�NOTICE AND DEMAND� by HC12091113107


									                               “NOTICE AND DEMAND”
                                                                          January 12, 2009
Notice of “Agency”:
There are over 300 “Principals”, who have verbally contracted with the “Private Bank of
Denny R. Hardin”. Denny R. Hardin, has agreed to act as their “Agent” to pay off their
“Debts” by “Bonded Promissory Note”. The evidence of this “Agency” is located on
every “Commercial Instrument”, issued by this “Agent”, who possessed the SSN# of
every Principal and the verbal authority to act on their behalf. I speak on behalf of each
and every “Principal” in all different states for the purpose of enforcing payment of these
“debts”. All Principals and I have a lawful contract under our right to contract 42 USC
1981. I speak for all my Principals.
Denny R. Hardin, “Agent”
2450 Elmwood
Kansas City, MO 64127

Notice of “Organized Crime” is being served by Certified Mail on the following

Certified Mail: 7008 3230 0000 7713 7075
Carlos M. Gutierrez, “Agent”
Secretary of United States Department of Commerce
1401 Constitution Ave.
Washington, DC 20230

Certified Mail: 7008 3230 0000 7713 7044
Richard C. Stearns, “Agent”
Director for Enforcement and Compliance
Officer of the Comptroller of the Currency
Special Supervision division, MS 6-4
250 E Street, SW, Washington, DC 20219

Certified Mail: 7008 3230 0000 7713 7051
All “United States Representatives”
By and through my Representative
Emanuel Cleaver, “Agent”
United States Representative for the 5th District of Missouri
101 West 31 Street
 Kansas City, Missouri 64108
Certified Mail: 7008 3230 0000 7713 7068
William E. Kovacic, “Agent”
Federal Trade Commission
600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington DC        20580

Statement of Fact:

I, Denny-Ray: Hardin, am an “American Citizen”, not a “UNITED STATES CITIZEN”.
This statement establishes that to truly be “sovereign” one must be an “American
Citizen”. As an “American Citizen”, I have taken control of and became responsible for
myself, my assets and my representation. I am competent and capable of proving my
position in a “Court of Record” by facts, law and evidence. “Court” is where the
“Sovereign” goes to prove he is right. I present the following in this “Court of Record”
as “Tribunal” to the “American People” as the truth of my understanding.

Past Acts: My understanding of “Commerce”

I was born Denny-Ray: of the family of Hardin, on March 15, 1959. Upon live birth a
“Certificate of Live Birth” was issued by the STATE OF MISSOURI, JACKSON
COUNTY and recorded as STATE FILE NUMBER 124-59-032892. Notice of live birth
was sent to the “UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE” who placed a
“Bond”(B68997026) in the amount of $1,000,000.00 upon the “Certificate”, as an
“American Citizen” and established me as a “Corporate Asset” of the “UNITED
established me as a “Future Taxpayer”, made me a corporation, by capitalizing my name,
“DENNY RAY HARDIN” and assigned me the SSN#497-68-6951. At this point I am the
For the first 18 years all the people are required to be “UNITED STATES CITIZENS”,
the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT trades your bond and collects interest upon it.
But at 18 years old every person, has the right to claim their “Sovereignty” and become
an “American Citizen”. All have the right to claim the original $1,000,000.00 “Bond

Method Utilized to claim “Sovereignty”.

Step One: File an “Act of State” with the “Secretary of State’s Office”.

This document establishes your status as an “American Citizen” and removes you from
the corporate “Jurisdiction” of a “UNITED STATES CITIZEN”. An “Act of State” is a
“Declaration of Standing and Identity” as an “American Citizen” and establishes you are
not a “UNITED STATES CITIZEN”. Mine is on file with the “Missouri Secretary of
State”. For this reason, I am “Denny Ray Hardin, American Citizen” at this point.

Note: This “Act of State” was taken in the bank robbery on November 4th by the FBI.
Therefore details can not be presented.

Method Utilized to claim “Bond Account”.

