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thesis of all sub till 8aug 2011 by s0SQ41


									                                          List of Thesis, Available in Pokhara University, R

S. N.      Barcode   Title
         1 Th080     Developent of oral peptide drug delivery systems
                     Comparative stability of amlodipine besylate and
         2 TH076     atenolol in multi-component tablest.....
                     Liposomes with capsaicin, chili extract and chili powder:
         3 TH71      characeterization

                     Assessment of efficacy and saftey of tab, Losartan 50
         4 Th175     mg Thrapy in de Novo ambulatory hypertensive patient

         5 Th121     Determinants of teenage pregnancy in Nepal
         6 TH100
         7 Th263     Tourism Dynamic Nepal
                     Women's Autonomy and utilization of Maternal Health
         8 Th270     Service
                     CAmpus Girls, Response Towards Gender
         9 TH123     Discrimination
                     The socio Economic Constraints of Older People
        10 TH272     Health Condition

        11 Th103     Micro Finance and Women Empowerment in Sarankot
                     Synthesis of 2-thienyl-4 Furyl-6 aryl- pyridine derivatives
        12 TH088     and evaluation of their antitumor activity
                     A study of adverse drug reactions caused by second
        13 Th176     line anti-tubercular drugs used in Nepal
                     Socio-Demographic Characteristics of Female Sex
                     Workers their Perspectives, Behaviors and attitude on
        14 th265     HIV and AIDS.
                     Utilization and assessment of self medication in
        15 Th177     pokhara valley
                     Use of cardiac biomarkers for the detection of
                     myocardial infarcction among .....: a thesis bachelor
        16 TH287     degree
                     Urinary tract infection and antibiotic susceptibility
                     pattern among suspected female patients....: a thesis
        17 Th157     for bachelors degree
        18 Th 163
                     Participation of Dalit in community Development
        19 Th266     Activities and Discrimination
                     Synthesis of novel 2,4,6-trisubstituted pyridine
                     derivatives and their rigid analogues as antitumor
        20 Th268     agents
                     Foreign labor migration and remittance: a case study of
        21 Th117     armala VDC of Kaski district)
                     Socioeconomic and Demographic characteristics of
        22 Th101     hindu and muslim
                     Gendered position of factory women workers: a case
        23 TH120     study of pokhara Industrial estate
           Spousal powerrelation in decision making at household
24 Th105   leevel
           Socio Economic status and barriers against access to
25 TH119   opportunities of the disabled people
           Labor migration and its socio-edonomic impats: a case
26 TH122   study of arva village development committee
           Decision making power of rural women: a case study of
27 TH118   medep in parbat district
28 TH098   Factors influncing decision on female sterilization
           Women,s skilled participation in tourism industry;a case
29 Th162   in pokhara
           Prevalence of household level gender discrimination: a
           study among the school going adolescents in bhalam
30 TH273   V.D.C of Kaski
31 Th271   Factors influencing decision on female sterilization
           Determinants of maternal health service utilization in
           Nepal: results from nepal demographic and health
32 Th275   survery, 2006
33 Th276   Situational analysis of street child rag pickers
           Modern female Temporary hormonal contraaceptives
34 Th108   and their health Effects ...
           Campus Girl's Response towards Gender
35 TH179   Discrimination
           Loan management and recovery ;a case study of
36 TH285   Nepal Bank Limited
           Measuring Advertising Effectiveness the active
37 TH03    response scale
38 Th109   Antibiotic prophyla
           Antioxidative and antidiabetic activity testing of bark of
           holarrhena pubescens wall: a thesis for bachelor's
39 Th158   degree
           Pattern of widal agglutination reaction in apparently
           healthy populaiton of western development region,
40 Th160   Nepal
           Liposomal and ethosomal topical delivery systems for
           indomethacin: preparation and characterization: a
41 Th156   thesis for bachelor's degree

