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   QUARTER THREE 2010-11

              For consideration by
       Overview and Scrutiny (Organisation)

                  14th April 2011

                                              March 2011


Section A   Introduction                            1

Section B   Executive Summary                       2

Section C   National Indicators                     3

Section D   Local Indicators                        7

Section E   Customer Services Update                14

Section F   Community Strategy Update               17

Section G   Corporate Projects Update               18

Section H   Top Risks                               24

Section I   Financial Summary                       27

            Contacts for Further Information        28
Section A


This is the performance management report for the third quarter of 2010/11. The information provides the Joint
Management Team (JMT) and Councillors with an overview on the Council progress in delivering services.
Performance reporting for the quarter includes updates on:

National and Local Indicators
This year East Hampshire District Council is reporting annually on 22 of the National Indicators.

Local indicators are also set by the Council’s service managers to be able to measure key local targets relevant
to East Hampshire’s public services and communities. These are not statutory but are selected annually and
regularly reviewed to serve as additional performance standards for services.

This report uses the traffic light system to give an instant overview of progress. The traffic lights indicate:
    Green - to show that targets are being met or exceeded
    Amber - to show that although we might not be achieving the target set we are making progress and
       improving performance
    Red - to highlight any significant drop in performance or where we are not meeting targets.
By using the traffic light system, JMT and Councillors are able to immediately identify where there are problems.
They can use this to help prioritise or re-direct resources as they feel necessary.
The Department for Communities and Local Government has recently indicated the current National Indicator
Set will cease at the end of the current reporting year. It will be replaced with another set of performance
measures, but it is not yet clear what the Government’s performance data requirements will be in 2011/12.

Customer Service
The Council regularly monitors customer service and the quarterly update shows how the Council is performing
corporately. Satisfaction data for some individual services is provided through the local indicators section.

Community Strategy Update
The Council’s new Community Strategy commenced in 2008 and we report annually on community projects and
initiatives set out within the Strategy. Quarterly updates are provided to regularly monitor project development.

Corporate Projects Update
Updates on key corporate projects and initiatives show progress against our key strategic programmes.

Top Risks
Outlines the Council’s top the risks at the end of Quarter 3.

Financial Summary
A summary of the Council’s quarterly spending against the set budgets for each service.

Section B

Executive Summary

We report annually to the Audit Commission on 21 National Indicators (NIs). For this third quarter of 2010/11
we are currently able to provide target and performance data for 12 NIs. Of these 12 NIs, 8 reached or
exceeded the target, 3 did not quite meet the target, but are not significantly below. 1 NI is under the target.

We are also reporting on 49 Local Performance Indicators (LPIs) across the council’s services. Data for the
third quarter is currently available for 43 LPIs. Of these 43 LPIs, 30 reached or exceeded the target set, 6 did
not meet the target but are not significantly below and a further 7 indicators are off track.

Data for some NIs and LPIs is collected annually, including via government bodies and user surveys. Final
performance results for these indicators should be available during June 2011.

Housing and Property
NIs and LPIs are again generally on target, the exception being where economic conditions have adversely
affected commercial property lettings and rental income.

Revenues and Benefits
On the whole performance is on target.

Environmental Services
Continuing good performance although recycling results remain under review.

Slight dip in performance as anticipated, due to unusually high numbers of major applications and other
commitments e.g. South Downs National Park.

Customer Services
Performance is on or close to target in most areas, except complaints completion.

Summary of Progress on National and Local Indicators for Quarter 3

National Indicators
Progress Status                           National Indicators
         On or exceeding target           156, 157 (a), 181, 191 195 (a,b,c & d)
         Below target but improving       157 (b & c), 192
         Under target                     155
         Annual indicator                 154, 159, 182, 185, 187, 188, 194, 196, 197
Local Indicators
Progress Status                           Local Indicators
                                          Planning (1), Building Control (3), Housing (5), Environmental
            On or exceeding target
                                          Services (7), IT (1), Legal (3), Revenues & Benefits (2)
                                          Environmental Services (2), IT (2), Human Resources (1),
            Below target but improving
                                          Customer Services/CSC (2)
                                          Planning (1), Property (4), Human Resources (1), Customer
            Under target
                                          Services/CSC (1)
            No data available/target      Environmental Services (4), Customer Services/CSC (2)
            data not available

Section C

National Indicators

                                    Performance in 2010/11                               Past
       Indicator                                                           Target                                 Commentary/Action Taken
                               Q1         Q2          Q3         Q4                     2009/10
NI 185 CO2 reductions      Provisional baseline data for 2008/09 was published by         N/A
from local authority       DECC on 7 July 2010.
operations                 For EHDC this was 3113.7 tonnes of CO2.
                                                                                                        Data submission arrangements for 2009/10 data
NI 194 Level of air                                                                         N/A
                                                                                                        have still to be announced by DECC. Therefore
quality reduction in NOx   Provisional baseline data for 2008/09 was published by
                                                                                                      reductions on baseline figures are not yet available.
and primary PM10           DECC on 7 July 2010.
                                                                                                                These NIs are reported annually.
emissions through local    For EHDC this was 6.4 tonnes of NOx emissions and 0.2
authority’s estate and     tonnes primary PM10 emissions.
NI 188 Adjusting to                                                                                   We worked towards Level 2 during 2009/10 but were
                           This NI is reported annually                    Level 3       Level 1
climate change                                                                                        unable to fully complete it.

                                    Performance in 2010/11                            Past        Year End
       Indicator                                                         Target                                      Commentary/Action Taken
                             Q1          Q2       Q3              Q4                 2009/10      Forecast
NI 155 Affordable                                                                                            Currently on schedule to complete 71 units
homes delivered                                                                                              which means that the target of 80 will not be
                              14          14          22
(cumulative) (09/10)                                              (40)    80           40           71       met. A number of units due to complete in
                             (24)        (26)        (32)
                                                                                                             March have slipped in the programme
                                                                                                             resulting in this situation.
NI 156 Households                                                                                            Numbers in temporary accommodation
living in temporary           73          79          81                                                     maintained at below Government Target.
                                                                  (83)    101          83           80
accommodation at end         (74)        (78)        (82)
of quarter (09/10)
NI 187 (and LAA target)                                                                                      Annual indicator.
Tackling fuel poverty -                                                   9% -       16% -
                                    This indicator is monitored
people receiving income                                                    low        low
                                       on an annual basis
based benefits living in                                                 31% -       37% -
homes with low & high                                                     high        high
energy efficiency rating

                                  Performance in 2010/11                        Past     Year End
       Indicator                                                      Target                                Commentary/Action Taken
                          Q1           Q2       Q3              Q4             2009/10   Forecast
NI 181 Time taken to                                                                                The average processing time for NI181 for
process housing                                                                                     Q3 was 9 days (comprising new claims
benefit/council tax                                                                                 average of 15.3 days and change events 7.7
benefit new claims and                                                                              days). This is well above target. The year to
change events - days                                                                                date average processing rate is now 10.2
(09/10)                                                                                             days which compares favourably to last
                                                                                                    year's rate of 12.9 days. However, the
                          12.6         9.1         9.0                 12       12.9        9.5     recession continues to have a significant
                         (18.1)       (17.8)      (13.7)              days      days       days     impact on caseload/workload. The number of
                                                                                                    households receiving housing benefit/council
                                                                                                    tax benefit on 31/12/10 was 6,107. Although
                                                                                                    this is a small reduction compared to
                                                                                                    31/03/10 (down 51 from 6,158), the caseload
                                                                                                    on 31/12/10 was almost 13% above that on
                                                                                                    the same date 2 years ago and 20% higher
                                                                                                    than three years ago.

                                  Performance in 2010/11                        Past     Year End
       Indicator                                                      Target                                Commentary/Action Taken
                          Q1           Q2       Q3              Q4             2009/10   Forecast
NI 182 Satisfaction of                                                                              Annual indicator. Data will be available in
business with local               This indicator is monitored                                       Q4.
                                                                       82%      N/A        N/A
authority regulation                 on an annual basis
services (%)

                                  Performance in 2010/11                        Past     Year End
       Indicator                                                      Target                                Commentary/Action Taken
                          Q1           Q2       Q3              Q4             2009/10   Forecast
NI 154 Net additional                                                                               Data is provided annually to the Council
                                This is an annual indicator
homes provided                                                         N/A      N/A        N/A      through the Home Builders Federation and
                               with results due in July 2011
                                                                                                    Hampshire County Council.

