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									  You re Hired! How To Find the Job You Want in Less Than 14 Days!
                          By Bryan A. Jones

How To Find the Job You Want in
     Less Than 14 Days!


                       Bryan A. Jones

            Copyright 2005 by e-Life Publishing Company
                   All rights reserved worldwide

              You re Hired! How To Find the Job You Want in Less Than 14 Days!
                                      By Bryan A. Jones

                                      TABLE OF CONTENTS
TABLE OF CONTENTS....................................................................................... 2

ABOUT THE AUTHOR ........................................................................................ 3

INTRODUCTION.................................................................................................. 5

JOB ALERTS ...................................................................................................... 8

GET HIRED BY A TEMPORARY SERVICE...................................................... 18

CONTACT MANAGERS, VICE PRESIDENTS AND CEO S............................. 19

CONSIDER A HOME-BASED JOB ................................................................... 20

RESUMES AND COVER LETTERS.................................................................. 22

OTHER AVENUES ............................................................................................ 24
  CB MALL .......................................................................................................... 25
  1000 WAYS TO MAKE MONEY ........................................................................... 27
  EMERGENCY CASH GENERATORS ....................................................................... 28
  ADDITIONAL RESOURCES ................................................................................... 31
   Start A Catering Business ............................................................................ 31
   Start A Bed and Breakfast Business ............................................................ 31
   Office Cleaning Business ............................................................................. 31
   How To Start a Lawn Care Business............................................................ 31
   Starting Your Own Home Daycare Business................................................ 31
   You Can Become at Consultant ................................................................... 31
   Work At Home Jobs Directory ...................................................................... 31
   Step-by-Step Guide for Starting Your Own Translation Business ................ 31
   Job Search Software Program ..................................................................... 31
   Sports Team Jobs ........................................................................................ 31
   51 Ways to Find Your Next Job Fast!........................................................... 31

          You re Hired! How To Find the Job You Want in Less Than 14 Days!
                                  By Bryan A. Jones

                              About The Author

Bryan Jones is extremely happy to be married to Stephanie, his wife of 25 years.
They are the blessed parents of 12 children (five boys and seven girls) and
grandparents of four grandchildren.

Bryan has served in a variety of positions and industries and he has become
proficient in gaining and creating jobs for himself and others. He has successfully
served and worked as an avionics technician in the aviation industry; an
electronics technician, a network analyst, a systems consultant and a systems
administrator in the information technology and telecommunications industries; a
pastor, Bible teacher, musician and corporate administrator in the religious and
non-profit arenas; an appraiser apprentice and a field inspector in the real estate
and insurance industries; a teacher assistant and an administrator in the
educational arena; and finally a published author and business consultant in the
internet marketing industry.

Bryan s passion is helping those in need, especially those who have lost financial
and economic capacity to live successful lives. Bryan believes that with the right
instruction and direction ANYONE can find sources of income and a sense of
fulfillment above and beyond what they would normally expect. It s because of
this passion that Bryan writes instructional articles, books and publications to
help ANYONE succeed in life.

    You can receive a FREE Business Guide book ($79 value) at:


           You re Hired! How To Find the Job You Want in Less Than 14 Days!
                                   By Bryan A. Jones

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act upon that counsel. Although the best efforts have been undertaken to ensure
the information contained herein is accurate, neither the author nor the publisher
makes any such warranties as to that accuracy.

There are some companies and/or web sites that are mentioned in this book, but
only for the purpose of providing additional information to aid you in your own
research. Neither the author nor the publisher endorses any of them, or makes
any official claims on their behalf. In any entrepreneurial endeavor, there is the
risk of loss. Any suggestions of how much money can be made in any activity
listed in this book should be considered strictly anecdotal and atypical. The
actual amount that you might make may be more or less, including a net loss of
capital. Please research any moneymaking plan that you might be considering
with the same due diligence that you'd apply to any potential business activity.

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           You re Hired! How To Find the Job You Want in Less Than 14 Days!
                                   By Bryan A. Jones


Finding a job can be a great experience but also a challenging one. Some jobs
are readily available to anyone above the age of 16 while some of the higher-
paying, most-sought-after jobs are not as easy to get. Some positions require
prior training while others will train you in a specific area of expertise with on-the-
job (OJT) training. In either case finding adequate employment is one of the most
exciting experiences in a person's life.