42 TH065   A study on the traditional medicines of western Nepal
           Formulation, in-vitro evaluation and optimization
43 Th173   oforodispersible tablets of salbutamol sulphate
           Prescribing and sensitivity patterns of antimicrobials in
44 TH174   umcomplicated urinary tract infections in females
           A prospective surveillance of drug prescribing and
           dispensing in a teaching hospital in western Nepal: a
45 Th090   thesis for bachelor's degress
           Lipsomes with capsaicin, chil extract and chili powder:
46 TH071   characterization
           Development of oral mucoadhesive peptide drug
47 Th074   delivery systems: a thesis for bachelor's degreee
           Natural skin whitening agents: screenig and formulation
48 TH069   athesis of master's degree
49 TH295   Single women in kaski district
50 TH296   Empowerment of Female teachers
           interplaying factors in the entry to sexual work and its
51 TH297   impact
           Lesbian gay bisexual, transgender and inter sexual and
52 Th298   their socio economic status
           Job satisfaction and discrimination of dalits in
53 TH299   development organization

54 Th300   Capital structure and its determinants a case Nepal
           A study on deprived sector lending policy of commercial
           banks of Nepal with special reference to micro
55 TH301   financing approaches
           Implementation of pillar of basel iiin Nepal;its impact
56 TH302   and challenges

57 P022    Stock price behavior and investment decision in Nepal
           Assessment and analysis of customer satisficaiton with
           service delivery of cellular mobile network operators in
58 Th293   kathmandu valley

59 Th305   Financial institution in Nepal prospect and challenges
60 Th303   Brand preference of beer in Kathmandu Valley
61 Th304   Cross sections of common stock returns
           Comparative analysis on customer satisfaction among
62 Th306   local and joint ventures in Nepal
           Analysis of liquidity and profitability position of
63 Th307   commerical banks of Nepal
           Socio economic status and barriers agains access to
64 Th308   opportounities of the disabled people
           Brand preference of mobile phones in Kathmandu
65 Th309   Valley
66 Th310   Brand preference of beer in Kathmandu Valley
67 Th311   Investor's awareness in nepalese stock market
           A study on market potential of solar PV in Kathmandu
68 Th312   Valley
           A study on distribution system of NEBICO: national
69 TH010   biscuits and confectioneries
70 TH313
           A study of nonperforming assets of Nepalese
71 Th315   commericial banks in Nepal
           Single women in Kaski district: their socio-economic
72 Th264   status and empowerment
, Available in Pokhara University, Recorded, till 8 Aug, 2011

       Author                                 Call No          Copyright DatePlace      Subject
                                              ARY-d 615.007
       Aryal, Bishnu Prasad | Karn, Pankaj Rajan                       2005 Lekhnath

       Aryal, Sajjan Kumar                   ARY-c 615.007             2007 Lekhnath

       Thapa, Bindu                          THA-l 615.007             2005 Lekhnath

       Khanal, Biraj                         KHA-a 615.007             2010 Lekhnath

       Thapa, Madhu Kumar                    THA-d 305.48              2010 Lekhnath
       Neupane Buddhi Prasad                 Neu-d 305.48              2008 Lekhnath
       Paneru, Nil Prasad                    PAN-t 300.072             2001 Lekhnath

       Paudel, Deepak Raj                    PQAU-w 305.48             2006 Lekhnath

       Sharma Gandhi Prasad                  SHA-c 305.48              2010 Lekhnath

       Doranga Tank                          DOR-s 305.072             2007 Lekhnath

       Koirala Roshani                       KOI-m 305.48              2006 Lekhnath

       Thapa, Pritam                         THA-s 615.007             2007 Lekhnath

       Sigdel, Madan                         SIG-s 615.007             2010

       Nepali Bobin                          NEP-s 300.72              2007 Lekhnath

       Udas, Bishal | Kandel, Govinda | Baral, Kamal 615.007           2010 Kekthnath

       Magar, Namrata Thapa                  MAG-u 616.075             2010 Lekhnath

       Thapa, Laxmi | Parajuli, Nirma        THA-u 615.75              2010
       Lamichhane Jwala                      LAM-d 300.072             2008 Lekhnath