                                     Performance in 2010/11                       Past     Year End
       Indicator                                                        Target                                 Commentary/Action Taken
                             Q1           Q2       Q3           Q4               2009/10   Forecast
NI 157(a) Major apps                                                     Local                        Dip in performance as anticipated due to
                            94.12       88.89      77.78
determined in 13 weeks                                        (100)     target    100%       75%      unusually high numbers of major applications
                            (100)       (100)      (100)
(%) (09/10)                                                              75%                          (we average one but have received 8), long
NI 157(b) Minor apps                                                    Local                         term sickness absence in service and other
                            89.72        85.57     82.00
determined in 8 weeks                                         (91.55)   target   90.86%      85%      commitments e.g. South Downs National
                             (94)       (85.37)   (87.63)
(%) (09/10)                                                              85%                          Park. Although we have not hit our local
NI 157(c) Other apps                                                    Local                         targets we are well within national target
                            92.99        94.08     88.11
determined in 8 weeks                                         (96.24)   target   95.62%      90%      times of 60% (major), 65% (minor), 80%
                             (97)       (95.19)   (96.17)
(%) (09/10)                                                              90%                          (other).
NI 159 Supply of ready                   This is an annual indicator                                  Annual indicator.
                                                                                  N/A        N/A
to develop housing sites                with results due in July 2011
NI 197 Improved local                    This is an annual indicator              N/A        N/A      Annual indicator.
biodiversity- active                    with results due in June 2011
management of sites

                                     Performance in 2010/11                       Past     Year End
       Indicator                                                        Target                                 Commentary/Action Taken
                             Q1           Q2       Q3           Q4               2009/10   Forecast
NI 191 Residual                                                                                       Q3 levels of residual waste collected show a
household waste per                                                                                   2% fall against Q1 and Q2 averages;
household (kg per           464.79      466.90     456.03                                             however it is still broadly in line with the Q3
                                                             (489.91)    460     470.36      460
household) (09/10)         (465.63)    (468.80)   (458.39)                                            2009/10 figure of 458.39 kg per household.
                                                                          kg       kg         kg
                                                                                                      On an annual YTD basis we are still
                                                                                                      collecting almost exactly the same amount of
                                                                                                      residual waste this year as we did last year.
NI 192 Household waste                                                                                The Q3 recycling rate rose slightly to 38.3%
recycled and composted                                                                                but this still represents a year-on-year fall of
(%) (09/10)                                                                                           1.3% against last years Q3 level. Officers
                                                                                                      feel that this is attributable to residents
                                                                                                      purchasing patterns changing in response to
                                                                                                      the wider economic position. Overall EHDC
                             37.2        37.6       38.3
                                                              (34.4)     41%     37.5%      37.5%     waste tonnages have fallen by about 1.5%
                            (37.8)      (38.2)     (39.6)
                                                                                                      against a similar Q3 position last year and all
                                                                                                      of this comes from lesser amounts of
                                                                                                      recyclable material being collected. As a
                                                                                                      result a lower annual recycling rate similar to
                                                                                                      the 2009/10 figure of 37.5% is expected to be

                                      Performance in 2010/11                       Past       Year End
        Indicator                                                        Target                                  Commentary/Action Taken
                               Q1          Q2       Q3           Q4               2009/10     Forecast

NI195 Proportion of relevant land
and highways where cleanliness is        April     August       Dec
below an acceptable level (%)             to         to          to
note: this indicator is reported every   July       Nov        March
4 months, not quarterly.
(a) Litter (%)                                                                                           Officers have now carried out two of the three
(09/10)                         N/A         4          4                                                 programmed surveys for street cleanliness for
                                                                 (2)      7%        3%           5
                               (N/A)       (6)        (4)                                                this financial year. Levels of littering remain
                                                                                                         low at 4%, which is ahead of target. The
(b) Detritus (%)                                                                                         levels of detritus build-up surveyed has risen
(09/10)                        N/A         6          7                                                  slightly in the second survey period to 7% but
                                                                (11)      10%       10%          8
                              (N/A)       (10)       (10)                                                again this is well under the 10% target. This
                                                                                                         second period also includes the late autumn
(c) Graffiti (%)                                                                                         months of October and November when
(09/10)                        N/A          0          0                                                 detritus levels naturally beginning to rise.
                                                                 (0)      1%        0%           1       Results for the third survey may reveal lower
                              (N/A)        (0)        (0)
                                                                                                         scores, as the Streetcare services were
(d) Fly-posting (%)                                                                                      suspended twice in December because of
(09/10)                                                                                                  snowfall. So there may still be debris and
                               N/A          0          1
                                                                 (0)      1%        1%           1       litter from these periods, although the
                              (N/A)        (0)        (1)                                                Council’s contractor has been working very
                                                                                                         actively to catch-up with cleansing works.
NI 196 Improved street                                                                                   Because of the high level of officer input into
and environmental                                                                                        the Joint Waste Partnership with Winchester
cleanliness- fly tipping                                                                                 City Council it has not been possible to carry
                                                                                                         out as much enforcement activity as in
                                          This is an annual indicator             Grade 1                previous years. This may result in a poor
                                                                                              Grade 3
                                         with results due in June 2011            Effective              result against this indicator for 2010/11.
                                                                                                         However, levels of flytipping and customer
                                                                                                         satisfaction remain stable which indicates that
                                                                                                         the underlying services are still being
                                                                                                         delivered effectively.
Section D

Local Performance Indicators
                                       Performance in 2010/11                              Past     Year End
        Indicator                                                               Target                                Commentary/Action Taken
                               Q1           Q2        Q3           Q4                     2009/10   Forecast
Tree applications to fell                                                                                      As anticipated, staff shortages are
trees the subject of                                                                                           impacting on performance.
                               87           84        61                                              80%
preservation orders                                                              80%      76.01%
                             (77.14)      (62.86)   (92.59)      (71.43)
dealt within 8 weeks (%)
Planning appeals                                                                                               Q1 performance appears to be a 'blip' for
                               55           36        20                       Not more               25%
allowed (%) (09/10)                                                                       23.46%               which there was no one explanation other
                              (25)        (9.09)    (45.45)      (14.29)       that 33%
                                                                                                               than the cases were particularly marginal.

Building Control
                                       Performance in 2010/11                              Past     Year End
        Indicator                                                               Target                                Commentary/Action Taken
                               Q1           Q2        Q3           Q4                     2009/10   Forecast
Applications vetted                                                                                            268 applications were vetted, of which
                             97.21        88.28      93.19
within 3 weeks (%)                                                               60%      80.30%      60%      93.19% were carried out within the 3
                              (55)         (91)       (90)        (85)
(09/10)                                                                                                        week target.
Inspections carried out                                                                                        2,193 site visits were made during this
within statutory time                                                                                          quarter all were carried out within the 24
                              100           100       100
limits e.g. 24 hours for                                                        100%       100%      100%      hour limit. The group is now one site
                             (100)         (100)     (100)       (100)
most inspections (%)                                                                                           surveyor short compared with previous
(09/10)                                                                                                        periods.
Completion certificates                                                                                        1,007 completion certificated were issued
issued within 8 working       100           100       100                                                      this quarter, all of which were carried out
                                                                                100%       100%      100%
days of satisfactory final   (100)         (100)     (100)       (100)                                         within the prescribed period.
inspection (%) (09/10)

                                       Performance in 20010/11                             Past     Year End
        Indicator                                                               Target                                Commentary/Action Taken
                               Q1           Q2        Q3           Q4                     2009/10   Forecast
Homelessness                                                                                                   On track
                               24           52        74
applications                                                                     100        95        100
                              (22)         (53)      (71)         (95)
(cumulative) (09/10)
Homelessness                                                                                                   On track
                               18           36        45
acceptances                                                                      70         59        70
                              (16)         (39)      (46)         (59)
(cumulative) (09/10)