Step Two: File a “UCC FINANCING STATEMENT” with the “Secretary of State’s

This filing establishes me as the “Agent”, Denny-Ray: Hardin, of the corporation
DENNY RAY HARDIN, SSN#497686951. My File No. is 6390611 submitted July 24,
2007 in the Kansas “Secretary of State’s Office”. Now I own my corporate name and
must be recognized as an “American Citizen”.

Method utilized to “Copyright” my name.

Step Three: Registered my “Notice of Affidavit”.

On August 2, 2007, I had created a “NOTICE OF AFFIDAVIT FOR NOTICE OF
TRADE NAME” by mailing it to myself, by Registered Mail, Tracking Number RR 294
796 215 US, established this as a lawfully binding “Commercial Instrument”. My name
and all derivatives of it are reserved by me under UCC1-207, 15 USC 1125 and 18 USC
3571 and can not be utilized without my permission. At this point I control all my
business and no-one has the right to say I can not.


The above establishes an “American Citizen” who is not subject to any jurisdiction of a
corporate entity. The “American Citizen” has all rights, all privileges and all immunities
secured by their Constitution and are not subject to statues, rules, cases, codes or
regulations that govern corporations and “UNITED STATES CITIZENS”. No action can
be taken against any “American Citizen” by a “Foreign State” they are protected by the
11th Amendment. “American Citizens” can not be put in “debt”, their “debts” are paid by
their signature upon any “promissory note”. Only by their signature can funds be
removed from their account. I could stop here and control the rest of my life without a
problem. But I was wanting to help the people so I decided I would engage in
“Commerce” and establish a “Private Bank”.

Definitions: Black’s Law 5th Edition
 “Private Banker” is a person engaged in banking without having any special privileges or
authority from the state.”

“Banking” “Is partly defined as “The business of issuing notes for circulation…
negotiating bills. “Banking” as the business of banking, as defined by law and custom,
consists in the issue of notes… intended to circulate as money.”
With the forgoing understanding, I set up my “Bond Account”, by contracting with my
“Public Office” the “Secretary of the Treasury for the united States of America”. These
contracts were created by Denny Ray Hardin and presented to Henry Paulson, Jr. under
the laws governing commerce. It is common knowledge anything formally presented not
disputed within 30 days is acquiesced to and a lawfully binding agreement is established.

Method Utilized to establish control of “Bond Account”:

Step Four: Established Contract

Mailed by Registered Mail Tracking Number RA 219 314 616 US (Ref. Bond No.)
Accepting for value and exempt from levy DENNY RAY HARDIN 497686951
Contract under HJR 192 (5 June 1933), 31 USC 5118.2, UCC1-104 and UCC10-104.
Endorsed and Sealed by the Principal, 2 Sureties and 2 Witnesses.
Delivered August 10, 2007 Washington, DC. Not disputed and lawfully accepted.
Expiration of Contract: at the moment Denny Ray Hardin expires.

Note: This “Contract” was taken in the bank robbery on November 4th 2008 by the FBI.
Therefore details can not be presented. The Contract is available through the “Secretary
of the Treasury”.

Step Five: Contract Established cover Liability:

Ref. Bond No. RA 219 314 616 US (Present on all my “Commercial Instruments)
Mailed by Registered Mail Tracking Number RA 294 796 396 US
Establishing the Secretary of the Treasury as “Fiduciary” and Denny Ray Hardin as
“Account Holder”.
As agreed, Fiduciary’s “Failure to return will stipulate acceptance and honor.”
Endorsed and Sealed by the Principal, 2 Sureties and 2 Witnesses.
Attachments: Birth Certificate (Accepted for value), Social Security Card copy front and
back and Security Agreement (Non-Negotiable, lawfully binding on all Corporations)
Delivered September 20, 2007 Washington, DC. Not returned and lawfully accepted.
Date of Expiration: September 12, 2037 (Thirty year bond)
Note: This “Contract” was taken in the bank robbery on November 4th 2008 by the FBI.
Therefore details can not be presented. The Contract is available through the “Secretary
of the Treasury”.