This book was written to help YOU find the job YOU are looking for. One of the
amazing things about life is that there are opportunities all around you and
sometimes it takes a different perspective to see what s available. Due to the
Internet the world has become a "smaller" place. What once took hours or even
days to accomplish in the past can now be done in a matter of seconds.

For example, in my most recent business as an online entrepreneur I have had
customers as far away as Australia and New Zealand (I'm in the USA) buy
products from me. These were people I've never met but they purchased from
me and added to MY bottom line! What do you think of that? Isn t that amazing?

So the opportunities are there if you're willing to take a chance and try them.
You are at a crossroad right now and very rarely do you have this type of chance
to positively affect your life. In this book I will give you some of the necessary
tools to help you find your perfect job. This book is written by someone who has
had success in finding good jobs time after time - ME!

The perspective of this book is from the job hunter's point of view. Human
Resource professionals or executive recruiters who spend all of their time on the
other side of the desk write many job search books. I will show you what has
been successful for me and for many others.

           You re Hired! How To Find the Job You Want in Less Than 14 Days!
                                   By Bryan A. Jones

First Things First
This book is designed to be a practical guide about finding employment but there
are some personal aspects of job hunting we must address first to make this
book complete.

Success in life, no matter who you are or where you come from, is dependent
upon what I'm about to tell you. There are no exceptions to this, no matter what
any person may say. Here it is in the form of a question:

"Who is FIRST in your life?"

If your answer is "me" or "my wife," "my husband," "my children" or any other
person other than God, then true success will only be a sorrowful dream that
never comes to reality. God MUST be first in your life for true success to be a
reality you experience.

I know that some who are reading this book may not be believers in God and that
may be you. But don't let that stop you from listening and considering what I'm
saying. If you're looking for employment right now you need to consider a couple
of important points about your job search. One is an unchanging truth and the
other is an unchanging instruction.

The unchanging truth - God owns everything!

In the Bible it says,

"The earth is the LORD s and the fullness thereof; the world and they that
dwell therein." Psalms 24:1

In another psalm the Lord asserts His ownership of all things by saying,

"For every beast of the forest is mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills.
I know all the fowls of the mountains: and the wild beasts of the field are
mine. If I were hungry, I would not tell you: for the world is mine and the
fullness thereof." Psalm 50:10-12

Another verse says,

"The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, says the LORD of hosts." Haggai

It doesn't matter whether you are a believer in God or not or agree with the
statement or not, this is a universal truth - God owns everything and everyone.
It can be a truth with a positive effect on your life, though, if you believe and live
according to it.

           You re Hired! How To Find the Job You Want in Less Than 14 Days!
                                   By Bryan A. Jones

Take for example the law of gravity. It doesn't matter whether you believe in or
agree with gravity. If you don't respect its influence upon you, jumping off a 20-
story building without a parachute will not be a positive experience! Your lack of
belief or agreement will not change the results!

Believing that God owns everything is the first positive step to finding the
employment you are looking for.

Now here's the unchanging instruction - Seek God first before seeking
anything else.

"But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will
be added to you." Matthew 6:33

The instruction is to seek God first. Let Him become the most important person in
your life. Life cannot be lived successfully without Him. We create for ourselves
much pain and frustration when we don't place God first in our lives. Who needs
the frustration and stress? I don't and I'm sure you don't either.

Now notice the last part of the sentence because it is very important. " And all
these things will be added to you." It says if you seek God first He will bring
the things that you need. And you can add employment and income to that list,

So let first things be first. Remember, God owns it all and seek Him before you
seek anything else.

Now let s move on to some of the more practical aspects of this book.

Here s what I ask of you:

1. Use this book. Click on the links while you re connected to the Internet. Sign
   up for the services. The beauty of this ebook is that it is interactive.

2. Read and re-read this ebook. Even if you only have time to re-read certain
   sections, you ll find information here that will help you be successful not only
   in finding a job, but also in life.

3. Set goals. Always write down your goals and review them often. This is one
   of the keys to a successful life. I ve made mistakes and learned from them. I
   have hired good employees, but also bad ones. I have received good, and not
   so good, job offers. My intention for this book is to help you succeed in
   finding your perfect job!