                                  Performance in 20010/11                           Past     Year End
       Indicator                                                          Target                                Commentary/Action Taken
                          Q1           Q2        Q3           Q4                   2009/10   Forecast
Successful                                                                                              The number of successful homelessness
homelessness              53           98        169                                                    prevention cases is down on this period last
                                                            (285)          300      285        300
prevention cases         (61)         (122)     (203)                                                   year.
Days households spent                                                                                   No households were in b& b at the end of
                          440          566       566
in B&B accommodation                                        (N/A)         1,200     (N/A)     1,200     the quarter.
                         (N/A)        (N/A)     (N/A)
Satisfaction with                                                                                       Slight dip on previous quarters but still
interview for housing     100         100        97                                                     above target.
                                                                           95%      98%        95%
options and advice (%)   (100)        (93)      (100)       (100)

                                  Performance in 2010/11                            Past     Year End
       Indicator                                                          Target                                Commentary/Action Taken
                          Q1           Q2        Q3           Q4                   2009/10   Forecast
Empty properties.                                                                                       Empty properties rose significantly in
Woolmer trading estate                                                                                  2009/10 as a result of the recession. This
commercial property,                                                                                    was through business failures and the
based on available                                                                                      rationalisation of accommodation by some
floorspace (%) (09/10)                                                                                  tenants. The Council's action in promptly
                                                                                                        appointing joint agents in 2009 and
                                                                                                        approving through its Asset Management
                                                                                                        Plan a policy of market flexibility have
                         22.04       21.44      21.88                                                   helped keep voids to a minimum. Voids
                                                                           20%      N/A       22.6%
                         (9.75)      (8.76)      (25)       (24.07)                                     seem now to have peaked at just over 20%
                                                                                                        and are forecast to remain at this level for
                                                                                                        the rest of 2010/11. However, the effects of
                                                                                                        the recession are likely to be felt for some
                                                                                                        time to come; although 8 units were relet by
                                                                                                        the agents during 2010, 6 units became
                                                                                                        void over the same period. This compares
                                                                                                        with 4 relettings and 9 new voids in the
                                                                                                        previous year.

                                      Performance in 2010/11                                Past       Year End
       Indicator                                                                Target                                   Commentary/Action Taken
                            Q1             Q2        Q3          Q4                        2009/10     Forecast
Rent arrears over 90                                                                                              Debts rose substantially following the
days for all tenanted                                                                                             recession from an average of £26.3k in
commercial property                                                                                               2008/09 to around £100k in 2010/11.
(£000s) (09/10)                                                                                                   Considerable effort has been put into trying
                                                                                                                  to reduce these debts, including setting up
                                                                                                                  payment plans for those businesses
                                                                                                                  struggling to keep afloat. This contributed
                                                                                                                  to the reduction in debt to £89k in Q2 and a
                                                                                                                  further £4k in old debt has been paid in the
                                                                                                                  past quarter. However, total debts over 90
                                                                                                                  days have increased to £104k in Q3
                                                                                                                  because 3 tenants with existing debt issues
                            108           89         104                                                          were unable to pay their September quarter
                                                                                 100        100.40       98
                           (N/A)        (15.28)    (126.54)    (100.40)                                           rents. This is symptomatic of the continuing
                                                                                                                  difficulties faced by many businesses and
                                                                                                                  we are working with the firms concerned to
                                                                                                                  ensure that their debts are paid through a
                                                                                                                  payment plan. The Council maintains a
                                                                                                                  dual-track approach of supporting
                                                                                                                  struggling tenants through the recession,
                                                                                                                  whilst recovering through its Recovery
                                                                                                                  Team debts that are not part of an agreed
                                                                                                                  payment plan. This approach was
                                                                                                                  approved by Cabinet in March 2009 in
                                                                                                                  order to help keep voids to a minimum and
                                                                                                                  help businesses to survive the recession.
Penns Place Electricity                                                                                           Electricity usage slightly higher than last
Usage                     98,033        100,660     117,352                       5%         12%                  year due to the increase in site users,
                                                   (115,904)   (115,521)
(kwhours) (09/10)         (102,888)    (102,197)                               reduction   reduction              including HCC Youth Team, South Downs
                                                                                                                  National Park and Eco Town colleagues.
Penns Place Gas                                                                                                   Over the last three months we have
Usage                                                                                                             experienced some extremely cold weather
(kwhours) (09/10)                                                                                                 conditions, over a prolonged period of time.
                                                                                                                  The heating system was turned on earlier
                          52,660         4,541      183,614                       5%                              and ran longer than in previous years to
                                                   (138,846)   (230,581)
                                                                                             N/A         N/A
                          (38,177)      (3,006)                                reduction                          deal with this. Our targets of 5% reflect the
                                                                                                                  fact we have already achieved significant
                                                                                                                  reductions over the past few years. The
                                                                                                                  10:10 pledge will celebrate anything over
Environmental Health - Pollution, Food, Health & Safety
                                       Performance in 2010/11                             Past     Year End
       Indicator                                                                Target                               Commentary/Action Taken
                               Q1           Q2        Q3           Q4                    2009/10   Forecast
Service requests                                                                                              On track
                              97.44       95.93        95.19
responded to within 3                                                            95%     96.27%      95%
                             (95.11)     (97.29)      (96.80)    (95.87)
days (%) (09/10)
Service requests                                                                                              On track
                              97.02       98.26        98.03
resolved within 90 days                                                          97%     95.88%      97%
                             (96.54)     (95.57)      (95.78)    (95.61)
(%) (09/10)
Satisfaction with service provided (09/10 figures):
   Food, Health & Safety                                                                                      Information will be available in Q4. Due to
                                                                                 N/A      N/A        N/A
                      (%)      (50)       (100)       (100)      (N/A)                                        a change in the methodology for measuring
           Licensing (%)                                                                                      customer satisfaction, surveys are not
                                                                                 N/A      N/A        N/A
                              (N/A)       (100)       (97.4)     (N/A)                                        longer being issued monthly/ analysed
            Pollution (%)                                                                                     quarterly. Surveys for 2010/11 will be
                                                                                                              issued on a sample basis and analysed at
                                                                                 N/A      N/A        N/A      the end of the financial year. Results will
                             (91.7)       (69.2)      (73.3)     (N/A)
                                                                                                              be used to inform the business planning
                                                                                                              and budget setting process.
Health & safety                                                                                               Target met. NB. For consistency this
inspections – cumulative                                                                                      includes all inspections for premises rated
completions (09/10)            4            20          71                                                    as A, B1 and B2 in accordance with former
                                                                                 60       112        60
                              (14)         (42)        (79)      (112)                                        practice. HSE have changed definitions of
                                                                                                              high risk categories (see Service Plan for
Food premises in each 'Safe2eat' food hygiene category (09/10 figures):
     Unsatisfactory (%)      0.9         1.1         0.1                                                      Q3 has seen a significant reduction in
                                                                                0.5%      0.5%      0.5%
                            (1.2)       (0.6)       (0.3)       (0.5)                                         Unsatisfactory premises resulting in an
         Borderline (%)      2.1         2.5         2.8                                                      increase in premises categorised as
                                                                                1.8%      2.7%      1.8%
                            (4.2)       (2.9)       (2.5)       (2.7)                                         Borderline. There has also been a small
        Satisfactory (%)    62.5        60.5        59.6                                                      increase in the number of premises
                                                                                62.8%    62.8%      62.8%     categorised as Excellent. No Action
                           (65.4)      (66.8)      (66.1)      (62.8)
          Excellent (%)     34.5        35.9        37.5                                                      required.
                                                                                34.9%    34.1%      34.9%
                           (29.3)      (29.7)      (30.5)      (34.1)

Environmental Health - Pest Control
                                       Performance in 2010/100                            Past     Year End
       Indicator                                                                Target                               Commentary/Action Taken
                               Q1           Q2        Q3           Q4                    2009/10   forecast
Service requests                                                                                              On track
                              98.97         100        99.49
responded to within 3                                                            95%     98.73%      95%
                             (98.81)      (98.20)     (98.47)    (99.45)
days (%) (09/10)
Environmental Health - Pest Control
                                      Performance in 2010/100                            Past     Year End
       Indicator                                                               Target                               Commentary/Action Taken
                              Q1           Q2        Q3           Q4                    2009/10   forecast
Service requests                                                                                             On track
                             97.00        99.46     98.33
resolved within 90 days                                                         97%     96.56%      97%
                            (94.33)      (97.40)   (95.70)      (98.82)
(%) (09/10)
Satisfaction with service                                                                                    Information will be available in Q4. Due to
provided (%) (09/10)                                                                                         a change in the methodology for measuring
                                                                                                             customer satisfaction, surveys are not
                                                                                                             longer being issued monthly/ analysed
                                                                                90%      N/A        90%      quarterly. Surveys for 2010/11 will be
                            (93.8)       (96.7)     (100)       (N/A)
                                                                                                             issued on a sample basis and analysed at
                                                                                                             the end of the financial year. Results will
                                                                                                             be used to inform the business planning
                                                                                                             and budget setting process.