At this point, I have taken control of my bond account worth $1,000,000.00. The interest
accumulated since I was born is retained by the “UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT”.
But I control this account and no-one but me can access it without my signature and seal.

Step Six: Establishment of Funds as “Creditor” of my Government.

Ref. Bond No. RA 219 314 616 US
Mailed by Registered Mail Tracking Number RR 294 796 419 US
PRIVATE OFFSET BOND (Face Value $200,000,000.00)
Establishing a 50/50 “Contract” with the “Fiduciary” allowing him to place
$100,000,000.00 in circulation as “currency” and the other $100,000,000.00 to be placed
in the “bond account” of DENNY RAY HARDIN 497686951, upon which Denny Ray
Hardin, “Agent” can write “Bonded” (backed by these funds) “Promissory Notes” to pay
As agreed, Fiduciary’s “Failure to dishonor will stipulate acceptance and honor.”
Endorsed and Sealed by the Creditor/Principal, Denny Ray Hardin “American Citizen”
Delivered November 19, 2007 Washington, DC. Not returned and lawfully accepted.
Date of Expiration: November 11, 2017 (Ten year bond)

The foregoing establishes the “Bond Account” of the “Private Bank of Denny R.
Hardin”. To date no authority has given me one reason to believe otherwise. At this point
I believe I have a “Bond Account” of $101,000,000.00 upon which I can write “Bonded
Promissory Notes” to pay “debt” as an authorized “banker”. Denny Ray Hardin now
stands as an “American Citizen” in “Honor”.

Definitions: Black’s Law 1st Edition

“Bank Note” “A promissory note issued by a bank or authorized banker, payable to
bearer upon demand and intended to circulate as money.”

“Bond” “A contract by specialty to pay a certain sum of money: a deed or instrument, by
which the maker or obligator promises, and thereto binds himself, his heirs, executors and
administrators, to pay a designated sum of money to another; usually with a clause to the
effect that upon performance of a certain condition (as to pay another and a smaller sum)
the obligation shall be void.”

With this understanding, in September of 2008, in an effort to help the family in these
tough times, the “Private Bank of Denny R. Hardin” opened to engage in the business of
banking. I started paying off mortgages, cars loans, credit cards, student loans, IRS, etc.
and was immediately met with resistance from the Financial Industry.

The first one hundred bonds were issued under “Denny Ray Hardin 49768695 to be
“Presented to the proper window of the Federal Reserve Bank”. I was bombarded with
phone calls and was informed these “Bonded Promissory Notes” are no good and they
will not process them under any circumstances. They were informed of the following law
that puts their financial institution in “dishonor” under the law of “Commerce”.

Public Law 73-10, commonly referred to as HJR 192, basically says no bank can demand
a specific form of payment all banks must accept and process all lawful currency.

18 USC 8, 31 USC 5103 basically says “Bank Bonds” are legal tender for payment of

31 USC 5118 basically says “Commercial Instruments” are “legal tender” for the
payment of debt.

UCC3-503 that requires a lawful reason be given for a bond to be “Dishonored”. No
lawful reason has been given to date.

UCC 3-603 that establishes if a full payment of a debt is offered and refused the debt is
paid in full. Some accounts have credited, the majority has not.

GAAP establishes “promissory notes” are equal to “Federal Reserve Notes” “dollar for
dollar” as lawful currency. 2003 Edition under cash and cash equivalents, Page 133.

These laws are clearly established as binding law upon all financial institutions by the
“Commercial Banking Regulations” 14.0. The “Bonded Promissory Notes” are in
compliance with these regulations by meeting “REQUIREMENTS FOR
INSTRUMENTS TO BE NEGOTIABLE” clearly stated in 14.04. Based upon the
foregoing I believe all financial institutions are lawfully required to operate by the United
States Codes (USC), Uniform Commercial Codes (UCC) and Generally Accepted
Accounting Principles (GAAP). Based upon the following evidence of “Organized
Crime” I deduce most financial institutions are operating in violation of this law.