           You re Hired! How To Find the Job You Want in Less Than 14 Days!
                                   By Bryan A. Jones

                                     Job Alerts
Job Alerts are one of the best ways for you to find a job. In fact, the best way to
describe job alerts is that they help a job to find you! Why must you do all of
the work looking for available positions? There are easier ways and this is one of
them. In this chapter we will discuss how to set up a job alert.

A job alert is a system set up by different job boards to email you information
about positions that fit the profile you set up. You have the ability to input specific
information that fits the kind of job you looking for such as: job location
(city/state), job category (i.e. accounting, public relations, customer service, etc.),
full-time or part-time, etc. Some job boards even give you the option to choose
how often you want them to alert you when they find a job that fits your profile.
For example, Monster®.com gives you the option of daily, weekly, bi-weekly or
monthly email alerts.

I m going to show you step-by-step how to set up a job alert with two of the major
job boards in the world so that you can find that perfect job in as short a time as
possible. I have screen shots of the actual web pages with arrows pointing to the
places you should click on. Are you excited? Are you ready?

Well let s get started!

           You re Hired! How To Find the Job You Want in Less Than 14 Days!
                                   By Bryan A. Jones

The first job board we will use is Monster®.com. I am sure you have heard of
them before. They are a major company in the human resource industry and they
do a lot of advertising about their services. To get started let s open up your
Internet browser and type in or click

The first page you will see will be like Picture 1 below.

1. Find the tab that s labeled Find Jobs. As you place your mouse over this tab
   a drop-down menu will appear with three choices. Choose and click on Job
   Search Agents.

                                     Picture 1

         You re Hired! How To Find the Job You Want in Less Than 14 Days!
                                 By Bryan A. Jones

2. Now you should see a page like Picture 2 below. You will see two boxes
   one labeled Already a Member? and the other Not a Member Yet? I m
   assuming you have never joined Monster®.com so click on the Continue
   button in the Not a Member Yet? box.

                                   Picture 2

          You re Hired! How To Find the Job You Want in Less Than 14 Days!
                                  By Bryan A. Jones

3. Now you should see a page like Picture 3 below. It is the Create Account
   page. Make sure you fill in all of the required boxes labeled with an orange *
   asterisk. When done then click the Create Account button at the bottom of
   the page.

                                    Picture 3

          You re Hired! How To Find the Job You Want in Less Than 14 Days!
                                  By Bryan A. Jones

4. Now you should see a page like Picture 4. This is where you create your Job
   Search Agent. This will be the way Monster .com contacts via email when
   they have a job that fits your customized profile. Click on Create Search

                                    Picture 4

          You re Hired! How To Find the Job You Want in Less Than 14 Days!
                                  By Bryan A. Jones

5. Now you should see a page like Picture 5. This is where you can choose the
   different options for the search agent to find you that perfect position. In both
   the Job Location and Job Category lists you can choose multiple selections
   by holding down the <Ctrl> key on your keyboard (the <Ctrl> key is the last
   key at the bottom left of the keyboard.)


                                     Picture 5

The Keyword selection is important. This will further customize your search
agent. Keywords are words that may be in the title of the position or in the
description of the position. For example, when I was searching for a computer-
related position some of the keywords I used were computer , network ,
 Windows , etc. So for every position advertised that had one or more of these
words in it, Monster .com would send me an email alert of that position. So take
a few minutes and think about what kind of words would best describe the kind of
job you re looking for.

          You re Hired! How To Find the Job You Want in Less Than 14 Days!
                                  By Bryan A. Jones

At the bottom it asks you for a Search Agent Title. Give it a name that basically
identifies the selections you made for the agent. This name should be something
that will help you remember what you have chosen. Here s why because you
can create multiple search agents with different selections! You can have 5, 10 or
more search agents if you want! So name the search agents something
descriptive and memorable. When this is done click on Save Agent button at the
bottom of the page.

6. You should now see the Good News! page like Picture 6 below. This is
   showing that you have successfully created a job alert. Congratulations!

Now all you have to do is sit back and wait on the email alerts sent to your email
box. Apply for the positions and get that job you ve always wanted!

