 0, 1 and m – 1, Q takes the
                                                                           Then αⁿ +βⁿ ∈ Z and #E(F pⁿ) = pⁿ + 1 –(αⁿ +βⁿ) .
   values O, P and – P. One of the conditions is that the
   order of P i.e. n be large so that it is infeasible to check all        If p is a small prime, then it is easy to determine #E(Fp)
   the possibilities of m.                                                 by direct counting or other simple methods.

   The difference between ECDLP and the Discrete                       C. Weak curves
   Logarithm Problem (DLP) is that, DLP though a hard
                                                                       1) Anomalous curve:           The curve E(Fq) is said to be
   problem is known to have a sub exponential time
                                                                           anomalous if # E(Fq) = q. These curves are weak when
   solution, and the solution of the DLP can be computed
                                                                           q=p, the field characteristic.
   faster than that to the ECDLP. This property of Elliptic
   curves makes it favorable for its use in cryptography.
                                                                       2) Supersingular      elliptic    curves: The         MOV(Menezes,

   A direct approach to determining # E(Fq) is to compute z                Okamoto, and Vanstone)           attack     on    elliptic      curves

   = x3 + A x + B for each x ∈ Fq, and then to test if z has a             shows that ECDLP can be reduced to the classical

   square root in Fq. If z = 0, then (x, 0) ∈ E(Fq).                       discrete logarithm problem on some extension field
                                                                           Fqk , for some integer k (k is called the embedding
   If there exists y ∈ Fq such that y2 mod q= z, then (x,y),(x,-           degree or MOV degree). The MOV attack is only
   y) ∈ E(Fq) , else there is no point in E(Fq)with x-                     practical when k is small. For Supersingular elliptic
   coordinate x. So there are at most 2 q + 1 elements in the              curves k<=6.
                                                                       3) Prime-field anomalous curves: If #E(Fp) = p, there is
   A theorem of finite fields states that exactly 1/2 of the               polynomial algorithm solving the ECDLP by lifting the
   non-zero elements of Fq are quadratic residues. So on                   curve and points to Z.
   average, there will be approximately q + 1 elements in
   E(Fq).                                                                  The given properties of weak curve indicate that the order
                                                                           of elliptic curve plays a major role in determining whether
A. Hasse's Theorem                                                         the given curve is weak or not. The Prime-field
                                                                           anomalous curve and anomalous curve where the order of
   The following theorem, first proved by Helmut Hasse,
   told bounds on # E(Fq) . Let # E(Fq) be an elliptic curve

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                                                                                                    ISSN 1947-5500
                                                          (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security,
                                                          Vol. 10, No. 8, August 2012

    curve is a prime number can be identified with the help of               that if the value of x1 is put in the equation x3 + ax + b
    Lagrange’s Theorem and Hasse’s Theorem.                                  then it will be equal to zero.

                                                                                    Because of these reasons, in step 1 of the algorithm
                                                                             the solution of equation x3 + ax + b = 0 is determined and
                  IV    PROPOSED APPROACH
                                                                             check wether the solution lies in the field in which elliptic

A. Lagrange’s Theorem                                                        curve is defined.

    If G is a finite group and H is a subgroup of G, then |H|
                                                                        D. Facts derived from above algorithm
    divides |G| i.e. order of subgroup H will divides the order
    of group G and the order of each element of the group
                                                                        1) The set of points E(Fq) is a finite abelian group. It is
    divides the order of the group [5].
                                                                             always cyclic or the product of two cyclic groups. For
    By using the above theorem an algorithm is developed to
                                                                             example the curve defined by                                   over
    examine that the curve may have the property of
                                                                             F71 has 72 points (71 affine points including (0,0) and one
    Anomalous curve and Prime-field anomalous curve.
                                                                             point at infinity) over this field, whose group structure is
                                                                             given by Z/2Z × Z/36Z.
B. Proposed Algorithm
                                                                                           If the order of elliptic curve is prime then
    Step 1:- Find the solution of Equation x + ax + b=0                      according to fundamental theorem of finite abelian group
    which is the right hand side portion of general elliptic                 it is isomorphic to Zn where n is prime and it is always
    cuve equation y2 = x3 + ax + b.                                          cyclic group.

    Step 2:- Determine whether the solution of the above
                                                                        2) If the order of elliptic curve is prime then every point of
    equation lies in the field where elliptic curve equation is
                                                                             elliptic curve can play the role of generator in elliptic
                                                                             curve cryptography.
    Step 3:- If the solution exist in the the field then there is
    atleast a point (x1, y1) of order two i.e. 2(x1, y1)=0 which        3) The elliptic curve which has points of order 2 signifies
    indicate that order of the elliptic curve can not be a prime             that the order of elliptic curve is even number which
    number.                                                                  reduces the range of Hasse’s bound theorem which tells
                                                                             that order of the elliptic curve #E(Fq) = q + 1 - t where
C. Correctness of above algorithm
                                                                             |t| < 2√q .

    If there is a point (x1, y1) of order two lies on the elliptic
    curve, then (x1, y1)      + (x1, y1) = 0 which is point at
    infinity.This implifies that (x1, y1) = - (x1, y1).                                           V CONCLUSION

    From the arithmetic of elliptic curve, it is known that -                For efficient implementation of ECC, it is important that
    (x1, y1) is a point which is mirror image of (x1, y1) with               there must be some constraints on order of the elliptic
    respect to X-axis. So (x1, y1) = - (x1, y1) is true only when            curve. In our study, we have found that there are some
    the Y-coordinates of (x1, y1) is equal to zero. It indicate              curves which are not suitable for elliptic curve

                                                                     51                              http://sites.google.com/site/ijcsis/
                                                                                                     ISSN 1947-5500
                                                            (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security,
                                                            Vol. 10, No. 8, August 2012

cryptography because of their weak properties. These
weak properties are based on the order of the elliptic
curve. We have developed procedure which can identify
prime-field anomalous curves which is weak and not
suitable for cryptography .The proposed procedure also
reduces the range of order of the elliptic curve by half.


The authors would like to thank the anonymous reviewers
for the valuable comments that have significantly
improved the paper quality. They would also like to
thanks their respective head of departments for the
selfless guidance which encourage them to do this


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                                                                           52                          http://sites.google.com/site/ijcsis/
                                                                                                       ISSN 1947-5500

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