A real “Bond” is signed by its’ creator and the creator’s right thumb print is stamped, by
the signature creating the “Seal”. This “seal” establishes a “commercial instrument” that
binds all administrators to act in compliance with the “Orders” of the creator. My
“Bonded Promissory Notes” are lawfully binding on all my administrators as follows:
“Secretary of the Treasury for the united States of America” “Fiduciary”

Note: Based upon the number on the back of my Social Security Card, my number begins
with the letter “B”, according to the “Federal Reserve Banks” website this letter
establishes the “Federal Reserve Bank of New York City” has my account and is my
administrator responsible to pay every bond dollar for dollar that is presented to him. To
date this Federal Reserve Bank has honored every bond presented to it to my knowledge,
none have been returned to me in “Dishonor”, as the only lawful authority that could
“dishonor” my bond with a lawful reason.

“United States Department of Commerce” Regulator of all businesses
“Federal Trade Commission” enforcement of securities 15 USC 1692(l)
“United States Secret Service” protection against counterfeiting
“Office of Comptroller of the Currency” regulator of commercial banks for complaince
“United States Attorneys” for criminal prosecution
“United States Supreme Court” enforcement of “Supreme law of the Land”
“Federal District Courts” for protection of rights and award of damages.
“Federal Bureau of Investigation” criminal investigation of “Bank Robbery”
“United States Representative for the 5th District of Missouri” my representative, to be
sure the above government offices act in accordance with law and perform as required by
All Banks, Corporations, Attorneys, Judges, …etc.

There are many types of “Bonds” circulating in our financial markets and I can not claim
the ability to distinguish between which are lawful and which are not. However, I do
know the difference between “junk bonds” and “real bonds”. “Junk Bonds” are issued
without a “seal” and have no collateral to back the bond, there is no responsible party
until they are signed by a “UNITED STATES CITIZEN” who provides his SSN#, that
authorized the financial institution to fund his “Junk Bond” by receiving funds from the
“UNITED STATES CITIZEN’S” Federal Reserve Bank account. Banks, mortgage
companies and lending institutions create these “Junk Bonds” and process them everyday
based only upon the name and SSN# and collect the money. These “Junk Bonds” are
paid upon signing, but the “UNITED STATES CITIZEN” is defrauded into believing he
must repay this loan. Thus, establishing all “Corporate debt” is “Fraud” 18 USC 1001.
All debts are paid upon signing a promissory note by the citizen.

Attempts to “Dishonor” the “Bonded Promissory Notes”

For the Record
Only the “Federal Reserve Bank of New York City” can lawfully challenge my “Bonded
Promissory Note” and “Dishonor” it for a lawful reason. Based upon the foregoing
“Contracts” the funds are available or they have been embezzled. Since I am under FBI
investigation and the only “Fraud” I could commit is issuing a “Bond” on an account that
does not exist, I feel confident the account is present and the funds available to be paid in
accordance with my “orders”. The following is the criminal conduct of financial
institutions of commercial banks, mortgage companies and other lending institutions to
“Dishonor” the bonds without authority of law.

This bond is no good we can not process it.

Early in the operations of my bank, many financial institutions called and said they did
not know how to process a “Bonded Promissory Note”. They process “Junk Bonds”
everyday for corporations, but don’t know how to process one to pay a debt. This is
“Fraud” 18 USC 1001 of all banks making this claim.

This came to a head, after I issued about $350,000.00 worth of bonds to finance contracts
with local contractors, to stimulate the economy. All these bonds were created, mailed by
“Registered Mail” activating the “Commercial Instrument”, taken the “BANK OF
AMERICA” branch at 3100 Main in Kansas City, Missouri properly endorsed by the
bearer and deposited in an account. We were told it takes about two weeks for the
accounts to credit. About a week later the bank returned one of the bonds to me claiming
it could not be processed without routing numbers. I knew these were not necessary, but
if that is what it takes I accepted the challenge. The next morning, I returned to the bank
and presented a corrected bond bearing the “Present to FRB NYC 0210-120-8, Bond
Acct: B68997026”. The bond was accepted by the manager of the bank for processing.

Note: Hoping this would solve the problem, I reissued all the “Bonded Promissory
Notes” I had issued to date without the routing numbers, mailed by “Certified Mail”, the
updated version to all financial institutions.