                                    Picture 6

           You re Hired! How To Find the Job You Want in Less Than 14 Days!
                                   By Bryan A. Jones

The next major job board we will look at is . This is another
nationally recognized job board with thousands of jobs. This process will be a
little shorter than the last one but the concept is the same. We want to enter into
the CareerBuilder system customized information about the perfect job we
want. CareerBuilder will email alert us when those jobs are being advertised.

So let s get started!

Now open up your browser or just click the following:

The first page you will see will be like Picture 1 below.

Under Set Up Job Alerts click on Add a Search/Job Alert.

                                     Picture 1

          You re Hired! How To Find the Job You Want in Less Than 14 Days!
                                  By Bryan A. Jones

Now you should see a page like Picture 2 below. Enter all of the information
including those important keywords, then click on the Create Job Alert button.

                                    Picture 2

          You re Hired! How To Find the Job You Want in Less Than 14 Days!
                                  By Bryan A. Jones

Now you should see a page like Picture 3 below. Enter in all of your contact
information and click on Save Job Alert & See Results. You have successfully
created a job alert with . Congratulations!

Now the amazing thing about job alerts is that you can create as many as you
want to find that perfect job. So don t be shy! Create and Find!

                                    Picture 3

As we close this chapter there are a number of job boards on the Internet that will
give you the same options. Listed below are just a few more job boards that
allow you to create job alerts:

         Many Others!
         Go to my special Search Engine at
      and type in the words jobs or employment and you will find a lot
      more information for your job search. Happy hunting!

          You re Hired! How To Find the Job You Want in Less Than 14 Days!
                                  By Bryan A. Jones

                   Get Hired by a Temporary Service
There is a great market for temporary employees, especially in the U.S. If you
are currently unemployed then a temporary service may be a positive step in the
right direction. Many of the major temp services have contracts with large
corporations. These corporations would rather pay a temp service a nominal fee
for temporary employees rather than hire new, permanent employees directly.

Many people do not understand that an employee is a high cost for a company.
Along with the salary a company pays to an employee there are other costs such
as federal, state and local taxes (beyond what the employee pays); health
benefits, retirement benefits, workman s compensation and other employee-
associated costs. This can be very expensive for a company and its one of the
reasons you see lay-offs and downsizing today. Generally an employee costs
about 2½ times their salary. So a corporation will contract with a temp agency
and the temp agency, rather than the corporation, will pay all of those costs.

Now you can use these facts to your advantage and I have done this two times in
my career. Temporary agencies do a lot of advertising for open positions and
there are even unadvertised positions they have as well. After you get pre-
qualified with the agency they will send you on interviews with companies looking
for your skills. This is the time you need to begin evaluating your future. You
need to ask questions such as:

Would I like to permanently work for this company?

Does this company have the kind of jobs/positions I am looking for?

These are very important questions. If your answer is yes to any of these
questions then do your best to get in the door. The job interview the temp
agency referred you to may not be the dream job you re looking for, but it may be
the next step towards the job you want. You would be surprised how far you can
go once you re inside a company.

Getting to know people and understanding the culture of the company can help
you find your dream job. This can be virtually impossible sometimes from the
outside. For example, many open positions within a company are not posted to
the outside public. Because you re on the inside you now know what s available
before anyone else. You are still an outsider because you work for the temp
agency but you have inside information. This is the time to start applying for
those open positions before anyone else does.

Temporary agencies are a goldmine if you know how to use them. I have learned
new industries and gained valuable skills and experience using this technique.
I encourage you to give it a try.

           You re Hired! How To Find the Job You Want in Less Than 14 Days!
                                   By Bryan A. Jones

             Contact Managers, Vice Presidents and CEO s
I learned a valuable principle that has helped me many times in my adult life. It is
  always go to the top. Basically what it means is to find the person who has
authority to make decisions concerning the issue at hand.

We are conditioned to deal with people who normally do not have decision-
making authority such as customer service personnel, tellers, secretaries,
receptionists, etc. These positions have their place because they allow those in
management to deal with higher priority issues.

For example, you don t need a Vice President of Financial Operations who
manages 100 bank employees handling a relatively small problem such as a $2
mistake on a deposit slip. A teller or even a teller supervisor can adequately
handle this problem. But if a 5000-employee corporation deposits its weekly
payroll and thousands of dollars are missing, then that Vice President of
Financial Operations better get involved really quick!