IT Services
                                      Performance in 2010/11                             Past     Year End
       Indicator                                                               Target                               Commentary/Action Taken
                              Q1           Q2        Q3           Q4                    2009/10   Forecast
Website available 24                                                                                         On target. Backup issues resolved during
                            93.42          95.7     95.87
hours a day, every day                                                          95%     99.8%       97%      October.
                            (100)         (100)      (99)       (100)
(%) (09/10)
Intranet availability                                                                                        Power failure and Server issues during
(%) (09/10)                  99.39         100      96.83                                                    quarter. Uninterruptible power supply
                                                                                99%     99.8%       98%
                            (99.20)       (100)    (99.92)      (100)                                        repaired. Ongoing slowdowns caused by
                                                                                                             Server failure under investigation.

Legal Services
                                      Performance in 2010/11                             Past     Year End
       Indicator                                                               Target                               Commentary/Action Taken
                              Q1           Q2        Q3           Q4                    2009/10   Forecast
Land charge searches                                                                                         On track
                             100           100       100
completed within 8 days                                                        100%      100%      100%
                            (100)         (100)     (100)       (100)
(%) (09/10)
Local investigations                                                                                         On track
completed within 6           100           100       100
                                                                               100%      100%      100%
months of complaint         (100)         (100)     (100)       (100)
(%) (09/10)
Local hearings taken                                                                                         On track
place within 3 months of     100           100       100
                                                                               100%      100%      100%
completion of               (100)         (100)     (100)       (100)
investigation (%) (09/10)

Revenues and Benefits
                                     Performance in 2010/11                              Past       Year End
       Indicator                                                             Target                                    Commentary/Action Taken
                             Q1           Q2        Q3          Q4                      2009/10     Forecast
Council tax collected                                                                                          The 2009/10 cash collection rate of 98.9%
cumulative (%) (09/10)                                                                                         was the highest in Hampshire and in the top
                                                                                                               28 of English Local Authorities. For
                                                                                                               2010/11 we have set a target collection rate
                                                                                                               of 99.1%. This is an ambitious target. In
                            30.86       59.21      88.60
                                                                             99.10%     98.94%      99.10%     2009/10 only 14 English Local Authorities
                           (31.01)     (59.49)    (88.81)     (98.94)
                                                                                                               achieved or exceeded this rate. At the end
                                                                                                               of Q3, although cash collection is a little
                                                                                                               below target, it has improved over quarter
                                                                                                               and it is forecast that the target will be
Non-domestic rates                                                                                             For 2010/11, we have set an increased
collected cumulative (%)    36.45       64.04      90.82                                                       target for Non-domestic rates cash
                                                                             98.60%     98.46%      98.60%
(09/10)                    (36.19)     (62.70)    (88.72)     (98.46)                                          collection of 98.6%. At the end of Q3 actual
                                                                                                               cash collection is ahead of target.

Human Resources
                                     Performance in 2010/11                              Past       Year End
       Indicator                                                             Target                                    Commentary/Action Taken
                             Q1           Q2        Q3          Q4                      2009/10     Forecast
Working days lost per                                                                                          Relatively high absence levels, in
FTE due to sickness:                                                                                           comparison to prior years, due to unusual
- per quarter               1.69         2.77      3.14                                                        number of long term sickness cases which
- overall cumulative                     4.46      7.60                                                        are all being actively managed. Absence
- (09/10 cumulative)       (1.31)       (2.46)    (4.51)      (6.34)                                           level is expected to improve in next quarter
                                                                                                               as 3 returned, 1 is expected to return
Breakdown per quarter,                                                                                         imminently and 1 ill-health retired. Short
                                                                             6.8 days   6.34 days   9.5 days
% of total days lost:                                                                                          term sickness has increased due to
     Short term sickness    40%         32%        39%                                                         instances of winter viral and flu infections.
     Long term sickness     60%         68%        61%

No of days lost per FTE:
    Short term sickness     0.68        0.90       1.23
     Long term sickness     1.01        1.87       1.91

Customer Services

                                  Performance in 2010/11                          Past     Year End
       Indicator          Q1           Q2        Q3        Q4           Target                               Commentary/Action Taken
                                                                                 2009/10   Forecast
Telephone calls missed     0.2        0.2        0.2                                                  On track. Consistently high performance.
                                                                        <0.5%     0.2%      0.2%
(%) (09/10 figures)       (0.2)      (0.2)      (0.1)      (0.2)
Telephone calls                                                                                       On track. Consistently high performance.
answered within 30         95          96        96
                                                                         90%      95%        95%
seconds (%) (09/10        (96)        (96)      (95)       (94)

Customer Service Centre
                                  Performance in 2010/11                          Past     Year End
       Indicator                                                        Target                               Commentary/Action Taken
                          Q1           Q2        Q3        Q4                    2009/10   Forecast
Telephone calls missed    12            5         6                                                   On track
                                                                         10%       9%        10%
(%) (09/10 figures)       (8)          (8)      (11)       (10)
Telephone calls                                                                                       On track. Consistently high performance.
answered within 30         58          76        81
                                                                         66%      73%        66%
seconds (%) (09/10        (73)        (71)      (75)       (73)
Telephone calls                                                                                       On track. Consistently high performance.
answered within 2          81          91        92
                                                                         90%      88%        90%
minutes (%) (09/10        (88)        (87)      (89)       (88)

Section E

Customer Service and
Corporate Customer Service Local Performance Indicator Results
                                   Performance in 2010/11                         Past     Year End
       Indicator                                                     Target                                Commentary/Action Taken
                           Q1           Q2        Q3        Q4                   2009/10   Forecast
Telephone calls missed                                                                                On track
                            0.2        0.1        0.1
corporately (%) (09/10                                                   <1%      0.2%      0.2%
                           (0.2)      (0.2)      (0.2)      (0.1)
Telephone calls                                                                                       Exceeds target.
answered within 3 rings/    86          85        87
                                                                         80%      87%        85%
9 secs corporately (%)     (87)        (86)      (86)       (87)
(09/10 figures)
Customer comments                                                                                     Off target – dip in performance by 2%
                            88          87        85
responded to in 10 days                                                  90%      87%        88%      from last quarter.
                           (84)        (89)      (86)       (86)
(%) (09/10 figures)
Complaints received                                                                                   Huge drop in complaints compared to
(09/10 figures)                                                                                       last quarter. Regular monitoring of
                            57          45        29
                                                                         N/A      59/qtr     N/A      customer comments by Customer
                           (44)        (48)      (73)       (72)
                                                                                                      Services Manager ensuring categories
                                                                                                      are correct.
Complaints completed                                                                                  Off track. Remains consistent with
                            60          69        69
in 10 days (%) (09/10                                                    85%      71%        70%      last quarter.
                           (59)        (67)      (81)       (71)
Number of FOI requests      75          98        83                              306                 Statistical record for monitoring only.
                                                            (98)         N/A                 N/A
received                   (75)        (68)      (65)                            (year)
FOI requests not                                                                                      Officer concerned on leave. Priority
completed in 20 day          2          2          1                                                  given to other work. Matter answered
                                                                         0/qtr      5         6
statutory deadline          (2)        (2)        (1)        (0)                                      3 days past deadline.
(09/10 figures)
FOI appeals upheld by                                                                                 On track
                             0          0          0
Information Commission                                                   0/qtr      0         0
                            (0)        (0)        (0)        (0)
(09/10 figures)

Customer Comments and Complaints – Report for Quarter 3 2010/11

1.0   Complaints

1.1   Comments are logged on the system in two ways: automatically when a customer uses a web
      form; and by an officer on receipt of the telephone call, letter or email that requires further
      action or noting.