Note: To date no account has credited with the deposit in clear “Embezzlement” of the
“Principals” deposits. The “BANK OF AMERICA” has refused my right to contract and
has “robbed” my “Bank” of bonds without funding the projects they were issued for. This
conduct is a “Felony Crime” under 18 USC 2113of “Bank Robbery”, “interference with
commerce” 18 USC 1951, “Conspiracy against rights” 18 USC 241 defined as
“Racketeering Activity” 18 USC 1961. This attempt to “Dishonor” my bond was
defeated. My “Bonded Promissory Notes” remain in “Honor”.

We do not accept “Bonded Promissory Notes” for the payment of debt. Our
company policy is we only accept cashier’s checks, money orders or wire transfers.
I have received tons of letters from financial institutions, from all over the country,
claiming their “Company Policy” is not to accept a promissory note for payment of debt.
This “company policy” created by the President, CEO and Board of Directors is “Bank
Fraud” 18 USC 1344. “Public Law 73-10 defeats this policy because the bank is refusing
“legal tender” 18 USC 8, 31 USC 5118 for the payment of debt. “Commercial
Instruments” are legal tender for the payment of debt, to refuse is clearly “Interference
with commerce” 18 USC 1951.The common practice of these financial institutions is to
return the bond to the principal with a letter stating the above. The following is the
method of handling this problem at the “Private Bank of Denny R. Hardin”

Bond returned without lawful “Dishonor”.

In this situation, Denny R. Hardin returns the bond to the financial institution with a
“Notice of Complaint” stating the facts, law and evidence that the financial institution is
engaged in “Organized Crime” as clearly stated in the “RICO ACT”. This is done by the
law of commerce that requires all to be given the opportunity to correct their behavior. To
date not lawful reason has ever been produced that “Dishonors” the bond.

Bond Returned after “Notice of Complaint” was served.

If the Bond is returned a second time without lawful reason for “dishonor”, a “Request
for Investigation” is sent to the “Federal Trade Commission” responsible for enforcement
of all securities under the “Fair Debt Collection Act” 15 USC 1692 l. The request is
accompanied by the notice of complaint clearly stating all law being violated. To date
over a hundred requests for investigation have been filed with the “Federal Trade
Commission”, to my knowledge no investigation has been conducted. Two cases have
been sent to the “Comptroller of the Currency” for investigation, case files have been
opened in Case# 832012 and Case # 832008. To my knowledge no investigation has been
conducted to date.

Current actions to correct conduct of government

Because the “Federal Trade Commission” and the “Comptroller of the Currency” have
refused to investigate, charge, prosecute and punish, the Presidents, CEOs and Board of
Directors of banks, mortgage companies and other financial institutions engaged in
“Organized Crime”. This conduct has been reported to the “Representative for the 5th
District of Missouri” my representative, to request a report from the “Federal Trade
Commission” to report progress of these investigations within 15 USC 1692m. All
requests for investigation are being sent to him as well to develop a “Public Record” of
“Organized Crime” of the financial Industry of America.

“Conspiracy against rights” 18 USC 241
These banks, mortgage companies and other institutions are engaged in “Conspiracy
against rights”, of this “American Citizen” who stands in “Honor”. They claim the
authority to refuse to allow me to complete my contract with the principals. My contract
is simple. It is, “The Principal asked me to payoff his debt. As an “Agent” I agree to
payoff that debt.” A “Bonded Promissory Note”, based upon the claim of debt issued by
the financial institution, is sent for payment in full in USD. The responsibility of the
financial institution is to accept the payment and credit the account. By refusing to
endorse the Bond and process it for payment, these financial institutions are “interfering
with commerce” 18 USC 1951 and refusing the “Principal” and myself our right to
contract 42 USC 1981. Thus establishing “Conspiracy against rights” 18 USC 241.