       Baral Madhab Chandra                  BAR-p 305.48              2008 Lekhnath

       Thapa, Pritam                         THA-s 615.007             2010

       Gurung, Shardha                       GUR-f 304.8072            2010 Lekhnath

       Shukla Kumud                          SHU-s 305.48              2006 Lekhnath

       Gurung, Deepa                         GUR-g 305.48              2009 Lekhnath
Magar Manish Kumar Jarga                MAG-s 300.72       2009 Lekhnath

Dhamala Radha Krishna                   DHA-s 305.072      2009 Lekhnath

Karki, Shambhu Kumar                    KAR-l 305.072      2010 Lekhnath

Gurung, Binu Kumari                     GUR-d 305.48       2009 Lekhnath
Thapa Nirupa                            THA-f 305.48       2007 Lekhnath

Malla, Tek Bahadur                      MAL-w 300.072      2008 Lekhnath

Paudel, Anil                            PAU-p 305.072      2008 Lekhnath
Thapa Nirupa                            THA-f 305.48       2007 Lekhnath

Lamichhane, Jwala                       LAM-d 305.48       2008 Lekhnath
Thapa, Arjun Kumar                      THA-s 305.072      2007 Lekhnath

Thapaliya, Madhav                       THA-m 305.48       2009 Lekhnath

Sharma, Gandhi Prasad                   SHA-c 305.48       2010 Lekhnath

Barali Ulina                            BAR-l 658.072      2007 Lekhnath

Sharma , Anand Vijay                    SHA-m 658.0072     2002 Lekhnath
Bhandari, Bishrawa | Adhikari, Kapil    BHA-a 615.007      2009 Lekhnath

Shrestha, Aasmin                        SHR-a 615.007      2010 Lekhnath

Parajuli, Amit Kumar | Shrestha, Nischal et. al. 615.007   2010 Lekhnath

Sah, Ajay Kumar                         SAH-l 615.007      2008 Lekhnath

Banstola, Ashik                         BAN-s 615.007      2008 Lekhnath

Gautam, Jamuna | Kandel, Jamuna         GAU-f 615.007      2010 Lekhnath

Sah, Om Prakash                         SAH-p 615.007      2010 Lekthnath

                                       NEP-p 615.007
Nepal, Prabha | Ghimire, Saurav | Bhandari, Sushil         2008 Lekhnath

Thapa, Bindu                            THA-l 615.007      2005 Lekhnath

Upadhyay, Mahesh | Bhusal, Prabhat      UPA-d 615.007      2006 Lekkhnath

Adhikari, Anjana                        ADH-n 615.007      2007 Lekhnath
Sharma Samjhana            SHA-s 305.48     2011 Lekhnath
Gurung, Lina               GUR-e 305.48     2008 Lekhnath

Dhungel, Amit              DHU-i 305.48     2010 Lekhnath

Sapkota, Trilochen         SAP-l 305.072    2010 Lekhnath

Nepali prem                NEP-j 305.072    2011 Lekhnath

Pradhan, Ritu              PRA-c 658.072    2011 Kathmandu

Tiwari, Trishula           TIW-s 658.072    2011 Kathmandu

Kayastha, Uttara           KAY-i 658.072    2011 Kathmand

Dahal, Sulochana           DAH-s 658.072    2007 Kathmandu

Sherpa, Sarita             SHE-a 658.072    2011 Kathmandu

Tripathi, Satyendra Mani   TRI-f 658.072    2010 Kathmandu
Agrawal, Jayshree          AGR-b 658.072    2011 Kathmandu
Gupta, Dinika              GUP-c 658.072    2011 Kathmandu

Lama, Parbati              LAM-c 658.072    2011 Kathmandu

Shrestha, Suraj            SHR-a 658.072    2011 Kathmandu

Dhamala, Radha Krishna     PAU-s 304.8072   2009 Lekhnath

Shakya, Raj Kishore        SHA-b 658.072    2011 Kathmandu
Agrawal, Jayshree          AGR-b 658.072    2011 Kathmandu
Shrestha, Situ             SHR-i 658.072    2011 Kathmandu