1.2   Twenty nine complaints were recorded in this quarter. This is compared with forty-five in the
      previous quarter which is a great improvement.

       Car Parks                    3
       Community Safety             1
       Council Tax                  2
       Council Tax Benefit          2
       Environmental Services       1
       Housing – Advice             1
       Housing Benefit              8
       Planning Applications        7
       Refuse                       1
       Sports & Leisure Centres     1
       Trees                        2

1.3   Points to note are:

          Seven complaints were received relating to customer dissatisfaction with Planning
           Applications, which are down from last quarter which was eleven.
          Housing Benefit complaints rose to eight this quarter compared to four in quarter 2.
          It is expected that there will more complaints against those departments that may have to
           make unpopular decisions.

1.4   Regular monitoring through out this quarter has seen an improvement in response times.

2.0   Compliments

2.1   Thirty three compliments were logged in this quarter, eleven in Licensing.

       Building Control              1
       Car Parks                     1
       Cemeteries and Burials        2
       Council Tax                   1
       Customer Service              1
       Food Complaint                1
       Garden Waste                  1
       Grants                        1
       Housing – Advice              5
       Housing – Private Sector      1
       Licensing                     11
       Planning Applications         1
       Pollution Control             4
       Public Conveniences           1
       Trees                         1

3.0   Speed of response

3.1   We have a corporate standard of sending a full response to customers within ten working days
      (twenty days for Freedom of Information Act requests). The system sends regular email
      reminders to assigned officers and their service’s Customer Relations Officer to keep them on
      track. The Customer Services Manager will send reminders and will chase up any complaints
      or comments that are due to be completed.

3.2   In this quarter 69% of complaints were completed on time (against a target of 85%), which is
      consistent with the previous quarter. In terms of comments, 85% were completed within the ten
      working days (against a target of 90%), which is a small drop in performance compared to
      quarter 2.

3.3   As at 17th January 2011, there were 3 overdue comments in the following areas (excluding
      Freedom of Information requests which are subject to the statutory twenty day timeframe):

         Food Complaint 24.12.2009 / 12345 – comment – ongoing issue with customer; comment
          remains open.
         Complaint against staff 27.09.2010 / 14776 – waiting to be closed on the system.
         Comment – FOI 05.10.2010 14836 – customer has not responded to further information
          requested to be able to proceed. Needs to be closed accordingly.

Section F

Community Strategy Update
Community Strategy Update
Quarter Three 2010/11

The Sustainable Community Strategy (SCS) is due for its three-yearly refresh in 2011. This was
discussed by the members of the Steering Group in December and it was agreed that this should wait
until we have further clarity on the future of the Partnership, because of the changes in National
Government and locally. The Steering Group agreed that the immediate priority for the Partnership
over the next 6 months is for the partners to support each other in responding to funding reductions,
maintaining services and working out ways of doing ‘more for less’.

The sub-groups six-monthly action plan updates for the SCS were presented in December 2010. On
the whole the actions are progressing well however it is clear that there are a number of areas that
could be improved with better co-ordination of work, for example, older people.

It was generally agreed by the sub-group chairs that the majority of the action plans are now out of
date and in need of an update. The sub-groups agreed that they would like some time to digest the
changes that are happening and review how and what services can be delivered in the future before
looking at the action plans. It was agreed that a facilitated workshop will take place later this year to
look at the SCS’s priority outcomes and the sub-group’s action plans in the context of local and
national changes, including the implications of the Big Society.

Section G

Corporate Projects Update
Corporate Projects Progress            Quarter Three 2010/11
                                    Quarter 1                           Quarter 2                         Quarter 3                             Quarter 4
    Key Project                  April - June 2010               July 2010 - September           October - December 2010                 January – March 2011
Local Development        Presentation to Development        Reports to Development Policy     Summary of consultation               Complete revision of Core
Framework                Policy Panel (27/5/10) on GOSE     Panel (26.08.10) and Council      responses on LDF Core                 Strategy for approval by
Contact:                 representation on Core Strategy    (01.09.10) on Housing Land        Strategy: Preferred Policies on       Development Policy Panel and
Chris Murray             and note of PINS advisory visit.   Supply and the reserve housing    Whitehill/Bordon and on               Council.
ext. 4231                                                   sites.                            Whitehill/Bordon Masterplan to
                                                            Summary of consultation           Development Policy Panel
Council Strategy                                            responses on LDF Core             (23.09.10).
measures of success:                                        Strategy: Preferred Policies to
Develop a series of                                         Development Policy Panel
documents to form the                                       (23.09.10).
LDF as set out in the
scheme timetable
South Downs National     N/A                                Discussions with the NPA on       There are 3 elements to our
Park Authority                                              developing the partnership and    working with the NPA: initial set
Contact:                                                    working arrangements.             up, full partnership working and
Chris Murray ext 4231                                                                         termination of agreement from
                                                                                              either side. The main areas of
Council Strategy                                                                              work have focussed so far on
measures of success:                                                                          initial set up. A project team has
We will work with the                                                                         been created including officers
SDNPA on the creation                                                                         from Planning, Legal, IT,
of planning policy and                                                                        Committee Services, Data
the control of                                                                                Intelligence and the Corporate
development in the                                                                            Programme Office. The team
Park area in                                                                                  meets regularly and we are on
accordance with agreed                                                                        course to be ready to act as
partnership and                                                                               planning agents for the Authority
delegation                                                                                    from 1 April 2011 for 1 year
arrangements                                                                                  initially. Project briefs have been
                                                                                              produced for full partnership
                                                                                              working and termination of the
                                                                                              agreement and these will be
                                                                                              worked up after 1 April.

                                      Quarter 1                             Quarter 2                            Quarter 3                      Quarter 4
     Key Project                  April - June 2010                 July 2010 - September              October - December 2010             January – March 2011
Whitehill and Bordon      Draft Masterplan complete.           Refined project management           The new governance structure
Regeneration              Aecom contract complete.             system continues to be used for      has been launched with the first
Programme                 Project Management framework         the projects. A review of the        meeting of the Delivery Board
Contact:                  reviewed and improvements            system will take place in January    which was held on 7th Dec
Daphne Gardner            made by Turner and Townsend.         2011. Project Audit and reviews      2010. Project Audit and Review
ext. 4005                 Community and Demonstration          to take place in the next quarter.   meetings were completed within
                          projects underway.                   A full project team is now in        this quarter and all projects are
Council Strategy          Governance arrangements - the        place.                               on track. The eco-pack for
measures of success:      structure of the delivery board is   Further public consultation on       Whitehill Bordon was distributed
We will develop and       being developed.                     the Masterplan was carried out.      and resulted in a high uptake of
agree a masterplan that                                        The 'surgery style' events took      free loft and cavity wall insulation
delivers the Green                                             place on a Wednesday and             for residents. Retrofitting works
Town Vision and will                                           Saturday at the Forest Centre.       have started on Bordon Infants
provide guidance for                                           Following submission of 3            and Juniors and Weyford Infants
our planning policies                                          funding scenarios to CLG, the        and Juniors with further works to
                                                               team awaits news of the amount       start on Bordon Library and
                                                               of funding to be granted.            Woodlea School.
                                                               Demonstration and community
                                                               projects are underway. The
                                                               Eco-town project run by Whitehill
                                                               Town Council - The Timber
                                                               Fitness Trail - has launched to
                                                               great success.
Equality and Diversity    Work is continuing involving         New impact assessment forms          Draft joint policy developed.
Contact: Jo Barden        colleagues at Havant.                agreed. We are looking to align      Presentation to Management
Hernandez ext. 4068                                            policies with Havant for a           Forum.
Council Strategy                                               consistent approach across both
measures of success:                                           organisations.
Equality Impact
Assessments carried
out for all services by
March 2011