“Extortionate Credit Transactions” 18 USC 891-894

The common practice of these financial institutions is to keep the bond, whether it is
processed or not is unknown, and refuse to credit the account. Then they bombard the
Principal with harassing phone calls threatening to foreclose on their house, seize their
car, ruin their credit, close their account if a payment is not made immediately. Of course,
this conduct of a “Debt Collector” is prohibited by the “Fair Debt Collection Act” 15
USC 1692 d. Because full payment has been made and refused under the law of
commerce UCC3-603 the debt is paid in full. Because the financial institutions are
attempting to collect a debt paid in full under federal law, international law and GAAP
they are engaged in the “Organized Crime” of collecting debts by extortion, threats,
intimidation, coercion and terrorism of the Principals to comply with their unlawful
demands. With the issuance of my “Bonded Promissory Note” that debt is paid from my
record, when the company receives it by Registered Mail, the date it is received is the
date it is paid. Every effort to continue to collect payments on this account is clear
evidence of “Extortionate Credit Transactions” 18 USC 891-894.

“Bank Robbery” 18 USC 2113

On November 4, 2008, Special Agent Nathan VanSickle FBI, conducted a raid upon my
bank under the force of arm of Kansas City S.W.A.T.. He claimed to be investigating
complaints by several banks that I was engaged in “Fraud”. This was done with a “Search
Warrant” issued by Robert E. Larsen, Magistrate, “Federal District Court for Western
District of Missouri”. The FBI agent could not produce a “Complaint” signed under the
penalty of perjury stating the facts he was investigating. The FBI agent could not
produce a “Signed Statement of Probable Cause” to support the issuance of a “Search
Warrant”. Thus the 4th Amendment has been violated. Without authority of law, Special
Agent VanSickle robbed my bank of it computers, its money, the records of transactions
for my Principals 1-276, all contracts, all notices of complaints, all requests for
investigation to the “Federal Trade Commission” and undisclosed personal property. On
November 24th 2008 I filed a “Criminal Complaint” by affidavit signed under the penalty
of perjury into Case No. 08-SW-00133-REL. As the FBI Agent was leaving, he
suggested I stop this activity, until he completes his investigation. I informed him, when
you can provide me a law I have violated I will stop, until then I continue. Three
unanswered affidavits have been filed in the Federal Court Case, no action has been taken
Thus establishing “Misprision of Felony” 18 USC 4 and clearly establishing the
conspiracy of “Bank Robbery” 18 USC 2113.

Other “Frauds” 18 USC 1001

It has become the common practice of financial institution to “misdirect the bond”. They
send these bonds to the principals saying they are no good without lawful reason. They
send them to government offices asking them to dishonor the bond, the Executive
Secretary representing the Department of the Treasury has issued a fraudulent letter that
gives the impression this is illegal. Banks send back the bond saying by this letter your
bond is no good. It has nothing to do with my bond. They have received a letter from the
“FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF NEW YORK CITY” claiming this account does not
exist by some fraud investigator with no authority to “dishonor” a bond. The Banks send
this one to me to say my bonds are no good. The latest ploy is the “OCC Alert” Alert
2007-52 warning “The United Cities Corp.” has issued “Worthless Instruments” Issued
by Richard C. Stearns, Director of Enforcement and Compliance, for the office of the
Comptroller of the currency. Again this has nothing to do with my bank or me. Yet, it is
the reason given by a bank to dishonor my bond.

                         “The Private Bank of Denny R. Hardin”

“The Private Bank of Denny R. Hardin” stands in “Honor” and by the foregoing acts
places all opposition to my bank in “Dishonor”. Because they have “conspired” in
“Organized Crime” to violate the USC, UCC and GAAP that regulates their conduct,
they can no longer claim “Honor”. Truth is always law in commerce and judgment must
follow the truth. These commercial institutions are discriminating against Denny Ray
Hardin as an “American Citizen” lawfully entitled to engage in the business of banking.
This establishes “opportunity”. Their goal is to defeat my bank so they can maintain their
monopoly on our currency. This establishes “Motive”. Their refusal to allow “Real
Bonds” to circulate as currency allows them to say you must deal with a commercial
institution to access money. This is their “Method” of controlling the money that every
“American Citizen” and “UNITED STATES CITIZEN” is entitled to by their signature
and social security number without repayment. The “Bank Fraud” 18 USC 1344 is banks
can discriminate against the people by a term called Credit. Credit says who can or can
not have money from their account in the Federal Reserve Bank. No one can be refused
access to their account. By withholding credit from the average, Banks can increase
“interest” on the money they receive from that credit, from the average. It is common
knowledge “Commercial Banks” have only one purpose to secure the deposits of their
depositors. They can not loan money, they can not charge interest and they can not give
credit. This “Organized Crime” ceases here or it will be prosecuted.


