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									Matan Consulting Group announces Program Management
Solution enablement for the US market.

Petach-Tikva, Israel — March 19, 2012 - Matan, a leading EPM provider specializing in both
software solutions and consulting. Today announced that 2012 is the year of Program
Management Solution enablement for the US Market.

Project and Program mangers around the globe are facing more and more challenges while
managing large programs and mega projects. The complexity of programs and lack of
integrated planning have led many large enterprises to look for an advanced program
management capabilities.

Matan has been serving large enterprise customers – including leading global manufacturers
for the past 17 years. Among companies who have been deriving significant value from our
solutions are two of the largest semiconductor manufacturers in the world, three of Israel’s
largest aerospace manufacturers, large high-tech companies and a global leader of electric
vehicle producer.

In the past year we have expanded to serve new Fortune 500 customers including world
leading pharmaceutical, healthcare, telecommunication, software and banking companies.
Our customers are large enterprises managing programs that need enhancement to the
multi-project capabilities of Microsoft Project Server 2010.

Alon Segal, Matan’s CEO: “To meet the growing demand for MasterLink solutions, we have
defined 2012 as the year of global expansion, and to that end established a network of
partnerships with EPM and hosting providers to provide the highest level of support to our
growing customer base. "

MasterLink is a powerful solution designed especially for operations requiring management
of cross-project relationships. It achieves that by offering the program manager advanced
yet user-friendly techniques for planning, controlling and analyzing cross-project influences.
MasterLink also support for the growing demand for multi instances support and enable
managers from different parts of the organization to link their projects and monitor program
status across different instances.

“MasterLink is a natural enhancement providing advanced program management
capabilities for Microsoft Project Server 2010,” said Jan Kalis, senior product marketing
manager at Microsoft Corp.

For additional information about MasterLink: Please visit Matan’s booth # 211 at Microsoft
Project Conference 2012

Vered Maor Semel- International Marketing Manager

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