Key Project                           Quarter 1                            Quarter 2                            Quarter 3                    Quarter 4
                                  April - June 2010                July 2010 - September               October - December 2010          January – March 2011
Youth Action Plan         Youth Council Elections have        Butserfest took place on 11         The East Hants Youth Council
Contact:                  taken place with 1,700 young        September. Once again the           underwent a successful CAT
Bob Coleman               people voting. Youth Council        event was a great success from      Mark Assessment. The
ext. 4017                 now have 22 members from a          a customer point of view with       assessment was undertaken by
                          variety of ages and                 2,000 young people attending.       Young People from Havant Youth
Council Strategy          backgrounds. During the             The event received a positive       Council. CAT mark is a quality
measures of success:      general election 5 young            report in the national music        assurance tool which assesses:
Recruiting six new        people’s panels were organised      magazine’ Kerrang!’ magazine        i) The project involves Young
members to the Youth      where young people got the          (circulation of 85,000 pa).         People
Council. By               chance to quiz prospective                                              ii) equality and diversity
successfully completing   Parliamentary candidates.                                               iii) environment and resources
2 projects by March       Successful AGM was held and                                             iv Links to other services.
2011.                     the young people have voted for                                         The Community Team will be
                          2 new projects: leisure cards for                                       assessed in Feb 2011. Local
Having a young people     young people and more jobs for                                          democracy week took place in
inspired re-vamp of the   young people in East Hants.                                             October. Three schools took part
website by Sept 2010      Very successful Butserquest                                             banners were created showing
and increase the          event took part in Alton with                                           what democracy meant to them
average number of         approx 500 young people                                                 as young people. In November a
monthly hits by 50%       attending. Butserfest plans are                                         joint takeover day took place with
compared to 2009/10       well ahead and on track to break                                        Havant. Young people discussed
by March 2011.            even this year.                                                         the similarities between their
                                                                                                  respective areas and had the
By holding an outdoor                                                                             opportunity to quiz Damian Hinds
Butserquest event in                                                                              MP and the relevant Portfolio
Alton by August 2010.                                                                             Holders from both councils.
                                                                                                  Butserfest did not break even as
Making improvements                                                                               planned and presented a cost to
to Butserfest based on                                                                            the Council of £11,700. This was
feedback from young                                                                               mostly due to the very poor
people and working                                                                                weather. Although 2000 young
towards the event                                                                                 people attended, on the door
becoming self-                                                                                    ticket sales were down by approx
sustaining by                                                                                     600 hence the shortfall.
September 2010                                                                                    A paper will be going to Cabinet
                                                                                                  in 2011 to decide the future of the
Waste to Resources        In April and May an average of      It is now two years since the       In November the recycling rate for
Action Plan (WRAP)        64% of the total glass collected    Green Cone trial and a follow up    the quarter peaked at 40.3%
Contact: Brian Turner     (around 284 tonnes in each          questionnaire was completed by      The two year follow-on
ext. 4019                 month) came via the kerbside        a number of participants. 78        questionnaires were sent to
                          collection service. However the     returned the completed              Green Johanna trial participants.
Continues overleaf        Mirror Survey identified small      questionnaire and this shows        89 were returned and of these
                          numbers of households around        that of these 53% are still using   88% are still using the unit. This
                          the district who do not have        the unit.                           is a much higher level of success
                          glass collection boxes.                                                 than for the Green Cones.
                                        Quarter 1                         Quarter 2                             Quarter 3                     Quarter 4
     Key Project                    April - June 2010             July 2010 - September                October - December 2010           January – March 2011
Waste to Resources         Information about obtaining one     The SME recycling trial is        During the year to date 181
Action Plan (WRAP)         is on the website and will be       now underway at Woolmer           composters have been sold to
Contact: Brian Turner      actively promoted at meetings       Industrial Estate and the first   residents through the recycle for
ext. 4019                  and roadshows in those areas.       of a projected 12 collections     Hampshire scheme.
                           Support for the Love Food Hate      has taken place. This             Visits to schools have continued
Council Strategy           Waste campaign has continued        produced 0.18 tonnes of           and work has taken place in
measures of success:       with attendance at Petersfield      recycling.                        conjunction with the Education
Improve performance        Food Festival.                      The ongoing plastic bag free      Outreach Officer at Woodlea
indicators for waste and   The business recycling trial at     communities initiative was        Primary School. One of the
recycling                  Woolmer Industrial Estate: advice   successfully carried out via      Champions is now helping Steep
                           has been received from HCC          the majority retailers in Four    Primary School 'Diggers' Club with
                           regarding requirements for          Marks and the next village to     composting.
                           operating the trial and the         take part will be Buriton.        All schools in the district have been
                           relevant collection round           The Champions scheme was          sent a poster version of the gum
                           identified. The business team       one of the topics at the PI       and litter work undertaken by the
                           have provided information about     conference.                       Youth Council with an invitation to
                           the companies on site.                                                request visits.
                           Two events were held during         The British Can                   The impact of the summer Art of
                           National Compost Awareness          Manufacturers trial is now        Recycling event continued with
                           week in April. The aims were to     complete and the results are      public exhibitions, and press
                           encourage home composting,          awaited.                          coverage, at Bordon Forest
                           give advice through two Compost     The signage developed by          Community Centre and Alton
                           Clinics - run by Champions who      the Youth Council is now in       College.
                           have received Garden Organics       place on the English              The plastic bag free communities
                           Master Composter training, and      Landscapes vehicles and           initiative took place in Buriton and
                           promote sales of composters         poster versions will be           despite allowing an extended period
                           through the Hampshire-              available to schools              was the least successful to date.
                           wide offer. Use was made of the                                       This is probably due to the need to
                           cut through composter given to                                        use outlets other than a village
                           EHDC by WRAP.                                                         shop. Kingsley Village Centre is the
                           In addition a talk has been given                                     next location.
                           to a local horticultural society.                                     The Recycling Champion group
                           Visits have been made to several                                      was re-named EnviroChamps in
                           schools, ranging from Alton                                           recognition of the increasingly wider
                           College to infant schools.                                            remit of their role and a new logo
                           Information is now on the EHDC                                        developed. A Group has been set
                           website regarding the various                                         up on easthampshire.org. Two
                           take back options for batteries                                       members of the group have
                           available through retailers, and                                      undertaken useful doorstepping
                           also for the safe disposal of                                         training through HCC.
                           CFLs.                                                                 The SME recycling trial continues at
                                                                                                 Woolmer Industrial Estate and by
                                                                                                 the end of December 2010 1.2
                                                                                                 tonnes had been collected.