Validation of Bonds:

Because the “Organized Crime” is throughout the “Financial Industry” of America and
all institutions involved can not be determined because of stolen records. I demand
“Official Notification” of the lawful status of “The Private Bank of Denny R. Hardin”.
This can easily be accomplished by “Richard C. Stearns”, “Director for Enforcement &
Compliance” of the “Office of the Comptroller of the Currency”. Either my bonds are
“Worthless Instruments” or “Negotiable Instruments”. Because over 375 principals have
paid their debts by these Bonds, they are entitled to a response to this question. I demand
an OCC Alert of “validation” within 30 days of receiving this Notice and Demand. I
demand a copy of that OCC ALERT be provided to the following:

   1. The “United States Representative for the 5th District of Missouri”.
   2. The “Commissioner” of the “Federal Trade Commission”.
   3. Denny Ray Hardin.
Failure to meet this demand will constitute “Willful Neglect of Duty” by the “Director”,
“Commissioner” and “Representative” to provide this “American Citizen” with their
protection of law after being informed of this “Conspiracy against rights”. This crime will
be reported to JAG in “Admiralty Jurisdiction”. You are lawfully “Noticed” of this
“Demand” for due process of law.

Lawfully process Bonds:

Because all commercial financial institutions are engaging in organized crime, I offer a
one time amnesty for all crimes. In exchange, I demand you endorse and process my
“Bonded Promissory Note”, credit the account it was intended for and release the
collateral & obligations of my principals. I demand you meet this demand within the 30
days allowed to the OCC. Failure to credit all the accounts within 30 days will cause
criminal complaints to be filed against the Presidents, CEOs and Board of Directors for
“conspiracy” to engage in “Organized Crime” of “interference with commerce” 18 USC
1951. Because it is their company policy causing the “Bonded Promissory Notes” to be
refused and my principal to be deprived of their right to contract for payment of debt. I
consider the “Executives” the criminals in this conspiracy and accountable for the
criminal conduct of their agents, acting within company policy. Executives you have 30
days to educate your company in the laws of commerce, you are responsible for their
lawful or unlawful conduct. You are lawfully “Noticed” of this “Demand” for due
process of law.

This is to be determined by the Principals. I ask all my Principals to mail by certified
mail, a copy of this “Notice and Demand” to all the financial institutions where a
“Bonded Promissory Note” was rejected for the payment of your debt. I ask you to allow
the financial institution 30 days to issue “Notification” of crediting the account and
releasing your collateral and/or obligation. Should they fail to credit your account, I ask
you to send me a “Notarized” letter stating the date you sent them notice, the date they
received the certified mail, the certified mail number and a statement that they refused to
credit the account or refused to act. With this I will file a “Criminal Complaint” with JAG
in their “Admiralty Jurisdiction” of “Equity” to investigate, prosecute and punish these

Return of Records:

I demand the return of all records and property in the hands of “Special Agent Nathan
VanSickle, FBI” so that I may serve the interests of my Principals. I demand my “United
States Representative for the 5th District of Missouri” act as my representative and send a
letter of demand for return of the “Bank Records” of Denny Ray Hardin, to the “Director
of the FBI”. Since they were taken without a lawful warrant, without probable cause and
without due process of law, Denny Ray Hardin is entitled to the return of these records. I
request a copy of this letter within 10 days of receipt of this “Notice and Demand”.
Failure of my representative to act in my interest as an “American Citizen” represented
by him, will constitute “Willful Neglect of Duty” and the process for “Impeachment” will
begin. The “Director of the FBI” has been lawfully noticed and a request for investigation
has been filed with the “Federal Trade Commission”. Failure of the Director of the FBI to
order the release of my property, will constitute his authorization of the conspiracy of
“Bank Robbery” by force of arms, that acquired the papers of Denny Ray Hardin,
“American Citizen” in clear violation of the 4th Amendment.

