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                                                  fall 2010

         Extraordinary reach.
                Unconditional care.

A FIRST FOR New YORk                                            SCO BRINGS eARLY                      INSIDE
Westbrook Preparatory School for Teens                          HeAD START TO                  Tribute to Bob McMahon
with High Functioning Autism                                    BROwNSVILLe,                   College Packs
After over 2 years of planning and the efforts of countless
Autism advocates, SCO Family of Services will open              BROOkLYN                       The Christopher School
the first residential school in the state of New York for       SCO has opened an Early        Save the Date
adolescents with Asperger’s syndrome, high functioning          Head Start program in
                                                                Brownsville, Brooklyn, an area
                                                                                               COA Re-Accreditation
autism and related conditions. Westbrook Preparatory
School will open its doors in January, giving 24 bright,        that suffers from one of the   Upcoming Events
yet fragile teens and their families a school specifically      highest poverty rates in New
designed to meet their needs close to home.                     York City. Early Head Start
                                                                offers childcare and parenting support to low-income
Located in Westbury, Long Island, Westbrook will offer          families with young children. It gives them the tools they
a therapeutic, residential experience integrated with an        need to help their children succeed.
academic program individually attuned to each student’s
unique strengths and challenges. The school will teach
students independence while preparing them for post
secondary education, employment and life in
the community.

Westbrook Preparatory School was the dream of a group
of experts in the field of autism, many of them parents of
children with autism. Their children went to residential
high schools in other states where they were able to
flourish. Inspired by this success, the group teamed up
with SCO to replicate and enhance the model right here
on Long Island.
                                                                “Before enrolling in Early Head Start, a mom had to bring
“For our kids, there is a small window of opportunity. If we
                                                                her 8-month old son to work with her every day because she
create the kind of school that makes the most of that moment,
                                                                couldn’t afford a babysitter. Her son sat in a stroller while she
we can change their lives forever. My son had that experience
                                                                worked. Now her son receives the care and stimulation all
in Connecticut, now we want to make it available right here
                                                                babies need. Early Head Start has changed their lives.”
on Long Island.” – Maureen Holohan, Parent and Governing
                                                                —Ebony Hill, Early Head Start Home-Based Teacher
Body Member.

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                                                             SCO FAMILY OF SeRVICeS DeDICATeS
children from Across the Agency                              SeA CLIFF CAMPUS AS THe ROBeRT J.
pay tribute to Bob mcmahon                                   McMAHON CHILDReN’S CeNTeR
as they say goodbye                                          In October, SCO’s Board of Directors dedicated our Sea Cliff,
                                                             Long Island campus in recognition of Bob McMahon’s 37 years
                                                             of extraordinary and caring leadership.

This poem is for you Bob, a man that is true.
                                                             With the announcement of his retirement this past summer,
Puttin’ in years of his life to an agency we knew.           the Board wanted to ensure that Bob’s legacy as a steadfast and
St. Christopher Ottilie staff and kids will miss             dynamic guardian of children and families would live on. Indeed,
you dearly.                                                  Bob developed SCO from a 56-bed residential program in Sea
We hope your life is great and worldly.                      Cliff, with a budget of less than $1,000,000, to become one of
Sometime people have to move on,                             the largest, most diverse and most respected child welfare
But that don’t mean their love is gone.                      agencies in the nation. SCO is, today, one of the unquestioned
I wish you the best and success in all that you do,          leaders in working to strengthen families to keep their children
And please remember me, Joseph, a young man who              safely at home.
will make it too.

                                         — Joseph
                                                             Since the 1970s, during Bob’s tenure, SCO has cared for tens of
                                                             thousands of children and families – a scale almost unsurpassed
                                                             across the country – responding to and meeting the complex
                                                             needs that often exist within a single family, from developmental
                                                             disabilities, mental health and child welfare to schools and school-
                                                             based services, to name a few. Bob McMahon has positioned
                                                             SCO, through its diverse funding streams and agency capacity, to
                                                             partner with city and state agencies to address social problems as
                                                             they emerge, from the closing of Willowbrook in the 1970s and the
                                                             boarder baby crisis during the crack epidemic in the 1980s to the
                                                             rising tide of homelessness in New York City in the 1990s.