In fact, the executive of the company who is missing the money would not even
talk to the teller about the problem. They would bypass the teller and go directly
to the Vice President of Financial Operations to get some answers about the
missing money. They will always go to the top!

Now this principle works when job-hunting as well. In the last chapter we
recommended trying a temporary service to locate a job. We said that once
you re inside the company you re able to get inside information on what jobs are
available. Now use this position to your advantage and find out who s in
management, especially those who are in charge of the kind of position you re
looking for.

Go as high up the management structure as you feel is necessary to get what
you re after. If you need to talk to the CEO then schedule an appointment with
him or her (I did!). You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

I have discovered that people are people, no matter what position they hold. Yes,
there are people who find their worth in their titles and will treat you with
disrespect because you re lower than they are, but most people will treat you
with respect and listen to what you have to say. Ask for a job!

It s been said in the Bible,

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door
will be opened to you. Matthew 7:7

          You re Hired! How To Find the Job You Want in Less Than 14 Days!
                                  By Bryan A. Jones

                       Consider a Home-based Job
Have you ever considered a home-based job? Notice I didn t say home-based
business. I said home-based job. There are many companies who offer home-
based positions, real work-at-home jobs. Companies do this for a number of
reasons such as saving money on office space, desks, cubicles, etc. This works
out for them but more important, this works out for you. Just think, your commute
to the office is reduced from 20-40 minutes down to a few steps to your home
office (i.e. kitchen, den, living room, you choose!)

One of the companies I highly recommend is HomeJobStop. I recommend them
because I have found positions with this company myself. HomeJobStop
supplies jobs that you can do from your own home. They offer an extensive Job
Bank of work from home jobs, an exclusive online guidebook, email update
reports, and more.

If you've spent any amount of time looking for work online, chances are you've
spent most of that time dismissing junk ads and poor offers.

At HomeJobStop
   You will not find an exhausted list of companies that may be hiring.
   You will not find pyramid schemes, chain letters, or other well-known
   You will not find paid ads disguised as job ads.
   You will not find job opportunities that offer shopping points or coupons as
   the only form of compensation.

At HomeJobStop
   You will find active, up-to-date jobs working for real companies.

What makes HomeJobStop different?
They are one of the few job boards on the Internet that successfully maintains a
support-based structure that is completely free of paid advertising. They don't
make outrageous claims and they do not permit outrageous claims to enter their
Job Bank. Additionally, those who submit poor information, require payment or
offer unfair compensation are prohibited from posting with HomeJobStop.

Who can use HomeJobStop?
HomeJobStop is for everyone. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just
beginning a career from home, you're sure to find opportunities in their Job Bank
that is right for you.

           You re Hired! How To Find the Job You Want in Less Than 14 Days!
                                   By Bryan A. Jones

Here are some testimonials from others who are members of HomeJobStop like

 I just want to let you know I can not say enough good stuff about this site. The
first day I applied for work I secured two - that's 2 - jobs. One I will do during the
day and one at night. I now do not have to worry about my daughter not ever
seeing her Mom. THANK YOU so much. "

A believer in You, Laura T.

"I found my current job at your site and am looking for other things too! It really is
excellent to have a central site that is so well organized. I appreciate your work
and the help it provides."

James, NC, USA

"I have been a member of your site for quite some time, and I just wanted to drop
you a note to let you know that I am still very impressed with your website. You
do such a wonderful job helping people like me find work from home positions.
Take pride in a job well done -- you deserve it."

Heart felt appreciation, Shannon

"I've been with your site for about three months and I just want to say thank you! I
found my current job at your site and now that I work at home and I can finally
devote more time to my own projects!"

George Kent

"Hi I just wanted to say thanks for your site and all the work that goes into it. I just
started a new job (operator) that I found on your website and I so far I am loving
it! I will definitely recommend this site to other people I know!"

Robyn M., US

So rush over to and become a
lifetime member today. Your next job is awaiting you there!