Offer of Settlement:

These demands and recommendations are offered as a solution to this problem. It is not
made from a position of weakness, it is offered in the interest of peace. I have a
responsibility to my principals and will force this matter to trial and set the precedence
that it is legal, lawful and a right of all “American Citizens”, to pay their debts in this
manner. This will not go before the “Courts” of the corrupt “UNITED STATES
GOVERNMENT” it will be presented to a military tribunal of “Admiralty Jurisdiction”
acting in “Equity” to enforce my right of contract with my principals and prosecution of
those who have interfered with commerce. You and your lawyers are given 30 days to
defeat this “Notice and Demand” and I highly recommend you do not follow the advice
of incompetent bar certified attorneys acting in ignorance of common law. They got you
into this mess. I will defend and protect the interest of my principals. This “Notice and
Demand” will be all over this nation before anyone in government sees it. Therefore you
can kill the messenger, but not the message. My pen is mightier than your sword, your
tools of intimidation, threats, armed aggression and coercion will not work in this
situation. You must stand in “Dishonor” in front of those you represent and justify your
criminal conduct to men of morals, ethics, principals and honor who hold an “Oath of
Office” to defend and protect the “Constitution for the united States of America”.


Should I not make it through this fight or disappear from amongst you. I stand in front of
you as a man of my word, that I has done everything I can think of to pay your debts and
keep my promises to you. It is time for other men of honor to act for us and we must
trust “God’s will, will be done.” Today I give you a “gift” or a “curse”, the foregoing is
the exact system I utilized to become an “American Citizen”, to take control of my
“Straw Man Account” and to become a “Private Bank” capable of issuing “Bonded
Promissory Notes”. I stand before you as a man of “Honor” who has been refused
acceptance in “Commerce” by men of “Dishonor”. Lincoln and Kennedy were killed for
trying to eliminate the “Federal Reserve System”, I say keep it. But operate it within the
law and allow all who dedicate themselves to learning these principles of commerce their
reward of being able to help themselves and others. The most precious gifts of life are
meant to be given away. People have all expressed an interest in learning this system, I
give it to all of my Brothers and Sisters in the hope someday all will be “American
Citizens” and stand united in support of the “Constitution for the united States of
America”. At 18 years old we are given the right to vote, your first vote is to remain a
“UNITED STATES CITIZEN” or become “Sovereign” as an “American Citizen”.

                                       28 USC 1746

       I declare under the penalty of perjury, under the laws of the United States of

America that the foregoing is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and beliefs.

This “Affidavit” is made without purpose of evasion or intent to mislead, it has been

written in one setting and not revised, all mistakes are mine. If some fact of my

understanding is proved by facts, law and evidence to be false, I reserve the right to

amend this document for the truth to be clearly stated. Truth is law of commerce,

judgment must follow the truth. By my seal of “Tribunal” acting in the “Admiralty
Jurisdiction of “Equity” I sign and affix my “Seal” on this “Public Record” before the

“American People” who are the “judges” of their government and its conduct, on this

Twelfth day of January of the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Nine.

God’s will be done.


                                         Denny Ray Hardin, “Tribunal”
                                         On behalf of my “Principals”.

Note: The attached copy of a “Bonded Promissory Note” is offered as a “Commercial
Instrument” to be processed through the “BANK OF AMERICA”. It will be activated by
mailing it Registered Mail Tracking Number RE 259 221 166 US. Then it will be
deposited in the “BANK OF AMERICA” in the account of Melinda Sue Harrington.
Every check in Commerce is always in the account within 10 days. If this is credited to
the account within ten days I will consider this problem fixed, if not then
“Embezzlement” is clearly evident and must be prosecuted.

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