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									                               Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
                                   School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

                 “Tour-based       Urban Freight Travel Demand Models”

                                                Qian Wang
                                            Assistant Professor
                             Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering
                                           University at Buffalo

                                        Friday November 13, 2009
                                             12:00-1:00 p.m.
                                               Baldy 200-G

       In recent years, one of the unique features of urban commercial vehicle movements, i.e.,
trip chaining behavior, has been receiving more attention. As has been found, commercial
vehicles tend to make long tours, and the trips on a tour are interrelated according to the
underlying logistic decisions. This feature breaks down the typical assumptions of traditional
trip-based demand models that postulate trips are made independently and the number of trips
between an origin-destination (OD) pair is only related to the zonal attributes and the travel cost
of the corresponding OD pair. Therefore, new paradigms considering tours are needed for urban
freight demand forecasting. Two approaches were developed to meet the needs. The first
approach is aimed to estimate commercial vehicle tour flows distributed in urban networks using
the concept of entropy maximization while the second one is a tour construction model that
generates commercial vehicle tours in order to satisfy a given commodity flow OD matrix as part
of a hybrid micro-simulation framework. The test results show that both models reach good
agreement with the trip chaining patterns observed in real world. The good performances of the
two models indicate the feasibility of applying the proposed models to forecast urban freight
travel demands.

Dr. Qian Wang is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil, Structural and
Environmental Engineering at University at Buffalo. She earned her Ph.D. in Transportation
Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2008. Dr Wang’s major research interests
include transportation planning, freight system modeling, and transportation economics. Her
professional practices cover a wide spectrum of transportation fields, including travel demand
modeling, behavioral choice modeling and congestion pricing. Her long-term career goal is to
integrate economic and behavioral principles into transportation modeling and policy making, to
maintain efficient, safe, secure and sustainable transportation systems.

UB-ISE Seminar Coordinator: Dr. Jun Zhuang; 716-645-4707; 403 Bell Hall

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