                                        Quarter 1                            Quarter 2                            Quarter 3                    Quarter 4
     Key Project                    April - June 2010                July 2010 - September              October - December 2010           January – March 2011
Joint Working on           The partner authorities have now    Officers from both councils have     The tender evaluation stage has
Procurement of             signed an Inter-Authority           analysed expressions of interest     been extended by approximately
Environmental              Agreement committing them to        from a wide variety of               2 weeks to enable further
Services (Winchester       the joint procurement of            companies, which resulted in a       evaluation. The findings will be
City Council)              Environmental Services. The         number of these being invited to     reported to the Project Board on
Contact: Brian Turner      agreement also makes East           tender.                              21st March and then taken to the
ext. 4019                  Hampshire DC the Administering      A project team of officers have      Joint Environmental Services
                           Authority for the partnership. An   written a Joint Contract and         Committee where members from
Council Strategy           advert has been placed in the       Tendering documents and these        both councils will approve an
measures of success:       Official Journal of the European    have been sent out to the            award of contract. A statutory
Improve performance        Union and we have since had         companies on the tender list.        "stand-still" period of 10 days
indicators for waste and   expressions of interest from        Tendering questions and              follows, during which tenderers
recycling                  approximately 15 suppliers; we      enquiries are being received and     are informed of their scores and
                           are now awaiting return of their    answered promptly by officers,       if they have been successful. If
                           Pre-Qualification                   and the level of activity and        no challenges are received, the
                           Questionnaires. The new Joint       engagement of the tenderers          council can proceed to award
                           Committee has met twice to          seems promising.                     and seal the contract formally -
                           consider harmonisation issues       The return of completed tenders      which should be at some time
                           and the Tender Evaluation           is due on 15th November 2010,        after 11th April.
                           Criteria.                           after which a joint team of          Recruitment to the Joint Client
                                                               officers will evaluate and analyse   Team is progressing. Brian
                                                               the results. A recommendation        Turner has been appointed as
                                                               for award of the contract is         Joint Client Team Manager, with
                                                               timetabled to go to the Joint        Mark Bailey and Martin Taylor
                                                               Environmental Services               from WCC the two Contracts
                                                               Committee in Feb 2011.               Managers. The majority of other
                                                               Work on establishing a Joint         posts in the new structure have
                                                               Client Team of officers from both    seen existing staff filling similar
                                                               councils is progressing well, and    roles as they currently occupy. A
                                                               initial work to scope the project    small number of staff from both
                                                               to bring together the back-office    councils who were "in-scope" for
                                                               processes of both councils for       roles in the new team have
                                                               the work under the Joint             chosen to take redundancy/early
                                                               Contract is about to commence.       retirement. As a result, two
                                                                                                    vacant positions will not be filled
                                                                                                    by the time the Joint Client Team
                                                                                                    commences work on April 1st.
   Partnership            Business case for shared            Recruitment process for Joint        Joint Management Team in
    working with           management approved at              Management Team commenced            place. Line management
    Havant                 Council.                            and concluded.                       reporting changed to reflect
Contact: Rob                                                   First Governance Board meeting       Cluster arrangements.
Chambers                                                       held.                                Joint Management Team work
Ext 4104                                                                                            on plans for third tier of
                                  Quarter 1                         Quarter 2                             Quarter 3                     Quarter 4
     Key Project              April - June 2010              July 2010 - September             October - December 2010             January – March 2011
Four Way Working Projects (East Hants BC, Test Valley DC, Winchester CC and Havant BC):
 Housing             No report received this quarter.  The Strategic Housing Shared        The shared Hampshire Home
Contact: Tracey                                         Services team (East Hants,          Choice Team has now been
Howard                                                  Havant, Test Valley and             working 2/3 days a week since
Ext. 4347                                               Winchester) has been meeting        the beginning of November and
                                                        for some time now looking at        the pilot is to run until the end of
                                                        how shared housing services         March 2011. There has been a
                                                        could be implemented across         few disruptions to the work
                                                        the 4 areas. Agreement was          pattern due to the snow and
                                                        reached that 4 key areas should     Christmas however early reports
                                                        be considered - Hampshire           are indicating that the team has
                                                        Home Choice (allocations),          now cleared all the backlog of
                                                        Homelessness, Strategy              work held by WCC due to staff
                                                        /Enabling and Private Sector        shortages and turnaround times
                                                        Housing. Considerable work          are quicker. Regular reports are
                                                        has been carried out on             being made to the CEOs and
                                                        Hampshire Home Choice and           Leaders Group and a full report
                                                        Leaders and Chief Executives        on progress and efficiencies will
                                                        agreed that a pilot central team    be provided in April 2011. The
                                                        would be set up to run the          shared team is managed by the
                                                        allocations processes of HHC, to Housing Services Managers
                                                        begin in November. The central      from EHDC and HBC. A
                                                        team will begin working together workshop for all participants is to
                                                        on the 09.11.10 and will be         be held on 26th January 2011 to
                                                        based at East Hants. A report       discuss progress and the way
                                                        on the success of the pilot will be forward.
                                                        taken to Leaders and CEs in
                                                        April 2011. Work continues on
                                                        the next element - Strategy and
                                                        Enabling. In addition to this
                                                        work EHDC and WCC have
                                                        been working together on EHDC
                                                        accessing hostel units owned by
                                                        WCC; this is meaning rental
                                                        income for WCC and a saving
                                                        on B&B costs for EHDC.
 Regulatory          A high level Feasibility Study    On the 16.09.10 an options          Leaders & Chief Executives
    Services          was considered by Leaders and     study was presented to the Chief agreed in January to use IESE
Contact: Jackie       Chief Executives on 24.06.10.     Executive and leaders. At the       funding to appoint project
Batchelor             Officers are now awaiting details meeting they agreed £5,000 to       support to develop a business
Ext. 4271             of the outcome of this meeting to employ a project officer to         case to pursue 'option 7' and to
                      determine the way forward.        produce a preliminary business      invite officers and councillors
                                                        case for a future meeting.          from Worcestershire to attend
                                                                                            future meeting of leaders and
Section H

Top Risks
Top Risks Quarter Three 2010/11
                                               Risk Detail                                Mitigations in place
PROGRAMME RISK: East Hampshire and
                                               Failure to work in partnership and         Detailed risk register has been developed          Sandy Hopkins
Havant Partnership
                                               achieve significant savings and            and is monitored at JMT and every                  (Chief
                                               efficiencies.                              governance Board meeting.                          Executive)
Risk             Impact   Likelihood   Score
1. Managing      8        8            64      Economic Downturn may mean it is           All leases have an end date and a possible         Tom Horwood
voids in                                       hard to find small businesses to take      break clause. With a break clause notice has       (Executive
Commercial                                     on leases in commercial property if        to be served so this provides an opportunity       Director)
Property –                                     voids occur. Void losses increase          to plan and advertise for a new tenant. With
keeping                                        meaning less income for the Council.       leases coming to an end we would take pro-
voids at 3%                                                                               active action to bring the old lease to an end
                                                                                          or other new lease terms to the tenant.
2. Demand        8        8            64      The Housing Market Assessment has          Affordable housing policies being reviewed as      Tim Slater
for Affordable                                 shown that the demand for affordable       part of Local Development Framework. One           (Executive
Housing not                                    housing is not being met, particularly     option is to increase % sought on larger           Head of
met                                            in rural areas. Consequentially,           development sites. Also get rid of the             Economy &
                                               Young People and families migrate          thresholds for negotiation to ensure all           Cultures)
                                               out of the district. Changes profile of    developments make some contribution to
                                               our communities and impacts on their       affordable housing.
3.               8        8            64      DEFRA have issued guidance on              Lobbying in conjunction with Project Integra       Jackie
Classification                                 classifications of certain categories of   partners and the Local Government                  Batchelor
of Waste                                       waste. This would require us to            Association lobby central government to            (Executive
                                               provide waste collection services to a     change the law or re-allocated funding for         Head of
                                               wider range of premises within the         public sector waste collect; DEFRA have            Environment &
                                               district including charity shops, MOD      agreed to review the relevant legislation – full   Neighbourhood
                                               barracks, and potentially schools and      consultation was due in 2009.                      Quality)
                                               hospitals. Some would have to be
                                               serviced free of charge. Likely
                                               financial impact is uncertain but likely
                                               to be over £10k for those premises
                                               who get a free service.

