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					                                                BREAKDOWN OF LESSON PLANS
                                                YEAR: 9
                                                PROJECT: Cushions

LESSON                         ACTIVITY                                   RESOURCES            HEALTH + SAFETY               ILP
         Intro project. Show examples of cushions. Intro artist      Hundertwasser sheets
         Hundertwasser show examples of work. Demo                   Cushion
  1      examples and techniques. Students to start on design        A3 paper
         work from artist. A3 paper design border                    Fine-liners
         Cont and finish design work (2 designs in colour).          Hundertwasser sheets                               Intro task 1
  2      Choose final design for silk – draw out final design.       Colours
         20cm²                                                       A3 sheets
         Complete final design. Demo silk painting and use of        Silk                    Safe use of equipment
         gutta. Show paint techniques. Stress care and               Silk frame              and resources
  3      presentation. Students to practice section of their final   Gutta
         design 10cm² - use card frame.                              Silk paints + brushes
         Recap silk painting techniques. Demo quilting and           Sewing machine          Safe use and set up of     Task 2
         sewing techniques. Complete a sample mount and              Samples                 sewing machine             H/W to buy
  4      evaluate. Students to draw design in pencil on silk –
         begin gutta
         Complete gutta for design and begin painting.               Silk                    Safe use of equipment      H/W to buy
         Students to buy their fabric – explain how to buy fabric    Silk frame              and resources              fabric
  5      and how much and where.                                     Gutta
                                                                     Silk paints + brushes
                                                                     Machines                                         Task 3
  6      Complete painting. Dry sample. Quilt and embellish          Decoration – beads,                              H/W to buy
         design panel.                                               threads etc
         Continue to embellish designs.                              Machines                Safe use of scissors and H/W to buy
  7      Gifted or talented – demo machine stitching or              Decoration – beads,     sewing machine           fabric
         embroidery                                                  threads etc
         Demo border - cut border panels where appropriate.          Newsprint               Safe use of scissors and   Task 4
  8      Design template for measurements.                           Scissors                sewing machine
         Demo setting up the sewing machine                          Sewing machine          Safe use of all
  9      Students to cut out fabric for borders                      Scissors                equipment
         Demo sewing border to small groups as required              Pins
     Begin sewing cushion                              Sewing machine   Safe use of all   Task 5
                                                       Scissors         equipment

     Continue sewing cushion                           Sewing machine   Safe use of all
11                                                     Scissors         equipment

     Complete sewing cushion                           Sewing machine   Safe use of all   Task 6
12                                                     Scissors         equipment         Complete all
     Evaluate practical work
     Write a questionnaire for students to fill in
13   between them to evaluate cushion. Students to
     be made aware of the KS3 descriptors.
     Students to write up what others think of their                                      Hand in
14   cushion and add their own evaluation.                                                completed ILP
     Collect in completed ILP
     Digital photos of groups work. Finish all work.
15   Mark.

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