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									                                 Turmeric Extract

                      Until now, the popular held belief was that people who have
                      been diagnosed with cancer have received a death
                      sentence, without any hope of being successfully treated.
                      But today, this concept was rejected. Not only there are
                      successes with traditional treatments such as chemo and
                      radiation, but medical communities also discovered a
                      wonderful herbal, proven to be useful in the quest to help
                      support cancer treatment. That is pure Turmeric.

                        After many years of research and testing, doctors at
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, the world's largest hospital
specializing in the treatment of cancer, have confirmed that Turmeric extract
works directly in killing cancer cells, is a powerful anti-chemical oxide effective in
preventing the destruction of free radicals and help strengthen the immune
system. They have advised cancer patients to take Turmeric daily.

• Results of tests at Kumamoto University in Japan showed that Turmeric extract
was useful in preventing the growth of cancer tumors and boost the immune

• An article on the use of Turmeric was published in "Anti-Cancer Research
Journal" published earlier in 2003 has summarized the research on Turmeric in
the last 50 years proved that Turmeric is very effective in helping prevent cancer
and support cancer treatment. In addition to preventing the growth of cancer
tumors, Turmeric also has anti-tumor agent preventing new growth and the
spreading of cancer cells (anti-metastatic) . Turmeric is also very safe and can
be taken without side effects.

In addition to preventing and supporting cancer treatment, Turmeric is also
known to be useful in preventing the following ailments:

• Stomach ulcer
• Gas
• Acute duodenal
• Rhinitis
• Hepatitis
• Inflammatory arthritis (osteoarthritis)
• Malignant Arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis)
• High cholesterol
• Weak eyes, cataracts
• Cough with phlegm, shortness of breath
• Psoriasis
• Menstrual abdominal pain
• Dementia, memory loss, confusion (Alzheimer's disease). (According to
scientists at the UCLA Alzheimer Disease Research Center, Indians eat more
Turmeric (Turmeric are used in their curry dish), so the proportion of older people
with dementia disease in India is only about one-fifth the number of people with
this disease in the United States (from Journal of Biological Chemistry, Dec 7,

All the benefits from Turmeric come from a precious substance in Turmeric called
"Curcumin". So the more Curcumin there are, the more effective the Turmeric
extract would be.

Turmeric extract is safe and can be used by everyone, men and women:
• For stomach pain, inflammation of the duodenum - Use Turmeric extract daily to
prevent disease related to gastrointestinal tract, is very safe and effective without
side effects.
• For people working in nail salons, dry clean, printing houses, facilities workers,
welders, use Turmeric extract daily to help disable toxic chemicals, protection of
the lung, liver protection.
• For smokers - Use Turmeric extract daily to protect the lungs from being
damaged by the destruction of the toxins from cigarette smoke causes (lung
cancer risk of smokers is 10 times higher than that of non-smokers)
• Cancer Patients - Use pure Turmeric to support the treatment of cancer, help
prevent chemical oxide, and destroy tumor feeding substance, help prevent
metastasis (please consult your doctor before using)
• Patients with cancer in the past - Use Turmeric extract daily to help destroy
cancer cells remaining in the body, help prevent cancer recurrence.
• For people who live in cities - Use Turmeric extract daily to protect the body
from deterioration due to air pollution which are causes of liver disease and
• For elders - Use Turmeric extract to aid in prevention of arthritis and prevent
• For healthy people - Use Turmeric extract daily to boost the immune system,
nourish health, protect liver, prevent arterial sclerosis, cancer.

Usage: 1-3 times per day, 1 capsule with meals. Recommend long-term usage.
Cancer patients can use double, triple the regular doses, in addition to using
additional supplements to help strengthen the immune system such as # 168
Super Immune Booster

Turmeric extract from NUTRITION Depot Inc. is high quality and concentrated
with Curcumin. Each was produced using highly sophisticated mean and
prepared meticulously by well known US pharmaceutical for decades. Every
tablet of ND’s Turmeric extract # 67 contains 95% of Curcumin. Meanwhile other
Turmeric pill made from Turmeric powder contains very little Curcumin. Even
fresh Turmeric contains only about 1% Curcumin. In order to extract the same
amount of Curcumin in 2 tablets of ND #67, over 100 grams of fresh Turmeric are


Turmeric has a dark yellow color. Recently some people asked us about the
black and white Turmeric because they have heard rumors that white or black
Turmeric is more effective than yellow Turmeric. As far as we know, thousands of
scientific studies on Turmeric around the world the last 50 years uses the typical
yellow Turmeric, no studies were done on black or white Turmeric. Some other
people asked us who invented the Turmeric medicine. The answer is the Asians,
particularly Indians, who have been using Turmeric to cure ailments for thousand
of years. Turmeric extract has also been sold in U.S. herbal and supplement
stores before Vietnamease refugees arrived USA (before 1975)

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