Risk           Impact   Likelihood   Score   Risk Detail                                  Mitigations in place                            Responsible
4.             8        8            64      There is a national shortage of EH           Providing student placements in partnership     Jackie
Recruitment                                  Officers and there is a risk of difficulty   with other Hampshire authorities, to increase   Batchelor
of                                           in recruiting technical staff. The           the pool of Environmental Health Officers       (Executive
Environment                                  consequence would be an inability to         from which to recruit.                          Head of
al Health                                    deliver statutory services including                                                         Environment &
(EH)                                         food safety, health and safety and                                                           Neighbourhood
Technical                                    pollution control. This could result in                                                      Quality)
Officers                                     falling standards within local
                                             businesses and unresolved nuisance
                                             complaints e.g. noise.
5. Low         6        10           60      Changes in government grant formula          No mitigations can be made against low grant    Nigel Street
Government                                   allocation, specific grants treatment        settlements. However the impact is mitigated    (Head of
Grant                                        and floor mechanism may mean a               through the External Support Equalisation       Governance
Settlement                                   reduced grant income to the Council.         Reserve and planning in the Medium Term         and Logistics) /
                                                                                          Financial Framework (MTFF).                     Lynn Ingram
6. Shared      8        7            56      Breakdown of partnership between             Staff area adequately consulted to ensure       Nigel Street
services                                     EHDC/HBC resulting in wrong                  they are kept up t date and are on board with   (Head of
arrangement                                  decisions being made and lack of             new ideas.                                      Governance
s (Finance)                                  support to services and councillors.                                                         and Logistics) /
                                                                                                                                          Lynn Ingram
7. Low         6        9            54      Low investment income may arise              Mitigations include the use of external         Nigel Street
investment                                   from low interest rates and also as the      advisors within investment; investigation of    (Head of
income                                       overall cash balances of the                 alternative investments such as property; use   Governance
                                             organisation are eroded by the cash          of fixed term deposits when rates peaked.       and Logistics) /
                                             requirements of the Council’s Capital                                                        Lynn Ingram
                                             and Reserve Programmes.                                                                      (Finance
8. Financial   7        7            49      Long Term forecasts may not be               Research into expected trends and               Nigel Street
Forecasting                                  accurate resulting in the Council            forthcoming events is undertaken when           (Head of
– Long Term                                  making plans it cannot achieve or is         developing the MTFF.                            Governance
Impact                                       not as ambitious as it could be.                                                             and Logistics) /
                                                                                                                                          Lynn Ingram
Risk            Impact   Likelihood   Score   Risk Detail                               Mitigations in place                            Responsible
9. Waste        7        7            49      Joint working would achieve               Ensure that alternative joint working options   Jackie
Collection                                    significant financial benefits on both    are actively investigated.                      Batchelor
Joint                                         contract price and client costs.                                                          (Executive
Working                                       However, there are few examples of                                                        Head of
project does                                  this approach working in other parts of                                                   Environment &
not proceed                                   the Country. The risk is that potential                                                   Neighbourhood
                                              partner authorities are unable to agree                                                   Quality)
                                              mutually acceptable joint working
                                              arrangements. The consequence of
                                              this is that savings and economies of
                                              scale will not be made when re-letting
                                              the contract.
10. Whitehill   7        7            49      Risk of not meeting a Council Priority,   The team is almost all in place and the         Daphne
& Bordon                                      missing opportunity to build              project has its own detailed plan and risk      Gardner
Development                                   successful communities. Eco Town          register. The team continue to lobby the        (Whitehill
                                              status has now been achieved but          relevant government agencies to ensure the      Bordon Project
                                              there are risks to achieving the          project remains high on their agenda and        Director)
                                              project, for example delay.               have frequent consultations with key MOD
                                                                                        Following submission of 3 funding scenarios
                                                                                        to CLG, the team awaits news of the amount
                                                                                        of funding to be granted.

Section I

Financial Summary
                                               East Hampshire District Council
                                                 Qtr3 Forecast Summary by Service
                                                             2010/11 Budget         2010/11 Budget         2010/11 Qtr3
                         Service                                                                                              Variance
                                                                Original               Revised               Forecast
            Human Resources                                              335                     63                   60             (3)
            Executive Group                                              512                     76                   24            (52)    1
            Community Group                                            2,190                  2,490                2,426            (64)    2
            Communications, Democratic and IT
            Group                                                          3,157                1,487                1,339         (148)    3
            Housing, Property and Facilities Group                           164                    85                 (52)        (137)    4
            Whitehill and Bordon                                             128                  171                  171             0
            Financial Services Group                                       1,457                1,447                1,479            32    5
            Revenues and Benefits Group                                      462                1,357                1,161         (196)    6
            Legal Services                                                   197                  (78)                 (22)           55    7
            Policy Group                                                     423                  125                    47         (78)    8
            Planning Group                                                 1,094                1,884                1,889             5
            Environmental Services Group                                   4,596                5,212                5,005         (207)     9
         Central Savings Targets                                           (662)                (266)                    54          319    10
     Total Service Expenditure                                            14,053               14,053               13,580         (473)

         Interest Earnings                                                (1,091)             (1,091)                (970)           121    11
         Releases to reserves                                               (139)               (139)                (139)             0
         Depreciation                                                       (503)               (503)                (503)             0
         Government Grant                                                 (6,214)             (6,214)              (6,214)             0
         Council Tax                                                      (6,311)             (6,311)              (6,311)             0
         Collection fund deficit                                               28                  28                   28             0
         Contributions to Capital                                             100                 100                  100             0
         Developers Contributions Inflation                                    77                  77                   77             0
     Total Funding                                                       (14,053)            (14,053)             (13,933)           121

     Overspend/(Underspend)                                                   (0)                    0               (353)         (353)
1     Underspend due to delay in filling Executive Head of Governance & Logistics post, somewhat offset by the additional costs of retaining
      the S151 Officer during the period
2     Significant savings on staffing due to vacant posts in community team have lead to a £73k saving in this area. These arrangements
      will continue to September 2011, to allow for the cluster review and implementation. Also, £12k overspend on Butserfest as ticket
      sales were affected by bad weather.
3     Reductions in the number of temporary staff and contractors required and also extending vacancy periods, have resulted in
      considerable savings.
4     Underspends principally achieved by: vacancy savings; office rental space income; control of facilities contracts; savings in the Street
      Lighting PFI contract; and reduced temporary housing expenditure. Some overspend in managing Woolmer Voids.
5     Increased corporate pension costs of £28k and increased Audit Commission Fees of £7.5k and South East England Council
      Subscription costs of £2.5k.
6     The savings have been mainly achieved by: an increased caseload improving the subsidy grant position; an underspend against the
      Benefits Admin grant (somewhat offset by increased temporary staff and overtime) largely because the previously planned Process
      Review has not taken place; and also due to and improved recovery of court costs position.
7     Increased costs due to staff cover during sickness (now resolved), and less than expected S106 income. Also fee income is down in
      land charges as a consequence of statutory changes somewhat offset by and increased demand for full searched
8     Underspend mainly due to delays in the natural burial site project, impacting on the budget set aside for running costs.
9     The savings achieved are mainly as a result of vacancies in Environmental Health; additional work undertaken by the Engineering
      Works Team; one off income in pollution control; and reduction in expenditure on waste reduction promotion which has offset the
      increased fuel and transport costs.
10    This budget holds the original target for savings and efficiencies of £460k set at the beginning of the year, and the Vacancy Savings
      Target of £300k. Where the savings targets have been identified the budget has been moved to the specific service area and
      expenditure monitored against the revised target. The Vacancy Savings Target budget continues to be held centrally, however the
      vacancies actually arise and are reported within the Service areas. EHDC is on track to meet the Vacancy Savings Target.
11    Adverse variance on interest earnings is due to the continued 0.5% interest rate. A favourable reinvestment of a long term deposit has
      improved returns by £26k over the Q2 forecast.

                                          Contacts for Further Information

Joint Management Team      Sandy Hopkins             Chief Executive                              Extension 4001

Joint Management Team      Tom Horwood               Executive Director                           Extension 4025

Joint Management Team      Janet Rees                Executive Director                           Extension 4012

Joint Management Team      Gill Kneller              Executive Head (Marketing & Development)     Extension 4331

Joint Management Team      Tim Slater                Executive Head (Economy & Communities)       Extension 4011

Joint Management Team      Jackie Batchelor          Executive Head (Environment &                Extension 4010
                                                     Neighbourhood Quality)

Joint Management Team      Nigel Street              Executive Head (Governance & Logistics)      Extension 4111

Joint Management Team      Julia Potter              Executive Head (Planning & Built Environment) Extension 4376

Building Control           Keith Seeley              Building Control Manager                     Extension 4201

Community                  Michael O’Mahony          Interim Head of Community Services           Extension 4383

Communications             Steve Bradley             Communications Manager                       Extension 4014

Customer Services          Kathy Fowler              Customer Services Manager                    Extension 4026

Environmental Contracts    Brian Turner              Environmental Contracts Manager              Extension 4283

Facilities Management      Jon Sanders               Facilities Manager                           Extension 4091

Finance                    Lynn Ingram               Financial Services Manager                   Extension 4126

Housing (Homelessness)     Tracey Howard             Housing Services Manager                     Extension 4347

Housing (Private Sector)   Natalie Meagher           Housing Services Manager                     Extension 4340

Human Resources            Ruth Dosanjh              HR Manager                                   Extension 4049

Information Technology     Howard Puddy              IT Manager                                   Extension 4051

Legal                      Jo Barden-Hernandez       Head of Legal Services                       Extension 4068

Planning                   Chris Murray              Head of Planning Services                    Extension 4231

Revenues & Benefits        Mike Ball                 Head of Revenues & Benefits                  Extension 4171


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