              You re Hired! How To Find the Job You Want in Less Than 14 Days!
                                      By Bryan A. Jones

                                Resumes and Cover Letters
What would an employment guide be without a chapter on resumes and cover
letters? Well there are some excellent experts I have placed my trust in for cover
letter and resume advice. Their advice has helped me get the interviews I
needed, even when my experience and background left something to be desired.
Many people approach creating resumes and cover letters with the wrong
mindset. Most people write their resumes with self in mind rather than the
employer in mind and they wonder why they don t get the interview, much less
the job.
Have you ever heard of using the Big Bang theory when writing your cover
letter? Jimmy Sweeney has written an excellent resource on writing the perfect
cover letter. His book is called
               Top Ten Secrets of the              World s Greatest Cover Letter
                            Attract Job Interviews Like a Magnet!

Here s one of Jimmy s cover letter tips. It s #9.

                                  To whom it may NOT concern
Dear Job Seeker:

Which of these greetings should you use to start your cover letter?

Group 1:
Dear Sirs: Dear Sir/Madam: Dear Gentlemen: To whom it may concern:

Group 2:
Dear Hiring Manager: Dear HR Director: Dear Human Resources:

Group 3:
Dear Mrs. Smith: Dear Mr. Jones: Dear Lilly Thomas:

Answer: Group 1 is the worst of the bunch. Group 2 is better. Group 3 is exactly what you should strive for.

The typical, To whom it may concern concerns no one in particular.

Address your cover letter to a specific person whenever possible!

Make the extra effort and find out TO WHOM you should address your cover letter. For jobs posted online
this can prove to be a difficult task but at the bare minimum make sure to address your letter to the proper
company entity. Example: Hiring manager; HR Director; etc.

              You re Hired! How To Find the Job You Want in Less Than 14 Days!
                                      By Bryan A. Jones

Cool Cover Letter Greeting Tip: If you cannot find the specific name of the person most likely to review
your letter, use one of the greetings from Group 2 and add this special sentence (example below) to the top
of your letter tailored to your particular situation.

PLEASE NOTE: I apologize for the impersonal greeting. I wanted to address this cover letter to you
by name but it was not provided online and I was unable to obtain it. I am very interested in the
position of [insert job opening title here].

Now you can insert your main headline below this sentence as I discussed last in the last chapter.
Main Headline Example: (Should be centered and in bold text).

              THREE reasons why I believe I may be the candidate you are searching for
                          regarding the [insert job opening title here].

Do you think this one-two punch would grab a person s attention?

Absolutely! This is a prime example of turning a negative into a huge positive.

The bottom line: When you target your cover letters to a specific person by name, you increase your odds
of landing the job interview several times over.

So before you write your next cover letter, ask yourself this question:

To whom does this letter concern specifically? Then do your best to answer it!

Jimmy lists 10 of the most amazing, yet simple secrets to help anyone write a
compelling cover letter. It will take you less than 15 minutes to read the book and
you will be equipped and ready to write your first cover letter masterpiece.
And because you are a friend of mine now I can give you a FREE copy of the
book. Just go to: and download your free copy.

If don t have time to read a book but need a cover letter in the next 3½ minutes,
then go to Jimmy Sweeney s site by going here:

Another person I recommend for expert resume help is Kevin Donlin. Kevin is
responsible for revamping my entire resume and making it an excellent
marketing tool of my skills and abilities. If you are serious about getting a new job
then you need to get his resume help today. To get more information go to:

          You re Hired! How To Find the Job You Want in Less Than 14 Days!
                                  By Bryan A. Jones

                                Other Avenues
There are a number of other ways to earn the money you need to create a stable
income for you and your family. Sometimes you have to think outside the box in
order to get what you re after. That s why I m including this Other Avenues

Some people are not interested in a 9-5 job but they have an entrepreneurial
craving to satisfy. Some people also understand the principle of multiple streams
of income. For most families one income just will not do to keep their heads
above water. With the unstableness of companies and layoffs becoming the
norm, it s good for people to take matters in their own hands. Creating another
source of income is not only wise but necessary.

So my suggestion to you is to consider this chapter one of the most important
chapters of the book. After you find the job you want you also want to develop
another source of income YOU control.

For example, I have taught my teenage sons not to solely depend on me for
income. So they have an Odd Job business. They advertise their services in
our local community by flyers and even a web site (if you want to take a look go
to So far they have done
very well financially, but more importantly they are also learning a valuable,
lifetime lesson you can create income for yourself, no matter how old you are!