Maskey, Shraddha           MAS-s 658.072    2011 Kathmandu

Dahal, Khim Lal            DAH-s 658.072    2000 Kathmandu
Thapa, Jipesh              THA-s 658.072    2007 Kathmandu

Rana, Shama                RAN-s 658.072    2011 Kathmandu

Sharma, Samjhana           SHA-s 305.48     2011 Lekhnath
Item Type Notes
THE       Pharmacy | Drug | Drug delivery

THE       Thesis | Pharmacy thesis | Amlodipine | Multi-component

THE       Pharamcy Theis | Pharamcy | Pharamacy research

THE       Pharmacy Research | Dissertation of pharmacy | Research

THE       Thesis | Women studies | Teenage pregnancy | Nepalese women studies
THE       Thesis | Women studies | Gender studies | Fertility | Women
THE       Thesis

THE       Thesis | Women autonomy | Health services

THE       Thesis | Gender study | Women | Gender discrimination

THE       Thesis | Socio-economic study | Research

THE       Thesis | Women empowerment | Micro finance

THE       Pharmacy | Pharmacy thesis | Pharmacy research | Dissertation

THE       Dissertation | Pharmacy thesis | Pharmacy thesis bachelor

THE       Thesis | HIV report | AIDS/HIV

THE       Dissertation | Pharamacy research

THE       Dissertation | medical laboratory technology | Research report

THE       Medical laboratory technology | Thesis
THE       Thesis

THE       Thesis

THE       Dissertation | PHD thesis of pharmacy | Antitumor agents

THE       Social sciences research | Labor migration | Foregin
          women studies | Dissertation | Demographic study | Hindu and muslim
THE       women

THE       Women studies | Thesis | Factory women worker
      Thesis | Social Science Research | Sociology | Ethnic migration study |
THE   Migration

THE   studies of of the disable people

THE   Dissertatation | Labor migration | Social science research

THE   Dissertation of MPGD | Women studies
THE   women studies | Women studies research

THE   Tourism studies | Women studies | Dissertation

THE   Social group | Dissertation
THE   Women studies

THE   Maternal health
THE   Women studies | Dissertation | Street child

THE   Women study in pokhara

THE   Dissertation | Women studies | Gender discrimination

THE   Banking Study

THE   Financial Research
THE   Dissertation | Pharmacy research | Antibiotic prophylaxix

THE   Pharmacy research | Dissertation | Antioxidative | Antioxidative

THE   Pharmacy research | Pharmacy | Dissertation

THE   Pharmacy Research | Dissertation | Lipsomal
      Pharmacy research | Dissertation | Traditional medicine | Indigenous
THE   knowledge | Western Nepal

THE   Pharmacy research | Dissertation | Ordispersible tablets | Salbutamol

THE   Research | Pharmacy research | Dissertation

THE   Pharmacy research | Dissertation | Pharmacy

THE   Pharmacy research | Bomedical science

THE   Pharmacy research | Dissertation | Drug delivery

THE   Pharmacy research | Dissertaiton | Natural skin
      Women studies | Socio-economic status | Single women | Women
THE   empowerment
THE   women studies | Dissertation | Women empowerment

THE   Women studies

THE   Study in socio economic

THE   Job satisfication | Dalit studies

THE   Capital structure | Management Thesis

THE   Management research | Commercial bank

THE   Management research | Dissertation

THE   Management research | Stock price behavior

THE   Management research | Customer satisfication | Net work operation

THE   Management research | Dissertation MBA | Financial institution
THE   Management research | Brand preferences
THE   Management research | Dissertation MBA | Stock returns

THE   Management research | Dissertation | Customer satisfication

THE   Management research | Dissertation | Commerical banks

THE   Social science research | Gender and development | Dissertation

THE   Management research | Mobile studies
THE   Management research | Beer Brand | Dissertation
THE   Management research | Nepalse stock market

THE   Management research | Management research | Market Analysis

THE   Management research | Dissertation | Biscutis company studies
THE   Management research | Stock price | Security market

THE   Management research | Commercial bank | Dissertation

THE   Social science research | Single women studies

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