 Children from SCO’s St. Christopher’s Home presented Bob
                                                             Under Bob’s leadership, SCO Family of Services’ Center for Family
 McMahon with a special plaque from the Howard F. Treiber    Life has gained national recognition as a model for the integration
 Memorial Golf Committee in recognition of his 37 years of   of family development, youth work and community building, and
 caring for New York’s most vulnerable.
                                                             serves as an inspiration for many preventive and community
                                                             service programs throughout the country.
Dear Bob,                                                    Upon announcing his retirement to staff, Bob said “Since words
You are respectful, kind and a hardworking man and
                                                             cannot begin to capture my deep gratitude for the privilege of leading
you come to work with a smile. Everybody is going to
miss you. One day I will be just like you, a hardworking
                                                             SCO and working with each of you, I can only hope that you know and
and respectful young man. Bob you inspired so many           accept my deepest thanks and best wishes for the continued success of a
people like staff and kids. All I got to say is thank you    truly wonderful organization.”
for working in SCO for so many years. Everybody is
going to miss you and always remember you.                   Bob will leave SCO with the love and admiration of a grateful
                                                             Board and staff, as well as the respect of friends and colleagues.
                                         —Love, J.H.         Most of all, he will know that he has made a tremendous difference
                                                             in the lives of thousands of children and families across the region.

                                                             The child welfare community is far richer for his vision and
 Extraordinary reach.                                        dedication to doing the very best for children. Always the children.

      Unconditional care.

SCO College Bound Students “Feel the Love”
in Donated Care Packages
Starting college can be an overwhelming experience for
anyone. Imagine doing it without any family support. For
many of our young people, that’s just what they face.
But thanks to SCO’s caring volunteers, our college bound
students are heading off with “college packs” – care
packages filled with school and dormitory essentials
and a whole lot of TLC.

“I don’t feel neglected anymore. I miss my mom but this
is my family.”
— Orayne, Independence Inn resident now a student
at Manhattanville College.

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Specially trained teachers make home visits to teach
pregnant women proper prenatal care and parenting skills
so their babies will have the best chance at a healthy
start in life. The childcare program gives kids the chance
to develop creatively and socially as they participate in a        College bound student Orayne showing off his “college pack” donated by
variety of activities with other kids. Early Head Start is a       the SCO Fashion Show Committee and the SCO Ladies Auxiliary.
wonderful addition to the three early childhood programs
SCO already offers in Brownsville.

  In an effort to bring New York City children with special
  needs back from placements in out-of-state residential
  schools, SCO will open The Christopher School in late
  fall. Located in the Bronx, The Christopher School is
  a 12-month therapeutic residential school that serves
  children with developmental disabilities who require 24-
  hour supervision. Its location will allow them to maintain
  close contact with their families and communities.

  The children currently attend out-of-state schools, some
  as far away as Delaware and Massachusetts, putting a
  strain on normal family relationships.

  “Parents currently have to travel on weekends, at great
  expense in terms of time and money, but also at the expense      The Christopher School will provide a safe, nurturing
  of the rest of their family. The Christopher School will bring   home environment as well as an integrated educational
  these families closer together.” — Susan Moran, Assistant        experience. Moreover, when children reach age 21, SCO
  Executive Director                                               will help them find the proper adult placement to meet
                                                                   their needs.

                                                                                         SAVE THE DATE!
                                                                                         The 2010 Shepherd’s Ball
                                                                                         Thursday, December 2, 2010
                                                                                         Crest Hollow Country Club
                                                                                         Woodbury, NY

                                                                                         Plans are underway for this year’s Shepherd’s
                                                                                         Ball honoring Stanley Bergman, Marion
                                                                                         Bergman MD MPA and Jost Fischer. Stanley
Over 400 people came out to honor Grace (right) and Michele Del Gadio and support        Bergman is Chairman and Chief Executive
SCO Family of Services at the annual SCO Spring Fashion Show. This year’s event raised
more money than ever before to help the children and families in SCO’s care.             Officer of Henry Schein, Inc. Marion Bergman
                                                                                         MD MPA, is the Healthcare Projects Director
                                                                                         for Miracle Corners of the World, Inc., and
                                                                                         former Medical Director of Respiratory Care
                                                                                         Services for Brookhaven Memorial Hospital.
                                                                                         Jost Fischer is Chairman, President and Chief
                                                                                         Executive Officer of Sirona Dental.

                                                                                         For more information about this year’s
                                                                                         Shepherd’s Ball, please contact Kristen
                                                                                         Caserta - 516.671.1253 or Kathy Sullivan -
                                                                                         631.643.8800 or visit our website

“J&S Dancers” performs onstage at Radio City Music Hall as part of Garden of Dreams’
“City of Dreams” spring talent show. They were among the top acts from SCO’s Family
Dynamics program’s “Teen Idol” competition that got to perform in front of friends and
family on Radio City’s Great Stage.