So as you look at the information presented in this chapter I strongly recommend
you take advantage of every avenue mentioned.
Just think. You can look a few years down the road and be in the same condition
you are in now -OR- you can be in a position where your full time income is
coming from your successful part-time business.
Which would you rather have?
Let s Get Started!

          You re Hired! How To Find the Job You Want in Less Than 14 Days!
                                  By Bryan A. Jones

                                     CB Mall

Looking for more streams of income?

I know I'm always on the lookout for a new income stream that can generate
profits without a lot of work. When I ran across CBmall, I knew I had found a
program that hits the nail on the head.

Most affiliate programs have only one way you make money. You send them
traffic, and they close the sale (hopefully). The best of them will add another
stream with some follow-up emails. That's much better.

But CBmall actually has 15 different ways to make you money.

This is one powerful revenue engine.

And here's the beautiful part. CBmall does virtually all the work. All you need to
do is drive some traffic. The mall does the rest.

The CB in CBmall stands for ClickBank. The mall sells thousands of the top-
selling, most popular products on the ClickBank network. These are the best of
the best. They got there because they convert browsers into buyers. And they
are all available in one place. You get the power of this system by promoting one
simple URL.

CBmall's automation is amazing:

           You re Hired! How To Find the Job You Want in Less Than 14 Days!
                                   By Bryan A. Jones

* No html required - you don't even need a web site
* TONS of support and marketing ideas to help
* They do all the support
* ClickBank handles all the credit card processing
* Newsletters and eCourses that make YOU money from your traffic
* Automated income streams all over the place

I could go on, but a better idea is to sign up for a FREE eCourse called:

 15 Powerful Ways CBmall Makes You Money.

This course details the power and sophistication behind CBmall. Understand
this, and you'll see why CBmall represents a new trend in affiliate programs.

You'll also see some major names in Internet Marketing on the testimonial page
at CBmall.

Terry Dean actually called CBmall, "the perfect second stream of income". Pretty
high praise.

So if you're interested in more profits, check out the CBmall. I did and I m glad I
did. It has made some unexpected money for me.

          You re Hired! How To Find the Job You Want in Less Than 14 Days!
                                  By Bryan A. Jones

                         1000 Ways To Make Money
                                   by Rob Rednalab

If you're an entrepreneur... or you want to be... you probably spend lots of time
trying to think up new ideas for making money, right? Personally, I do it all the

But there's just one problem: The only ideas that I can come up with on my own
are limited by my personal experience and imagination. In other words, your
brain can only generate money-making ideas based on concepts that you
already know.

Because in the vast universe of untapped opportunities and unexplored
possibilities, the handful of ideas that any one person can think of is really
rather pitiful. And until you extend your reach... and tap into the ideas and
brainpower of others, you're going to spend most of your entrepreneurial life
"stewing in your own juices," as my father used to say.

But Here's a Solution That Works!

One of the benefits of being an entrepreneur for 18 years is that you make lots of
contacts in the entrepreneurial community. And I have the good fortune of
knowing some of the top entrepreneurs... in all areas of expertise... all over the

So here's what I did:

Instead of trying to come up with money-making ideas on my own, I spent a year
asking these people one question...

"Everybody has one big money-making idea. So what's yours?"

The flood of ideas was amazing. Some of the stuff I already knew, but many of
the ideas people sent in were things I would have never thought of... regardless
of how long I racked my brain!

If you're searching for a new money-making plan, I'll go on record as saying that
this is the ultimate resource... as well as the ultimate value.

Every idea is totally explained and fleshed out in a full paragraph and I edited
each one personally to make sure everything is as plain and clear as possible.
This is not the same old rehashed stuff you've heard a million times! I was
actually amazed at how cool and innovative some of these ideas are!

For more details go to:

          You re Hired! How To Find the Job You Want in Less Than 14 Days!
                                  By Bryan A. Jones

                         Emergency Cash Generators
                                      By James Jones

 Wouldn't it be nice to know how to create income anytime you needed to?

If you have a few minutes to spare I want to show you some of the ways I have
discovered to make extra money. Little tricks and techniques that I use to bring in
money anytime I need some additional spending cash.
I know, you're probably thinking...
                 "These will be the same old unworkable schemes
                       I have seen a million times before."

