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									                                                           +                                          2011 Guide              Handling

 Again this year there’s a discount for booking in IDIS Gold Solutions Directory at same time as Fulfilment Guide.
  Fulfilment Guide Goes to Fulfilment & e.logistics readers. Online version usually in top five finds for “fulfilment”.
  IDIS Gold Directory Supports e-retailers applying for IMRG’s new standard of delivery excellence.
           We MUST hear from you by 1 April 2011, so please submit your entry to us NOW!
   Instead of using this form, why not submit your entry online at
  Call up and edit your existing entry (both guides). See what you submitted last time. No retyping!
  Interactive price calculator. Add enhancements to your entry and immediately see the cost.
 If you do email this form, please save as .doc, NOT .docx. For computer-processing, .doc works much better!
This form: Fulfilment  Unattended  Software  Handling/packaging  Parcels. Download others from

 1. Company details                    (this is your FREE listing)                  Please type on light yellow panels only

  Trading name of company or division qd1                                                                                                           xd1

  Address Keep within visible space. Place a comma                                                                                                  xd2
  after each item including the item before postcode qd2
  Telephone qd3                                                                                                                                     xd3
  Fax qd4                                                                                                                                           xd4
  Web address qd5                                                                                                                                   xd5
  Contact name for business enquiries qd6                                                                                                           xd6
  Contact email for business enquiries qd7                                                                                                          xd7

  Name of parent group/ultimate owner qd8                                                                                                           xd8

  Country where parent is based qd9                                                                                                                 xd9

      Yes! Include us in IDIS Gold Guide qd10                            xd10

 2. Which section would you like Fulfilment Guide listing to appear in?
   Price for column C items includes adjacent column B items.          A: Basic listing                B: Extra                   C: Logo or
                                                                       (ONE section only)               listings               logo+statement *
  SECTIONS                                                                (One free)                   (£40 each)               ( from £150 each)
  Outsourced fulfilment and e-fulfilment qc1                                                xc1 qh1                 xh1 qb1                         xb1
  Unattended and deferred delivery qc2                                                      xc2 qh2                 xh2 qb2                         xb2
  Software developers/suppliers qc3                                                         xc3 qh3                 xh3 qb3                         xb3
  Payment processing services qc4                                                           xc4 qh4                 xh4 qb4                         xb4
  Courier companies qc5                                                                     xc5 qh5                 xh5 qb5                         xb5
  Parcels companies qc6                                                                     xc6 qh6                 xh6 qb6                         xb6
  Mechanical handling systems qc7                                                           xc7 qh7                 xh7 qb7                         xb7
  RF/RFID/data capture/voice recognition qc8                                                xc8 qh8                 xh8 qb8                         xb8
  Consultancy qc9                                                                           xc9 qh9                 xh9 qb9                         xb9

 3. Packaging and handling systems ONLY: insert X as appropriate
  Carousel systems qp1                                          xp1      Vertical carousels qp2                                                     xp2
  Conveyors qp3                                                 xp3      Racking and shelving qp4                                                   xp4
  Data capture/barcoding equipment qp5                          xp5      RF/RFID equipment qp6                                                      xp6
  Printers and peripherals qp7                                  xp7      Mail sorting machines                                                      xp8
  Fork-lift trucks – counterbalanced qp9                        xp9      qp8
                                                                         Fork-lift trucks – high-reach qp10                                         xp10
  Hand pallet trucks qp11                                       xp11     Totes and containers                                                       xp12
  Packaging machines qp13                                       xp13     qp12
                                                                         Packaging/wrapping materials qp14                                          xp14

 Now see overleaf for enhancements and to complete your entry 
 Promotional opportunities to enhance your free entry/entries
 If reserving any of these options, please include digital file of logo with form, or email it to
  If yes, enter X in only ONE of             Printed guide                   Printed + Online                          Online only
 the 6 light yellow boxes (right)
                                                       2011                       Jan-Dec 2011                          Jan-Dec 2011

Colour logo with listing                     £150 ql1                 xl1    £275 ql2                     xl2       £220 ql3                 xl3
Logo and statement                           £300 ql4                 xl4    £550 ql5                     xl5       £440 ql6                 xl6
Prices above are for the first instance of your logo or logo+statement. Additional instances checked on page 1 all cost £150 each.

Company statement Chargeable Included if you book ‘Logo and statement’ (above) or display advert (below)
   Up to 150 words, which may be edited for grammar and punctuation. Additional words: £30 per 100 words. qs1

xs1                   To see a sample entry, go to

                        IDIS GOLD SOLUTIONS DIRECTORY – 25% discount!
      Guide is online only                  Enhancements              At this special price                     Add product details*
  Colour logo with listing                   Yes ql7          xl7               £140             +                 add £60 ql9               xl9
  Logo and statement                         Yes ql8          xl8            or £290             +              or add £60 ql10              xl10
  *IDIS Gold offers a unique opportunity to enter different text for over 3 dozen solution types. One-off £60 price includes any no.
     of items. Only available with a logo or logo + statement in IDIS Guide. Go to to enter text.

 Display advertising in Fulfilment Guide – sample rates                                                                            X here
Eighth page colour                  £450  Includes free logo with listing QA1                                                               xa1
Quarter page colour                 £800  Includes 1 listing + free logo and company statement qa2                                          xa2
Half page colour                    £1350 Includes up to 2 listings + 2 free logos/company statements qa3                                   xa3
Full page colour                    £2250 Includes up to 4 listings + 4 free logos/company statements qa4                                   xa4
                         Please enter X if you’d like more information on our other display advertising options : qa5                       xa5

 Web banners – sample rates
Your logo/button on online Fulfilment Guide home page @ £500 (1 yr) qw1                                                                     xw1
Banner on online Fulfilment Guide home page @ £1600 (1 yr) qw2                                                                              Xw2

 Terms Please note that all enhancements to guide entries (logos, additional listings and company
 statements) MUST BE PRE-PAID by 1 April to ensure inclusion. Credit card payments are accepted.
Your order number or reference:

      Please invoice me for pre-payment by 1 April latest.

       My cheque for £                             payable to Spice Court Publications Ltd is attached.

       Please debit my              Mastercard     Visa             Switch        Delta

My card number is:                                                                                   Expiry date:

My Switch issue number is:                                                             My Delta start date is:

Name on card:
(please print)

Please sign:                                                                                           and date:

  Credit card bookings must be signed and posted, but PLEASE help us by emailing form to us as well!
 Submitting your information Please respond by 1 April LATEST in one of these ways:
 ONLINE: Go to, and submit data interactively.              PREFERRED
 EMAIL: Fill in this form, email as an attachment it to TEL: +44 (0)020 8648 4495
 POST: Chris Propert-Lewis, Ivory Square Publications, 1 Spencer Road, Mitcham Junction, CR4 4JP

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