                                                                                         Steven Kess and Howard Stapler of Henry Schein, Inc. (above)
                                                                                         and Jost Fischer of Sirona Dental (below) visit the Tyree Learning
                                                                                         Center, SCO’s school for developmentally disabled children.

The Madonna Heights Spirit Award was presented to Sally Connors and Sally Rose at
the 30th Anniversary Madonna Heights Ladies Golf Classic. This award honors women
who have made a profound impact on the community and the women and girls served
by SCO’s Madonna Heights programs.

SCO ReCOGNIZeD AS AN                                                HOwARD F. TReIBeR MeMORIAL
OUTSTANDING SeRVICe                                                 GOLF OPeN
This summer, SCO Family of Services
was re-accredited and recognized as an
outstanding service provider by the Council
on Accreditation (COA). Every four years,
SCO undergoes a rigorous review process
by COA, an international, independent, non-
profit organization that sets standards of “Best
Practice” for other non-profit agencies. COA’s
evaluation team conducted a detailed review
of SCO, visiting program sites throughout the                       Event Co-Chair Dennis Hackett and Craig Hetherington on the 8th green at The Creek.
agency. They were deeply impressed. COA
Team Leader Jim Ottesen summed it up, “Keep
doing what you’re doing.”

“This affirmation by our peers from other agencies
is extremely gratifying. It recognizes the incredible
commitment of our staff and our Board. This is a
tremendous achievement and everyone involved
should feel very, very proud!”
 – Robert J. McMahon, SCO Executive Director

HeLP THe CHILDReN                                                   Phil Medaglia, SCO Board Member Douglas Schloss, Marc Weingarten and Richard
                                                                    Schloss at The Creek.

 Here they come! Over 300 runners participated in this year’s SCO   Pat Hall, Event Co-Chair Thomas Fanning and Tom Walsh at the post golf dinner at
 Peter Speranza 5K Run to Help the Children on September 4th in     Meadow Brook Club.
 Sea Cliff.

  Melina Fazzolari-Napoli, Multisystemic Therapy Supervisor for SCO Family of Services’ Juvenile Justice Initiative (JJI)
  program in Queens, has won MST Services’ 2010 Whatever It Takes Award for her outstanding performance serving
  Queens at-risk youth. JJI is an intensive family- and community-based treatment model proven to have positive
  effects on serious, violent and chronic juvenile offenders. Melina is one of over 550 MST Supervisors internationally.

                                                                                                                                   Non-Profit Org.
                                       SCO Family of Services                                                                        U.S. Postage
                                       Executive Offices                                                                                 PAID
                                       1 Alexander place                                                                            Permit No. 20
                                       glen cove, nY 11542                                                                        Sea Cliff, NY 11579
                                       t 718.895.2555 • 516.671.1253
                                       e w
SCO Family of Services works with New York’s most
vulnerable-those striving to overcome the devastating
impact of poverty, neglect, abuse, or developmental and
mental challenges. We respond to moments of crisis and
prevent crises before they occur with a comprehensive
array of services. We give individuals and families
the support and tools needed for a healthy, stable,
and successful future, building stronger communities
throughout the area.
For more than 100 years, SCO has played a vital role for
the people of New York City and Long Island. We have
an extraordinary reach and depth of knowledge, and we
maximize scarce resources to provide unconditional,
effective, personalized care.
To learn more about SCO Family of Services,
visit us online at
                 Donate online at
                                                                  or visit
                                                                  516.671.1253 x113 or Kathy Sullivan at 631.643.8800
                                                                  For more information, call Kristen Caserta at
                                                                   New York Rangers. Event details to follow.
                                                                   goal against child abuse and neglect with members of The
                                                                        Family Dynamics New York Rangers Event Score a               February 9, 2011
                                                                       Wheatley Plaza stores during these three days.
                                                                       shopping at participating Americana Manhasset and
                                                                       December 2-4. Help support SCO by doing your holiday
                                                                       Champions for Charity® Holiday Shopping Benefit is
                                                                       Champions for Charity Americana Manhasset                 December 2-4, 2010
                                                                       Crest Hollow Country Club in Woodbury.
                                                                       and Jost Fischer will be held Thursday, December 2nd at
           HElp A CHIlD.
                                                                       honoring Stanley Bergman, Marion Bergman, MD MPA
                                                                        Shepherd’s Ball The 24th Annual SCO Shepherd’s Ball       December 2, 2010
   MAke A DIFFeReNCe.
       THIS HOLIDAY SEASON,                                                                                     EVENT                          DATE
                                                                             upcoming events

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