Give me seven minutes and I think you'll see these techniques are really
For example...
Have you ever heard of this technique? It's called the eBay Arbitrage...
It's a simple technique that allows anyone with a computer and internet
connection to earn extra money {at home} using a free eBay account. The
special twist I discovered is a secret way that allows anyone to make money on
eBay without finding suppliers, stocking inventory or shipping products.
More about the eBay Arbitrage technique in a minute...
It's just one of the techniques you'll find in my latest Insiders How-To Package:
Emergency Cash Generators Version 3.0-- 93 101 Little-Known Ways to
Generate Cash Quickly.

                      Take my buddy Mike, for instance...

          You re Hired! How To Find the Job You Want in Less Than 14 Days!
                                  By Bryan A. Jones

Mike loves to travel. While vacationing in Florida one summer he stumbled onto a
great little money making idea that netted him $50,000 his first year -- while he
was traveling around goofing off and having fun.
Now Mike travels all over the country -- from Key West, Florida to Salem, Oregon
-- doing this business and makes all the money he needs. You don't have to
travel to do this. You can do it right in your own hometown if you want. And the
market is wide open because hardly anyone else is doing it. (see Emergency
Cash Generator #2 for complete details)
Here is another one:
I'll show you how to collect $20.00 bills from local businesses in your area for a
very simple "no-brainer" service you perform for them.
You see, if they did the service themselves it would cost them much, much more
than $20.00. But, you can do this service for all of them at once and save them a
bundle. While at the same time raking in $400.00 - $500.00 for yourself. (see
Emergency Cash Generator #3)
Here are a few more examples of what you will find in "Emergency Cash
       A product that you can buy locally at a certain retail shop I will tell you
       about -- that you can turn around and sell for double, triple or even more.
       (See Emergency Cash Generator #12)

       How a camera, a few trash bags and a letter written to a certain group of
       people can put wads of cash in your mailbox. (See ECG #11)

       Crafty way 3 men make up to $4000.00 a week visiting yard sales. (See
       ECG #13)

When you order Emergency Cash Generators you'll
receive these 3 Sensational Bonuses!

BONUS # 1 - Special Report: "How To Find Lost And Hidden Treasures in
Your Neighborhood"
When you order "Emergency Cash Generators Version 3.0" I'll give you a copy of
"How To Find Lost And Hidden Treasures in Your Neighborhood" for free. You'll
learn stuff like:

          You re Hired! How To Find the Job You Want in Less Than 14 Days!
                                  By Bryan A. Jones
      Techniques to find unlimited lost valuables!
      How to find DIAMONDS and other gemstones under your feet!
      Where to find hidden valuables at Thrift Shops and Estate Sales!
      Where and How to look for hidden treasures.
      Over $4 BILLION DOLLARS in hard U.S. Currency and Coinage
      disappears into secret hiding places or is lost each and every year
      according to the Federal Reserve Board. Find out how to recover your
      share of this immense treasure!
      A METAL DETECTOR IS NOT REQUIRED for any of the secret methods
      disclosed in the book.

BONUS # 2 - Special Report: "Fast eBay Cash"
This is an almost unknown report written by my good friend Andy Brocklehurst
that reveals the secret world of drop shipping. It goes way above and beyond
what other guides reveal, walking you step by step through the process of selling
goods on eBay and purchasing them only AFTER you've collected your payment,
and then having the supplier send them direct to the customer. This report sells
for $19.95 on it's own (you can read all about it at

BONUS # 3 - Shocking eBook: "The Greatest Money Making Secret
of All Time."
If you want money, you only have to do one thing. It's the one thing some of the
wealthiest people on the planet have done and are doing. It's the one thing
written about in various ancient cultures and still promoted today. It's the one
thing that will bring money to anyone who does it but at the same time most
people will fear doing it.
What is that one thing?
You'll find out when you read -- "The Greatest Money Making Secret of All Time."
Yours for free. When you order Emergency Cash Generators Version 3.0 today!

For more details go to:

           You re Hired! How To Find the Job You Want in Less Than 14 Days!
                                   By Bryan A. Jones

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***If you can t find what you re looking for than go to my special Honest
Businessman Search Engine by going to:

and I can almost guarantee you will find EXACTLY what you re looking for.

         You re Hired! How To Find the Job You Want in Less Than 14 Days!
                                 By Bryan A. Jones

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